Top 10 Best CCTV Camera brands with HD Video Recording

Security is always a preference whether a home or office. While choosing the best CCTV camera for home must know the Top Best CCTV Camera brands in India and in the world. Always select the best security camera for home so every movement can capture clearly.

10 Best CCTV Brands in India with HD Video Quality 

CCTV Full form is Close circuit television. CCTV on the most required and demanding product in home, office, factory, road, campus. Safety always comes first and without CCTV safety never done. Initially, when CCTV comes for video surveillance it only gives VGA quality video. There are many CCTV cameras Indian brands available in the market today with different prices but with pricing, the quality of the video also matters. We can only make our home, office, factory, and park secured when we have installed good video quality to ensure we can easily recognize the face in videos. choose easily Best CCTV Camera for a home in India with the help of this post. Integrate Wireless with CCTV cameras for long-distance connectivity.

10 Best CCTV Camera Brands for Long Range

  1. Sony Camera
  2. Panasonic
  3. LG
  4. Honeywell
  5. Bosch
  6. Hikvision
  7. Samsung
  8. Dahua
  9. CP-Plus
  10. TVT

To make you clear about choosing the best CCTV camera in India for your home and office we listed the best CCTV surveillance systems in this post. To get details about the best CCTV System to know the technology of CCTV cameras and available variants.

CCTV camera have two Different technologies available.

1:- DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

2:- NVR (Network Video Recorder)

1: DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVR is an analog camera surveillance system that records video in digital format and works with an analog connector. Mostly in the home security DVR system used where we have limited distance to install the camera.  With DVR we can use the camera with an analog BNC connector and recording can be done only on DVR. Without DVR we cannot see individual cameras because it’s analog and works only with DVR.

2: NVR (Network Video Recorder)

NVR is a Network Video recorder surveillance system. TO use the NVR system we can use IP cameras to monitor and record videos. NVR system works support TCP/IP protocol so it’s mostly used in large factory campuses and industrial areas where we have already a network connected. The best thing about NVR is we can see and recorded individual cameras without accessing NVR.

Every brand provides your cloud access to your DVR and NVR worldwide without buying any public IP Address. In this post we are talking about the Top 10 Best CCTV brands with HD & UHD video Quality recording, So let’s proceed to know about the brand taking place in the top list.

The Best CCTV camera system brands with DVR and NVR Systems

Using the best quality CCTV camera always gives you more protection and stability for a long time. Choosing CCTV without knowing and comparing brands may give a costly product with low quality. While looking for CCTV cameras for long-range monitoring than IP camera should be used. Analog CCTV cameras are best for indoor security monitoring for homes and offices as well. However, know the best CCTV camera company in India for warehouse, factory, and road monitoring.

1:- Sony –Surveillance System

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Sony one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world for quality and reliability. It’s a full commercial range Surveillance system with fixed, PTZ, Dome cameras. Sony provides NVR and IP cameras to protect your office factory, home and outdoor area from suspicious activity. No doubt Sony has a top CCTV camera provider with HD and UDH video quality.

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2:- Panasonic | Best Video Quality CCTV Camera

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Panasonic takes its place because it provides HD-quality video with outdoor and indoor cameras. If you are looking for a trusted and clear video recorder for your factory, house, and any outside and inside the area to keep monitoring even it’s dark or day then go with Panasonic CCTV. Panasonic is a well-known the best outdoor CCTV camera and indoor CCTV camera solution as well. It is an enterprise CCTV camera brand for factories, roads, campuses, railway stations, and metro and used by many popular industries.

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3:- LG – CCTV Camera

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LG a name of trust for home and industrial product range. It’s the best brand name not only for home appliances but also for industrial security and other products. You can choose the LG CCTV surveillance system for your home, factory, office, road, street, park, and many more areas you would like to keep monitoring always each and every activity.

4:- Honeywell 

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It doesn’t matter which NVR you buy for your office and home if you choose Honeywell cameras. Its provide you with analog and Digital both type surveillance system as per your choice and requirements. Customize the different analytics features with Honeywell security surveillance and create a better experience for monitoring and live views. Looking for an Outdoor, or indoor camera than choose Honeywell’s.

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5:-   Bosch CCTV Camera | Best Surveillance Security System

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Bosch not a new name in security systems. Most of the metro projects done with Bosch CCTV cameras. When price and quality both required without compromise than Bosch is the right answer. Bosch Not only provides the best CCTV system it also has many best options such as video conferencing, fire alarm, and intrusion alarm systems. Bosch having all types of CCTV cameras like Dome, PTZ, Fixed, Bullet, Panoramic cameras, and fully weatherproof IP66 and 67 for outdoor installation. If you have already a server for your CCTV then no need to buy NVR with Bosch Camera because you also get software for CCTV monitoring and recording in PC.  Bosch CCTV camera comity fit on our list of the best IP camera in India as per its quality and service.

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6: Hikvision | NVR and DVR security systems

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A cost-effective DVR and NVR security surveillance with Best quality video recording. Hikvision is the most demanding CCTV brand name for home, small industry, and commercial grades. You can ensure your home and office safety without investing too much money. Hikvision security product having the range of different types of the camera such as dome, fixed, bullet, PTZ.

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7: Samsung | Surveillance Security System.

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Samsung one of the popular and trusted brand names in home appliances and industrial products. Which is the best CCTV brand for home and offices? This is the first question raise in everybody when they looking for Security systems. Service after the sale and product quality and stability make the product the best brand in every sector. So you can get the best quality with services in Samsung CCTV to secure your home. Office. Factory, park, and street from suspicious activities.

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8: Dahua  CCTV Camera

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Dahua a cost-effective NVR and DVR security system for everyone. It’s a product easily available in the market with low cost and best quality for home, office, and outdoor security surveillance. Dahua CCTV product range available for outdoor as well as indoor purposes. Access your Dahua camera from android and I Phone apps and monitor you multiple locations in single apps without buying a Public IP address in every location.

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9:- CP Plus CCTV Camera

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CP Plus one of the quick home reaches brand in less time. CP Plus CCTV systems price and quality for every budget project. Various range of CCTV camera gives you more option to choose best and budget CCTV camera without compromising quality. CP Plus Android Apps and I Phone apps gives you the power of real-time monitoring your multiple sites from single mobile apps without investing money for Public IP address. CP Plus also providing the best wifi CCTV camera India as well as a cloud camera to monitor your baby and kids while you are away.

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10:- TVT – CCTV Systems

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TVT also a best CCTV brand under budget for small and medium and large size CCTV monitoring purpose. TVT cloud apps give your access your NVR ad DVR from the mobile device for multiple locations. Its best  CCTV range with outdoor as well as indoor CCTV camera   Analog and IP camera both.

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Final Word

While security is the preference in home and office than using a clear picture quality camera should be used. We have tried to find the best analog and IP camera brands for home and office safety. The above list contains all popular CCTV brands in the world and the feature depends on the brands. You can try the Best CCTV Camera brand in India for home and office security. Please before buying confirm the features and price from the official website.

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