How to install tar.gz file in Ubuntu

Tar.gz File installation and Extraction in Linux

If you are a beginner in Linux and trying to install tar.gz file installation in your Linux operating system. it doesn’t matter you are using Ubuntu,Red-hat, Fedora, or any Linux tarball installation process and command the same for all. please go throw the full post and get your tar.gz file installation successfully.

How To Install a Tar.gz File on Ubuntu

Go to Folder where Tar file download

root@ubuntu$cd Downloads/ Click Enter

For show files in Ubuntu use “ls”

“root@ubuntu/Downloads$ls” and after enter, it will show all files inside the downloads folder

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Extract zip and tar file in Linux command use

tar xvfz “filename”

root@ubuntu/Downloads$tar xvfz “filename” and enter

root@ubuntu/Downloads$cd “filename” (choose the first digit file name and press tab button) and after file selected enter)

“cd” command in Ubuntu use to change the directory/folder of the terminal’s shell

root@ubuntu/Downloads$cd “filename” (choose first digit file name and press tab button) and after file selected enter)

root@ubuntu/Downloads/filename.tar.gz$ls (ls for file show)

root@ubuntu/Downloads/filename.tar.gz$./configure and enter


root@ubuntu/Downloads/filename.tar.gz$ make install

You can use this installation command to install tarball in ubuntu any version and also can use it with other Linux such as Fedora, RedHat, CentOS, and many other Linux versions. you can also use download and install software directly through the software center without extracting tarball separately.

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