5 smart home gadgets to protect your home and Family

5 smart home gadgets to protect your home and Family

We are moving very fast with new technology and the latest gadgets. Every day many gadgets discover and we use it. When a new technology makes our life easier but in the second part it’s also can be dangerous for our life. So when any electronic and other gadget discover for safety then there are many other things discover to use in the wrong way. We all love our family so we must think about how to protect our family from suspicious activity and thieves. In this post, I have disclosed the 5 smart home gadgets to protect your home and Family from wrong activities and prevent any accidents like fire and other miss happening. these 5 smart  Gadget everyone should use to protect your home and family. You also think about monitoring your kid’s over internet activity using parental control software to protect from virtual harm.

Today there are many electronic gadgets available to ensure our home and office safety and monitor each and every movement. With electronic safety gadgets, we can always keep safe our family and home even when we are far from them. So just think about safety and think about security gadgets. Read this post and think is your home safe from unpredictable activities.

How to protect your home using security gadgets

Technology is very advanced today and the cost of advanced technology is very less today. So invest some money to protect our home and family and prevent all the wrong suspicious actives going on. We can’t keep all time with family but still, we can monitor and feel them safe even when we are not in the home. See the best gadget to protect your home.


1: Door Eye Hole

Gadgets That Will Protect Your Home While You're Away

Door eye hole also called door magic eye and it is not an electronic gadget but it’s a magic eye to see what happened outside your home. With this keyhole, you can watch outside if anyone knows the door but from outside can’t see inside the room. So this is a basic but best security step to ensure a known person outside before open the door. This keyhole can prevent to access any wrong and suspicious person inside the home.

if you have visited any hotel then you must see this magic eye on every hotel’s room door. This keyhole in the middle of the door so you can watch clearly face of an outside person.

2: CCTV surveillance

best security device for home use

CCTV one of the most demanding security gadgets today. Every one required CCTV home, office, factory, park, school, hospital every sector. So make an extra layer on your home safety and use a CCTC camera on the main gate, stair, and other areas where you think it should be monitor. You can use a wide-angle range dome camera for indoor and a bullet camera for the main gate outside.  If you have a park or garden area then a PTZ camera will be best to monitor a larger area with a preset zoom, tilt pan option. CCTV will capture every activity near your home and you can monitor it from any place by using the internet. Most of the wrong activity can be prevented with CCTV camera monitoring and be alert.

3: Video door phone 

 security gadget for home

If you live in an apartment or high rise tower society where more than 10 floors. Video door phone best security option for you to talk to anyone directly from the main gate if any person wants to come to your house. You can also see the video of a person wants to come to your home. You can just identify its known person or unknown person.so video door phones are the best and most useful security appliance used in every small and larger house.

 Video Door Phone  only @ INR  3500 Rs

4: Biometric Door Lock with RF or Fingerprint

best home security camera

Using a Bio-metric door lock will ensure only permitted to enter the home with the registered user in the Door lock biometric system. There are many advanced feature door lock available with multiple unlock option like unlock with Pin, RF card, fingerprint scanning unlocking. So using an advance with multiple unlock options will make more protected your home from unauthorized access.

Buy  Biometric Door Lock under  Rs 1000

5: Fire Alarm & Extinguisher

home automation system

 To protect you’re from fire explosion use a fire extinguisher system with a fire alarm system to prevent from fire. There are many reasons to fire explosions and no one can predict. So using the fire system to make a fireproof home always will save your home and family from short circuit fire accidents and any others. To using fire alarm will alert you before any big miss happening and will give you time to escape.


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