How GPS technology Work ?

 How Does a Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking System Works?

“Global Positioning System”

GPS stands for Global Positioning System
Refers to a system of 24 satellites that orbit Earth and send signals to receivers, often called GPS devices or GPS receivers designed for military purposes, it is now popular with outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

How does the GPS work?


How GPS Work for Map ?

Using satellites in the sky, ground stations on earth, and a GPS receiver, the distances between each of these points can be calculated.
The distance is calculated based on the amount of time it takes for a radio signal to travel between these points.
This allows the GPS receiver to know where you are, in terms of latitude and longitude, on the earth.

  • The more satellites the GPS can “see”, the more accurate your reading will be.
  • The GPS must “see” the satellites, so it does not work well in dense forests, inside caves, underwater, or inside buildings, but it does work at night.

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Use of GPS (Global Positioning System)

 As everyone knows smartphone has changed the way of life by giving you power on your fingertips. Every smartphone comes with inbuilt GPS feature which makes you and your family monitor and safe every time. Initially GPS most of use for military and defense purpose but with smartphone GPS make the very important role in human life. With help of GPS, you can track any person location. Google map and Google earth give you real-time location detail and you can find any way with the shortest path just because of GPS system. Today GPS also gives an easy way to book ca ar, cab, bus and any type of vehicle from your home within a minute without argument and walking so long to search taxi.

Every website and mobile application uses your GPS location data to provide best near places and useful advertisement as per your location. So we can say the use of GPS is no limit in any sector.


Top 5 GPS Manufacture Brand!

There are many companies manufacturing GPS today. We try to find the best GPS manufacture brand as per user reviews and feedback getting from various website.

1: Garmin Corp | GPS System

Garmin Corp. one of the most popular and trusted GPS manufacturer brand name. When thinking about GPS technology first name Garmin in mind. Today Garmin providing GPS product in every sector and personal use. Garmin GPS available for vehicle tracking, smartphone, and smartwatches especially for kids monitoring and real-time location tracking.

With Garmin latest GPS product you can calculate your way distance and with an integration of Google map, it’s also used by many online car booking companies to provide you cab facility at your doorsteps.

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2: HP GPS | GPS tracking for Vehicle

HP one of the known and popular brand of information technology product and accessories manufacturer. HP GPS available for Mapping, route finds and distance calculation used in vehicle and cab booking. Inbuilt Maps help you to find your destination shortest and traffic-free way to save your time.

HP GPS Pricing

3: Pioneer – Car GPS system

Pioneer GPS available for your vehicle to drive and find your right and shortest way without asking anyone and wasting too much time. Vehicle GPS gives you updated about traffic movement and approximately time to reach your destination.

How does the Global Positioning System (GPS) work ?

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4: Magellan

Magellan one another option for GPS system for various use. Magellan GPS available mobile GPS and vehicle GPS to track your route and find the best traffic-free way to reach your destination.

Magellan GPS also use the wireless network to get site survey and location GPS co-ordination to check feasibility and any obstacle in a wireless way.

gps technology in mobile phones

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5: Delphi Automotive

Delphi GPS gives you every second monitoring of your car when it’s on the way. You can map your trip and find the shortest route to reach your location. Car tracking and router tracking both GPS are different use provide by Delphi.

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