What is the need for Wireless Site Survey?

Wireless Link Site survey feasibility check

What is Site Survey?

Wireless Link Site survey feasibility check Long Distance

A Site Survey is a map/diagrammatic representation of the site where we are going to implement the wireless networking. A radio frequency (RF) site survey is the first step in the deployment of a Wireless network and the most important step to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task by task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to understand the customer requirement, infrastructure, requirements, areas to be covered, geographical location of the site.

What is the need for Wireless Site Survey?

Site Survey is the most important task for any type of project before going to execute. Although site survey requirement in every big and small project to avoid failure and exhaust costing of project. In this post we are talking about wireless site survey requirement before going to installation. As wireless network depend on air and effected of any abstrucle and interference in between network. So site survey done to avoid this type of problem and calculate the BOM and other required thing to complete the project before any abstrucale. You can find out important steps  about site survey has to done successfully.

The first step of the Wireless implementation in a site is to do a site survey to understand the following:

Before going to do any site survey you should know what should check and understand in site survey. Site survey is the most important task before execute project. See the below steps to understand what should keep in mind during site survey.

To understand the customer requirements

Discuss with customer   what is the requirement to calculate correct projection about total required device and other things.

To understand the infrastructure of the proposed site

Understand and study about site infrastructure to make your implementation feasible as per customer requirement.

To make a note of the requirements during the project implementation

Always keep a note pad with you and right down each and every requirement for site implementation to avoid missing anything during installation.

To know the coverage area.

Check physically every area where customer wants to coverage of wireless network.

To do a general feasibility study

Look into general   feasibly test study at on site which can be issue during installation.

Advantages of doing a site survey!

Doing a site survey before installation site give many advantage and 100% successful site installation. Read below advantage of doing site survey.

  • A site survey helps define the contours of RF coverage in a given facility
  • Helps to identify the hindering issues that can arise during
  • Project implementation
  • Helps better understanding of the site
  • Helps to prepare the BOM for the site
  • Serves as a guide for wireless network design
  • Help in implementing the wireless project without any hindering issues
  • Helps in verifying the wireless infrastructure after implementation

Preparing for a Site survey?

The planning of a wireless involves collecting information’s and making decisions. Some of the topics are to be taken care and noted during a site survey:

Facility Analysis

Know the facility available on site which can be required during installation of site.

Existing Networks

Know about existing network running at the site  and what should required after new installation.

Area Usage and Towers

Study about the area and tower required for new installation.

Purpose & Business Requirements

Note the purpose and business requirement for new installation with customer to avoid capacity issue after installation done.

Bandwidth Requirements

Discuss total bandwidth requirement for new network so you can take correct hardware as per bandwidth requirement.

Available Resources

Check available resource at site going to installation and what should require during and after installation.

Security Requirements

See the security requirement for new site implementation to avoid device and other things lose due to security lacking.

What are the designs constraints that a proper site survey needs to address?

How to do Wireless Point to point Site Survey for long distance connectivity



The four main design requirements that need to be taken care of while a site survey is performed are:

  1. High Availability
  2. Scalability
  3. Manageability
  4. Interoperability


Site survey Kit checklist


Some of the basic equipment and utilities that are required for the completion of a site survey include:


  1. Laptop and/or PDA with wireless client card

Use for site survey and configuration of device.

  1. Wireless PC card with driver and utility software


To testing wireless connectivity and network performance stability.

  1. Wireless access point as needed

To do wireless network installation

  1. Indoor and outdoor antennas as per the requirement

Wireless range extends as per requirement according to site survey.

  1. GPS (Global Positioning System)

To take site co-ordinates to get exact site location and feasibility testing.

  1. Site survey utility software

Site survey tools software such as wireless analyzer and other network tools.

  1. Binoculars

To see the other site location device to help mounting right antenna direction.

  1. Digital Camera for taking picture of the location

  2. Site survey report

  3. Tool Set

Tools as required device and antenna mounting and installation purpose.





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