5 Proven Way to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

Proven Way to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

Everyone wants to increase their blog traffic. It’s completely normal; it’s part of the goal no matter whether it’s for a personal blog or a professional blog. Generally, beginners in blogging publish their content and wait for someone to read it. The principle of Inbound Marketing works in this principle, the goal being to bring traffic to your blog’s landing page. Content is the mainstay of this process to increase visits to a blog. This is why the editorial plan should refer to strategic objectives and direct readers to a specific location of the site. This is a way to detect new readers and retain those who already know. You may search number time how to drive traffic to your blog but still not successful to increase blog traffic. In this post, you are getting a legit way to drive traffic on the new blog.

Here are a few tips to give your content the readers they deserve:

Social networks

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Social networks are essential to attract new visitors and increase the click rate to their blog. Today, many people work mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+: and these search engines are crucial as a source of traffic, but without social networks, the blog will not take off. They have to take advantage of all these channels to push their blog articles. Once you’re social follower increase then you will start getting an answer of how to increase blog traffic for free in the first effort of social promotions.

Marketing Comments

Every blogger wants to increase blog traffic without investment in the start-up phase. Marketing comments is the best free ways to promote a blog to increase traffic. Go to the post comments on other blog which can bring you, additional visitors. This does not mean that you have to spam all blogs, you must target thematic blogs, your comments must add value to the content. Leave your ideas, your notes, help the readers and add something useful. The link in the signature will do the rest and send users back to your blog.

Guest Articles

Guest articles are a great way to increase traffic to your blog. Guest posting another free way to driving traffic to blogs with diverting traffics. Through this editorial work on your blog or those of other bloggers, you create a win-win relationship. So you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience and the blog owner gets quality content for his site. You cannot recycle a post on another blog. When you decide to work on the guest articles, you need to put together all your skills. First of all, because you are advertising: the link in the article must be a bridge to bring you new visits and new readers.

Infographics and video

how to increase organic blogs traffic

Working with content marketing can be a good way to get people to visit a website. Video channel is trending way to drive weblog traffic to your blogs. You can create a channel on YouTube and post videos with links to articles to deepen the subject and thus improve the traffic to the site. You can also install a video sitemap to help index pages with this content in the specific section of Google.

Infographics are also a great way to increase the click rate. Infographics are relatively simple to create and publish on a blog. A very beautiful infographic on a site that has a minimum of authority can achieve excellent results.


Comments will help you increase traffic to your blog. A good discussion is a matter of interest, if you can allow people to chat on the blog by asking and answering questions is very important. But most importantly, you can throw the bait. Each comment of WordPress has a permalink that can be shared as a link. Use it to engage the audience in the discussion, take advantage of social networks by sharing these links and thus offer Internet users to react too. It’s a way of attracting attention. Blog commenting option working way to boost blog traffic to get more views on blogger and another blogging platform.

 Final Words

After launching a new blog the first question comes in mind is how to increase traffic fast to your blog. Most of the time non-experience blogs struggle too much to getting traffic to your blog but lack of experience they skip proven method to drive traffic to blog. If you are a beginner blogger or failed to drive get more traffic even many year older domains than you must try the above methods to increase blog traffic without investment. Utilize all tips to increase blog traffic and grow your blog instead of give-up due to no views on the blog.


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