How To Setup and Configure New Wi-Fi Router for your Home

How to setup and install WiFi Router for Home (Last Updated On: October 14, 2018)

How to Setup and Install WiFi Router for Home

If you are the non-technical person and using your internet connection with cable but wants to convert your cable internet to Wi-Fi. The benefit of using Wi-Fi router is you can share your internet with your Laptop, mobile as well as PC without the stick on the same place. Now you are in right place to get complete help to setup Wi-Fi router for your home. This post describes complete setup and configuration for a new Wi-Fi router with connection Diagram. Just buy a new Wi-Fi router and follow the Step by Step tutorials for How to setup and install WiFi Router for Home and you can configure your Wi-Fi router with Simple steps.

How to Find Right Wi-Fi Router For your home.

How to setup and install WiFi Router for Home First time

Step 1: Default Settings:

Right down Default settings of the router. Find default ip address, username and password setting of Wi-Fi router just turn back side of the router.

how to setup wifi router without computer
how to configure wifi router tp link

Step 2: Wi-Fi Router Connection:

For connection, you need a patch cord for configuration Wi-Fi Router as per your ISP internet settings. Every router provides one Cat5 1mtr patch cord with router .just connects that cable to the LAN port of the router and connect it to PC /Laptop.

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ow to setup wifi router connection

Wi-Fi Router Basic Connection Diagram

Step 3: PC/Laptop Network Setting:

Every Router comes with default configuration settings so we need to configure it as par our internet setting provide by our ISP. New router comes with vendor Default IP address for configuration and manages the device. So first thing is we have to use DHCP setting for Laptop or pc to get the automatic IP address from routers.

1. Right click on Network icon on the desktop and Click on Properties for win 7,8,10 for win xp Network connection Icon on the desktop.

how to configure wifi router as repeater


2. Click on Change adapter settings

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Ip onfiguration

3. Right Click on your Ethernet and click Properties

how to setup dlink wifi router at home

4. Click on Internet Protocol version 4( TCP/IP 4)


TCP/IP 4 Properties

5. Tik on Obtain IP address and click ok

how to configure tikona wifi ruckus routers

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Step 4: Open Router On Browser :

Go to Browser and open Default Ip address of your Router see back side of your Wi-Fi router.

Mostly Router default username password is admin/admin you can try or check back side of your router Default IP Address , username and password click here

Wi-Fi router username and password

Step 5: Wan Configuration :

Find Network Option in the menu and click on Wan option. Choose Static Ip address from the list.

IP Address:

use IP provide by your internet service provider or ask them

Subnet Mask:

As per Ip series. ( get from ISP)

Default Gateway :




Wi-Fi Router configuration in WAN mode

After Fill-up all setting click apply.

6: Wireless Settings :

Click on Wireless Option from the menu and click basic wireless.

SSID: user Wi-Fi Network Name you want to Frequency:

use 1 to 11 Number

Basic Configuration of WiFi router for home

Click Apply

Wireless Security Settings:

Click on Security Option on your router settings.

1. Security Mode :

choose WPA-PASK/WPA2PSK (Mixed Mode)

2. WPA :

Click on TKIP/AES (Mixed

3. Password/Key :

use password for Wi-Fi

Basic Configuration of WiFi router for home

Click Apply after the finish

And Reboot Router From Management option

Reboot setting in wifi router

Now Check your Mobile Wi-Fi or Laptop Wi-Fi your internet Connection Start working with New Wi-Fi Router.

Hope the post How to setup and install WiFi Router for Home help you to set up and install the home wireless router with your new internet. using default setting can be lack of security but setup wifi router proper can protect your wifi internet from hackers. so see the best user guide to know  How to install WiFi Router for Home with the wireless security configuration.

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  1. To set up and configure wifi router for your home in not a big deal but if you have any problem you can take help from Linksys customer support site.

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