The requested URL /nagios/< was not found on this server

The requested URL /nagios/ was not found on this server

Nagios Server is an Open Source Network Monitoring Server.
after the Successful installation of the Nagios NMS Server, a common URL error was generated. URL error can be a lack of PHP and other supported web server applications proper installation. If you are also facing Nagios URL Request not found the error then you are in the right place to get the solution for this error. please follow the steps given below to get a solution The requested URL /Nagios/< was not found.



nagios configuration

Solution: First Remove PHP completely.

How To Remove PHP Completely in Ubuntu?

Go to Terminal and type command have given below.
“$sudo apt-get -y purge php.*”

After this command, your PHP will start removing.

Install PHP again Use Command Given Below

How To install PHP in Ubuntu?

Open Terminal And Type command is given below.
“$sudo apt-get install php5”>

After finish php5 installation Apache server need restart.

How To restart Apache Server in Linux?

Use Below Command to Restart Apache Server
“$sudo service apache2 restart”

Now Clear Browser Cookies and History and Try To open Nagios Server Again.

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