10 best data recovery software for Mac, Windows

Did you lose your important family photo and files mistakenly or due to virus infection drive? Finally, you land on the right place where I am disclosing some award-winning data recovery programs to the recovery of files from exFAT, NTFS, ext2, and FAT file systems. Enjoy the free and the best data recovery software for Windows, Mac, and Androids.

The 10 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows, Android, and Mac PC

Are you mistakenly delete your important data and photos from computer and phone? Don’t worry relax just see the last post how to recover your deleted data from phone and PC. It’s can happen with anyone when data accidentally deleted or infected by the virus will lose all saved data. There are many ways to recover your deleted photos and document from phone and computer. In this post, you will get the top 10 best data recovery software for Mac and multi-operating system support. When we delete any file in windows we don’t think a lot of because we can recover deleted files from recycle bin. I want to share the top 10 data recovery software which makes you all time relax even your file formatted with easy recovery apps and software.

Mobile and computer is a combination of hardware and software. Hardware is the physical body and software is the soul of the body. But there is much time when software infected by the virus and our all saved data hidden by the virus or deleted by the virus. This is a so tension-ed movement when suddenly all your photos and video disappear from phone and computer. In this situation, you can also be relaxed if you know how to restore your data without losing a single file.

There are many technical forums filled up with the question about pen drive data not visible, hard disk data showing shortcut, phone not showing saved picture and videos. You can be a data recovery specialist and get rid of these all type of problem just read the full post and know the solution.

Which is the Data Recovery software for Windows and Mac?

There are lots of data recovery software for PC and mobile available with different features. But choosing the best data recovery software for Windows, Mac, Android and I phone should capable of quick recovery with the below points.

  1. Hard disk formatted recovery.
  2. Hard disk partition lost the recovery
  3. Windows data suddenly convert to shortcut file
  4. Photos and video disappearing from memory card, Phone, Pen drive and PC
  5. Pen drive showing used space but show empty when the open folder
  6. All data corrupted due to virus infection.
  7. Mistakenly delete photos and videos.
  8. Support all major formats like jpeg, png, gif, mp4, avi, xvid, wma, pdf, docs, excel, ppt and many other popular and common format should recoverable.

Best Data Recovery Software for deleted Photos Videos and document

I have sort listed some best data recovery software list which supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux platform.

  1. Recuva
  2. DiskGeeker
  3. iBoysoftData Recovery for Mac
  4. Pandora recovery
  5. EaseUS
  6. Minitool power data recover free edition
  7. Stellar Data Recovery
  8. Wise data recovery
  9. Disk Drill
  10. Restoration
  11. SoftPerfect File recovery
  12. Puran File Recovery

 Top 10 best data recovery software for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhones.

1:  Recuva  Advance File recovery for Windows

 data recovery software apk free


Recuva is the best recovery software for mistakenly deleted files and photos. It is capable to restore your deleted data from damaged HDD, crushed pen drive and memory card and external USB drives. Recuva Advance file recovery version 100% free and you can retrieve all deleted data. Download your Recuva Advance software free now and enjoy to photo and video restoration.

Download Full Free Version Data Recovery Software

2: Tunesbro DiskGeeker

data recovery free mac

Are you looking for a powerful data recovery tool that can dig your Unlimited Recovery Data from hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, camera memory card or SD card? Just give a try to DiskGeeker if you are windows and Mac OS platforms. It is an excellent tool for a different kind of recovery such as Deletion Recovery, Formatted Recovery, System Recovery, Virus Attack Recovery. Don’t bother when accidentally your pictures, photos, videos, and any type’s files deleted. Just start to retrieve your data with DiskGeeker and be relax until recovery is done.

You can get the free trial version of DiskGeeker best Mac recovery software from the official website.


3: iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is one of the best free Mac data recovery software which supports APFS and encrypted APFS drives/partitions data recovery in macOS Mojave/High Sierra. It can help you get back any type of file with ease, including documents, videos, images, emails, music files and so on. Besides, it supports a wide range of storage media, from internal hard drives to external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, digital cameras, etc. It is also available for Windows computers.

