How to Add Your Office and Home Address in Google MAP from Mobile

Keep updating your current address and business location in Google to let people find you easily. see the simple steps to replace, change and adding the new location in Google Maps using mobile and web as well. read more to know to Add new and Missing places in Google Maps and visible to the internet also.

How to Add New and Missing places in Google maps

Google Map best apps to find anyway and shortest route with traffic arrival timing. The map makes finding any place and addresses very easy.  We can find any address within a minute by using Google Maps. This post is for who want to add their home and office address to Google map. Adding your office location in Map gives your client to find your office quickly and reach fast. You may already be having a website with contact details but missing your office location map. It’s also difficult to find with Google map when trying to find your office address to get the shortest route. In this post, I will briefly describe you to adding and change your office address on Google Map. follow the instruction to Add new and Missing places in google maps and embed it to the website also.

The benefit of Adding your Home and Office Address in Maps

Many people think why we add our home and office address to Google Maps. You may also one of them who think there is no benefit of adding the location in Maps. To understand the benefit of adding Location in Google map you have to read the full post. See the below advantage of adding office address in Maps.

  1. If your address added in Google Map your client can easily find your location on the map and reached you quickly
  2. As Google map used by every E-commerce and they used to get the location to use routes such as Cab service OLA, Uber, Online grocery market finds your location with Maps. So you can easily get the exact address of your when you are using any of the apps.
  3. If your address available on Google Maps you can share it with any social platform.
  4. If you are the business owner and run an official website then you can get an embedded code to add Maps in your Contact US page with contact details.

How to Add Office & Home Location in Google Maps from Android Phones

To find your address in Google Map you have to add first in Map. After adding a new location address and information Google will verify and it will be visible to Maps after finish the verification process. Don’t skip any steps to know how to add the missing place or change address in Google Maps.

Click to go Google Map and open google maps Follow instructions together.

First steps of adding the Missing place in Maps Go to Google Maps.

Add or edit business information on Maps

See the Left side 3 horizontal Line- This is the menu icon.

Click the line to explore the setting menu

 how to add a place in google maps permanently


To add your office address add the See the left side settings list menu

Find the option Add a missing place (this option will use for both Add new and Missing places in google maps)

Adding new address to Google Maps


After enter in Missing places in google maps to Add new and Missing places in google maps, you will get the input box to add your company name, company address and website with working hours.

Just move the map GPS icon to your office address location it will detect the location address auto. If it’s wrong just edit and change the correct address on the box.

Name– Company or Homebuilding Name

Address– your Office or Home Address

Category – choose the category from Home, Office, School, Café, restaurant, and many other options.

Phone– Add your office phone number

Website– add if any website

Hours – add the office timing in this option.

Claim this business – if you are an owner of this business you can add this option.

After filling all information click the submit button

After submitting Address and company details it will be under process until getting verified by Google team. It may take 24-48 hours. Once it’s verified you can find your office or home address by searching in Google Map

how to add location map to website


This is the simplest way to add any missing or new address to Maps. Now if you are looking to add your office address Map to your official website. Follow the below steps to know how to add Google Map in WordPress website without using Plugin.

Read More:


How to add office Location Map in Contact page in WordPress Website

WordPress popular hosting and CMS which manage more than billions of running websites currently. Using WordPress is simple because it’s doesn’t need any high-level development and programming skills. There are many Plugin available for Adding Maps in WordPress but in this post, I will show how you can add your office location map on your website without using any plugins.

To adding your Maps in HTML or WordPress website required embed code. An embedded code can get from Google Maps. See how to get Location embedded Code and integrate into the website.

How to Get Embedded Code for Office Location Map.

To adding your Location Map in website first need to get embedded code.

how to add location map in wordpress


To Get Embed code Click on Embed a map option

Copy HTML code and pest in your Contact page where you want to show Map.

how to add location to mapquest


Once you have to get embed Code for Map now login to your WordPress blog and website with wp-admin.

Go to pages.

Click on the Contact page (if you want to add in the post than click on Post edit)

As the WordPress give virtual and Text (code) option to create a post. So embed code always will use in code (text) option.

  1. Click Text
  2. Paste the Copied embed code of your Maps
  3. Click the Update button to save Maps embed code.

 add location to map xcode

Now go to your page where you have pasted your office location map and refresh the page and check Map will be added.

how to add location map in facebook page


This is basic tutorials for adding your office & home address to Google Map and get the embed code and add it to your WordPress website. For using an HTML website just paste the code place you want to reflect your Maps.

For any problem and issue with adding any place in Google map and embed it with your website please do comments.

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