How to design OTP Based Authentication Hotspot Solution for Coffee Shop

OTP based hotspot gateway
(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

How to design OTP (One Time Password) Based Authentication Hotspot Solution for Coffee Shop

Hotspot stand for a area where we get internet access with wireless network or WiFi. Internet and Hotspot a combination of growing technology to provide wireless internet access. Today hotspot solution most important things in every area like, hotel, education campus, office area, coffee shop, and smart city concept. This all thing never be complete without hotspot system. A secured Wi-Fi system alsway work best with if we have OTP based hotspot gateway solution.

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Hotspot system incomplete without making it secured and traceable. so if you are going to create a hotspot in campus , hospitality and coffee shop than you must be make a managed authentication system which can track users activity as well as contact details. SMS based authentication hotspot most popular and secured solution for ever commerical and non-commercial wifi zone.

In this post i will describe you what should you required to create an OTP based hotspot system for coffee shop restaurant and other area where we can’t monitor users physically. To create an OTP based hotspot gateway there are some hardware and software specification required which make it possible.

The OTP authentication mean when any user want to use Wi-Fi than he has to do one time password authentication to access hotspot.


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Requirement to Create SMS Based Authentication Hotspot Solution

There are many software and hardware required to create a hotspot system with OTP sms Based Authentication internet access. See below what are requirement for design a OTP authentication hotspot solutions.


  1. Internet Connection

  2. Wireless Access Point

  3. Authentication Gateway / Bandwidth Management

  4. SMS Module or SMS bulk base subscription.


After complete all the hardware and software requirement now question is how to integrate wireless Gateway and SMS module to get OTP on phone to access internet.

1:- Internet Connection

Internet connection will required to create a hotspot solution with one time password authentication to get access internet by any Wi-Fi users.

2:- Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point will create a Wi-Fi zone where we can access internet through Wi-Fi. Quantity of Access point depend on area size of coffee shop and total con-current user load.

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 3:- Authentication Gateway / Bandwidth Management

Authentication Gate will work for create a captive portal with authentication method and also manage the bandwidth plan according to speed and time based.

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4:- SMS Module / SMS bulk plan

Some of the bandwidth management and integrate gateway work with SMS module and sms module integrated with third party sms plan. You can also buy sms bulk plan accordingly user strength of your network.


How to integrate Authentication gateway with SMS Module.

If we want to create a OTP (one time password) based login page than required proper integration of sms module and internet gateway.

To know how it work see the below network diagram for airport, hotel and coffee shop

Creating a SMS-based captive portal with OTP or PIN


1-: In this network diagram Internet will connect to Gateway WAN port.

2:- Gateway will create the authentication system and will integration with sms module.

3:- User will connect to Wi-Fi and will get a Mobile input captive portal.

Coffee Shops & cafes Wifi Solution, User Authentication, Bandwidth


4:- Gateway will sent an OTP through sms Module in user mobile.

5:- user will input the OTP on internet access page and will get successful authentication and internet start working.

6:- user will continue enjoy the internet as per plan created in bandwidth gateway.


This is a basic Concept of OTP based authentication hotspot gateway design for coffee shop, airport area, hospitality, campus and open market area.

After OTP based authentication gateway will save the user mobile number details for future security. Incase anything wrong happed by user you can track them with contact details. OTP based solution one of the most demanding solution in every hotspot area. To use SMS module and bulk sms pack you get many third party company who provide sms in bulk with their API id to integrated it with your bandwidth and authentication gateway.


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