4:  Pandora recovery

data recovery free mac


Yet another best solution to restore the deleted file from phone, memory card and the hard disk is Pandora. You can get back your flashed photo and video from any format NTFS recovery (NTFS5, EFS), FAT (FAT16, FAT32, FAT64).  Available free version Pandora with 500Mb recovery size but you can buy upgrade version with unlimited file size restoration from any type of storage.

Get your  Pandora recovery software free now.


5:- EaseUS

data recovery software open source

Mistakenly data can be deleted by anyone, doesn’t matter it’s personal or official data. More important is when the virus or due to some miss happening with your laptop phone or camera and lost all the data. Still, you have the solution to get out of this situation by using EaseUS data recovery software and recover you 100% lost data in any format it was before. So don’t panic whenever your data deleted because you have still a way to get back your important data. EaseUS also best recovery tool for Mac PC to support multiple file formats for recovery.

Get your free EaseUS recovery software copy to try now


6:- Minitool power data recovery free edition

recover damaged hard drive macbook pro

Digital world a universal truth of today’s personal and commercial life. Everything running with digital work store digitally. Keep safe all your digital photos and file is important but a panic movement come when stored data lost or deleted mistakenly. But you can recover your all data by using professional data recovery software which gives you lost data in the form it was before lost. Minitool power is the best professional recovery tool to retrieve deleted media easily. Download   Free full version data recovery software for Windows 10 and lower now.


7:- Stellar Data Recover

data recovery software crack version download

Are you looking for completely free data recovery software for Windows 8 and Windows 10? Stellar next good option to recover your deleted data from any type of storage. Whenever you lost your important data due to any reason than recommend always use a trusted and best recovery software which don’t affect your photos and videos quality after got resorted.

Download Free Life Time Stellar Data Recover Software

Stellar Data Recovery Windows (Standard)

8:- Wise data recovery

mmc data recovery software free download

Most of the case due to the virus we lost our photos and videos from the phone and when trying any recovery apps they make us fool. So always select a lightweight best and fast recovery tool for your photos and video from Android and PC. Wise data one of the best lightweight recovery tools to recover your pictures, videos, emails, the document from the local and removed drive like an external hard disk, flash drive, Pen drive, Memory card, and MMC cards. Download Free Wise data recovery tools now for Win XP, Windows 7 Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


9:- Disk Drill

data recovery for old IDE hard disk

Pandora recovery software now becomes Disk Drill so the latest version of Pandora you can try Disk Drill. Easy steps to restore all detected files from removable and non-removable storage type. Download Disk Drill free and see the power of recovery tool to get back your all picture and photos from damage, crushed and virus-infected drives. Test the Free Data Recovery Software Tools to take a chance to get the best data recovery software from thousands of software.


10:- Restoration

As the name sound restoration and it’s mean it for work done with this recovery tool. Restoration is the best alternate of Recuva recovery software for Windows data recovery. The best freeware recovery software which supports windows all older and latest operating system. If you have formatted your computer and lost your important data then you must give a try to restoration tools to data recovery software after formatting the hard disk on your windows computer.

Download free activated restoration data recovery software now

11:- SoftPerfect File recovery


Softperfect file recovery deserves a place on the list of data recovery software. It’s a solution for Windows and Mac operating systems to recover deleted data. using a single recovery tool that supports Windows and Mac data recovery both will more suitable option to carry multiple data recovery software for Windows and Mac OS. Download Free SoftPerfect Now.

12:- Puran File Recovery

Yet another data recovery alternate tool is Puran file recovery for the windows platform. Its support drag and drop with copy selected an entire folder option. It is an excellent free file recovery program to restore your deleted data quickly.



At the End conclusion of the top 10 best data recovery software for Mac is to provide you details of any type data recovery stage which gives your power to recover deleted files free. The top recovery programs give you extra power to recover damaged hard drive, damaged Memory card and pen drive, data recovery software encrypted hard disk and any other storage type you are using. This list will help you to restore your deleted data and you can avoid the chance to lost your important photos and videos of life movements.


Disclaimer:  This list of “best data recovery software” is created and sort listed as per review and comparing features given by the official website. So visitor strongly recommends before trying and buying any tools make sure all the information from the official website to avoid buying the wrong product. TechTrickszone.com does n’t liable for any wrong information and working feature claimed by the official website. So before try or buying make sure its work what you are looking for.


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