10+ best Free useful Plugins for WordPress blog You should use

best Free useful Plugins for Wordpress blog

The 11 best Free useful Plugins for WordPress blog to increase traffic faster

Word press is the well-known platform for website and blog publishing for who do not know about website design and development skills. Word press most popular and secure platform for an online blog and website publishing and development. If you are a blogger and use WordPress to publish your blog then this post will very useful for you because in this post I am going to describe best free useful plugins for WordPress to make your blog site secured and safe from hackers. Everyone should use these 10 best Free useful Plugins for WordPress blog site to make your blog and website optimized for SEO.

WordPress most popular because today you can get millions of use full plug-in for WordPress. It is 100% free and most of the useful plug-in you can get free for WordPress. Many third-parties developed the useful plugin for WordPress and it can get from WordPress website without any cost. but there is some premium feature plug-in also available at some price.

Plug-in make blogging very easy and convenient for blog lovers and no developer skills required to use word press and plug-in. Plug-in can be  direct install from word press plug-in option and another way to add plug-in is download from wordpress website and upload and install in your own WP site. With using plug-in you can make your blog site and professional site more attractive safe and faster to use and attract more visitor to your blogs

10 useful Plug-in for WordPress website.

See the complete top 10 best plug-in for your wordpress powered website and blog site.

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  1. Akismet Anti Spam

As the Akismet Anti spam name clearly sound about Anti-spam so Akismet help you to filter un usal activity and block spammer to protect your blog from spams. Its 100% free plug-in available in wordpress plug-in store. You can download it and get help to how to install and activate Akismet Anti Spam for your wordpress blog site.

After activating your Akismet plug-in it will auto filter unusual spam massages and  filter it to spam folder  and your blog will always safe from spammers.

best wordpress plugin to block spam comments


Download Akismet Anti Spam Now

 2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO one of the popular and working SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plug-in for increasing your website search engine ranking. If you are a professional blogger or new blogger you must know you need good traffic in your website to get your blog to monetize with Google Ad sense and any other third party monetize the platform. If you are looking best SEO plug-in for your wordpress blog than you can stop your hunting with Yoast SEO plugin. It will make your blog high traffic and it will teach your post is SEO friendly or not. You can use an initial free version of Yoast SEO plug-in to start build-up visitor for your blog site. You can make a focus keyword and Meta keyword with free version yoast seo plug-ins to start your website ranking build-up.

best wordpress seo plugin 2017


Download Yoast SEO free Now

3. Contact Form 7

For every personal and professional blog site contact US option must required. To buildup own contact us page you should have good language development skills. But if you are running your website and blog in wordpress than nothing required to use about contact form in your website to get feedback and query related any post and topic directly from visitors. Contact Form 7 one of the most useful contact from for wordpress. You can install and activate it with in a minute without any technical skills. You will get many tutorials about how to install and activate contact form 7 in your own wordpress website.

best wordpress plugin contact form

Download  Contact Form 7 Free Now


 4.Google Analytics

Google Analytics today everyone knows who is a active internet user and who maintain own blog site. Most Popular Plug-in to analyses you website traffics per day per hour and per minute basis. If you are looking monetize your website traffic than you must know actual visitor per day and actual hits your website getting every day. Google Analytics Plug-in will help you to track your website actual and unique visitor every day and in real time basis.

You must have a Google analytics account to use this plug-in in wordpress. Your Google analytics account will integrate with your blog site with using a Google analytics plug-in. after activate Google Analytics you can get daily activity on your website how much visitor visit and what is the hit and page visit by per user and total time spend on your blog site. This all tracking will easy for you with Google analytics plug-in service.

best google analytics plugin for wordpress 2018

5. Email Subscription PoP-up

This plug-in for everyone who want to get more reader about their blog site. This is a easy way to get reader information and make them subscribe for your website to get daily update direct on emails. Its also called a Email marketing and digital marketing to increasing subscribe for your blog site. Email Subscription Pop-up plug-in you can get more than thousand plug-in free and paid for subscriber register. You can use any plug-in which will be best for your blog and not let your blog site process effect. After gathering more subscribers your website ranking will start to gain top rank and you can get easily approval from Google Adsens and any other third party website monetize the platform.

best free email subscription plugin wordpress

6. External Links

External Links basically use for manage your external link going to out from your website linkin with any other website. Its means if you are using the external link to link any other website so you have to manage it with do follow and no follow. If you are using manual do follow and no follow link rel type than its difficult to remember all link are do follow or no follow. So with external links, you can easily add rel=”dofollow” or rel=”nofollow” on all outgoing external link. If you do not know more about do follow and no follow link type than you should use an external link to make your ranking proper in the search engine and avoid ranking effect due to do follow link connected to any external page.

best wordpress plugins for fashion bloggers

7. WP content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP content copy protection will help your website data to disable copy on right click for your content data. If you think your original content used by someone else from your blog site so this plug-in will solve your this content related problem. After installing WP Content  Copy Protection & No right Click plug-in mouse right click and content  selection option will disable on your blog site. You can try to right click and copy any content after activating this plug-in.

best wordpress plugin adsense


8.Spam Captcha

One another best spam filter plug-in for wordpress. If you are getting to many useless comments in your wordpress inbox nothing is genuine comments than your blog site getting attacks from spammers to send thousands of spam data to many website. You can stop spam with using spam captcha authentication to protect the robot spammer machine. After activating spam captcha you will get only comments made genuine human after authentication captcha successfully.out of 10 useful plug-in for wordpress spam captch is for making your blog completely spam proof from spammers.

best wordpress plugin for donations


9. Social Share WordPress Plugin

Today social share one of the most useful factors of increasing website ranking. Social share and social bookmarking increase website traffic and ranking on search engine. If you are running revenue website and want to get more traffic than you should use Social share plug-in to make easy post share for your visitor. As soon as more post share will increase your ranking will start to grow higher quickly. Using Social share plugin easy to integrated and make it activated with in 1 minute.

best wordpress plugin discussion board


10. DMCA Badge

DMCA badge is for protect website content from theft. If you see DMCA badge in any website or blog site it means the website protected against content theft and if any one use the same content on any other website or blog than website owner can complain to DMCA against content theft. DMCA can do inquiry and if find using anyone copy right data than it can be take action against that website and victim website can get full compensation  in case loss of content theft.

best wordpress header plugin


11:  SMush | Compress image 

I am adding Smush wordpress plugin in this list because its most useful for make your blog more positive for optimization.  Its a image and attachment compressor plugin for wordpress to reduce the size of your image and make page load speed more faster. You can get Smush image  free from wrodpress plugin store. but in the free version you will get only 50 attachment smusing in the single click and pro version single click can smush all the attachment and image in bulk.

decrease and resize an image to make your website more faster and optimised for SEO purpose.

Get Smush pro version free Now.


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