Huawei / ZTE Chipset 1Port GEPON ONT/ONU Configuration Manual

1port GEPON ONT onu configuration (Last Updated On: September 8, 2018)

Bintaotne 1Port GEPON ONT Setup and Configuration Manual .

ONT also call ONU. ONT full form is Optical network Termination and ONU full form is the Optical Network Unit. Both are the same use for end-user fiber network termination. This post belongs to all brand ONT and ONT device because all devices are the same chipset as ZTE and Huawei chipset. You can also call it Huawei ONT and ONU setup and configuration. fiber network increasing very rapidly today and with the fiber network, we can be delivered internet speed more then Gbps. So we required Fiber OLT, ONT, ONU, Fiber Patch cord and Fiber splitter. You can read more about fiber network equipment click here to know more about OLT, ONU and ONT. The process to Binatone 1port GEPON ONT onu configuration step to step. Binatone BTE801 ONT based on ZTE Chipset so you can get the user guide for all ZTE based ONT and ONU Device.

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Binatone 1port GEPON ONT Default Settings.

 1Port GEPON ONT  (ZTE)Connection and Login

Connect ONT with Power Adaptor Comes with Device. And connect LAN port to PC/Laptop. Follow the picture given below to connect the ONT /ONU connection.

Binatone BTE801 1port ONT

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Use PC/Laptop Lan IP Address 192.168.1.x series

EXP: you can use to 254

See How to Configure Laptop IP Address


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Login ONT

Open Browser and Use IP address to open ONT web interface.

Use admin/admin to login device.

ont ethernet configuration


ZTE Chipset 1 Port GEPON ONT LAN configuration

After Login ONT device will by default go in the status page. For LAN configuration click on Network tab. follow given the picture.

LAN IP ADDRESS: Change IP in this box

ENABLE DHCP Server: Check the box for enabling DHCP server


Binatone ONT IP configuration

Click Submit to Save change all settings



1PORT GEPON ONT WAN Configurations:

For WAN configuration go to NETWORK–> WAN

Connection name: use any name for new WAN connection

Enable VLAN: if your OLT configured with VLANs then enable VLAN option and put VLAN id for network

Router: Choose Rout for router mode

Link Type: user PPP, PPPoE, Static or DHCP for your Link type as per your network configuration.


Fiber OLT configuration

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Binatone 1Port GEPON ONT  VLAN configuration :

VLAN Mode setting available in  

Network–>Port Configuration –> VLAN

Here you can set VLAN mode type. EXP: if you are using tag than the select tag, if using trunk than you can choose trunk etc.. choose according to your network configuration.


OLT VLan configuration

How to Configure Port Negotiations setting in GEPON ONT and ONU

Port config for port negotiation speed.

Go to Network –>Port Configuration–>Mode

Choose Auto for auto settings

select manually speed for manual port config selection

ZTE GEPON configuration

Binatone 1Port GEPON ONT  PON configuration:

Network–> PON

Use LOID  name and Password.

Tara GPON configuration

How to set Rate Limit in 1Port GEPON ONT/ONU.

Go to Network–>Port Config–> Rate Limitation

Choose your Port from Port option and put rate limit for both option.

Ingress rate limitation and DS rate limitation. By default its come with maximum rate limit 1024000 for both option.


How to Enable Loop detection in Binatone 1Port GEPON ONT.

Loop Detection setting will help you to avoid loop issue in the network. If loop detection is enable then the port will auto disable if get any looping issue in the network and after some time its again recheck for network loop issue.

Go to Administration –> Loopback Detection –->Enable Configuration

Enable the option from LAN1

binatone ONU loop detection settings

How to Factory Default Binatone BTE801 1Port GEPON ONT

Go to Administration –>System Management

Reboot: you can software reboot ONT from this button

Restore Default: Restore Default will erase all settings and device will in factory mode.

how to Reboot binatone 1port ONT

ZTE 1Port GEPON ONT Firmware Up-gradation.

Go to Administrator –>System Management –>Software Upgrade

OLT firmware up gradation

fiber otdr machine price


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  1. How can I change or clone a mac address when connecting via IP Static IP.

    If possible How can I edit the config.bin file (Configuration Back Up file)

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