How to Enable and Disable Face Recognition on Facebook

facebook face recognition (Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

How to Enable and Disable Face Recognition on Facebook

Facebook face recognition is a latest feature of Facebook. First understand what is Facebook face recognition?  Face recognition option will detect your face on picture and videos posted and tagged by your friends in your walls. Its interesting Facebook feature to find you quickly on any picture and video posted in your wall. login your Facebook account and enjoy the new feature Facebook face recognition.

How Facebook face recognition feature work?

As the Facebook face recognition feature able to find you in any video or picture tagged and posted to you. The working mechanism is behind face recognition is match your face from your saved picture with posted video and picture by your friends. If your saved picture matched with any picture and video posted and tagged by your friends than you will notification that you are in particular video and picture. Now see the how to enable and disable face recognition in Facebook. in simple way just compare your face with any picture and videos and see the result if any match found in both side.

 To start enabling Facebook face recognition in your  now.

Login Facebook and follow the one by one steps to avoid error during enable Facebook Face recognition

How to Enable Facebook Face recognition in picture and videos.

Facebook recognition feature recently added by Facebook. By default face recognition disabled so you have to enable or disable it first to find your face in any picture and video you are tagged and posted in wall.

  1. Go to Facebook settings from top menu down arrow icon.
  2. Click on settings

How do you turn off auto tagging on Facebook?

Inside settings find the Face recognition option in left side menu next to Language option. Click on Face recognition.

How to Turn Off Facebook's Face Recognition Features

After click Face recognition you will get the “Dace recognition settings”

Click Edit button to enable Facebook recognition

How to Turn On/ Off facebook Facial Recognition

“Do you want to Facebook to be able to recognise you in photo and videos?”

Click Yes button to enable Facebook face recognition feature.

facebook auto tagging wrong person


After click yes, Facebook will start compering you on photos and video you are tagged and post in walls. If Facebook find your face match on any videos and picture you will notified.


How to disable Facebook face recognition

If you don’t want to Facebook recognize you in any picture and videos posted and tagged by your friend. You can disable face recognition feature any time. To disable Facebook face recognition option follow the above steps to find face recognition disable settings.

In Face recognition settings click edit button

Choose the No option instead of Yes to disable Facebook face recognition.

How to turn off facial recognition in Facebook photos


Facebook face recognition is simple way to find you in picture and video without searching one by one picture. Facebook time to time add many useful feature in Facebook, so to get latest feature update you have to keep visited Facebook setting or you can subscribe this website to get new feature details in your mail.


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