Binatone WR3000N Router Configuration (with Picture)

Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless N Router Configuration

Although this tutorial’s title is Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless N Router Configuration this will also belong to TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router, TL-WR743ND, TL-WR701, Iball All Wireless Router, and Binatone WR-1505N3, WR1500N,W R3005 router configuration. This all router manufacturer same so all brand router firmware is the same only difference is the design and color of an interface. After complete these tutorials, you can easily configure Binatone, TP-Link, and I-Ball all wireless N router configurations without any problem.

Binatone WR3000N-300Mbps Router connection Diagram

Connect WR3000  Router Lan port to PC/Laptop and Wan Port to Internet Cable coming from ISP (Internet Service provider)

Binatone WR3000N Configuration Router mode
Binatone 3000N Connection Diagram

Binatone WR3000N – 300M Wireless  N Router Configuration  Step to step

Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless Router

Default IP Address is –

Default username  – admin

Default Password –  admin

Login Binatone Router:

Before open router in web ,broswser make sure your router LAN Port (yellow port) should be connected to PC/Lapotp Lan port and IP Configuration should be DHCP mode. see  how to configure PC/Laptop IP 

Now open Internet Browser and open Binatone Default IP and use the default username and password to login router.

Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless router login details
Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless Router Login

Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless N Router Configuration WAN.

Any router must be configured in WAN port if we want to use in router mode. In router mode, we can use many services like firewall , Bandwidth control, Parent control, content filtering , internet working schedule configuration to limit the internet use from students.

Proceed to WAN configuration Follow Below Steps.

Wan settings-

Go to Network –> Wan

Choose your WAN type from List,

Dynamic – for auto IP assign

Static- Get IP Address from your ISP or use f you know your internet IP

PPPoE- ask your ISP to your Dial-up username password or use if you have already.

Here I am using Static ip

Binatone WR3005 300M Wireless Router PPPoE configuration
Binatone WR300 Wireless Router WAN Settings


LAN Settings :

Lan settings not necessary to change LAN IP Address if you are using the router in the home or your ISP has given IP Address not same of Router Default IP address. But This is Tutorials so we will teach LAN IP change also. Follow Given Steps.

 Network–> LAN

Note: After Change LAN IP address you must use new IP Address to open your router again.

Binatone WR3005 router Mode configuraiton

Binatone WR3000 300M Wireless Settings:

Go to Wireless—Wireless Setting-

SSid (Wireless Network Name)- choose your WiFi name here

Country : choose your country to ensure legal use of the router

Channel – Select from 1 ~11 no.

Mode : use MIX to compatible with all N and BG series Wireless devices

Tx rate : you can select from the list as per your speed requirement.

New TP-LINK TL-WR840N Ver 2.0 300Mbps Wireless N Router
Binatone WR300 300M Wireless Router WiFi Settings


Click save: the router will notification you to reboot the router to take change affect.

Before rebooting set wireless security setting to save your time.

Binatone WR3000N 300M Wireless N Router Wi-Fi Security Settings

 Wireless –> Wireless Security

WEP –use Minimum 10 Digit numeric to use this key

WPA/WPA2 – Enterprise : if you are using Radius Server then you can configure this Enterprise security type.

WPA/WPA2 –  Personal(Recommended) : for personal use we highly recommended this key to make strong wireless security . you can use Alfa numeric combination password.

After set password click save and reboot.

 Binatone WR3000 300M Wireless N Router DHCP configuration.

After Configuration of Wireless Router if your Mobile and LAptop not getting connected with Wi-Fi then reason can be DHCP disabled in the router. If DHCP will disabled then Router will not assign auto IP Address to the Client device and in the mobile device, it will show saved network name. follow the step to Enable DHCP in binatone Routers.

Click DHCP from the left side menu.

DHCP Server: Disable Enable
Start IP Address:
End IP Address:
Address Lease Time:  minutes (1~2880 minutes, the default value is 120)
Default Gateway: (optional)
Default Domain: (optional)
Primary DNS: (optional)
Secondary DNS:


Binatoen WR3000N DHCP Enable option
Binatone WR3000N DHCP Settings

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