Best Teamviewer alternative Software 2021

Best TeamViewer Alternative Software

Today every business and product marketing grows with the support of the product. Remote support is the backbone of any business and industry. How quickly support is available customers will trust on brand more quickly. There are many remote support tools available on the internet with free and paid features. Team Viewer is the most popular and trusted remote support tools for network support engineer and network administrators. If you are looking for commercial use of remote support software then Teamviewer will only work for you in the non-commercial mode so you need the best alternative to the TeamViewer Chrome app. There is a number of best TeamViewer Alternative Software for remote sessions available with free licenses. You should also know about the best Free WiFi network tools to manage Wireless networks.

For local remote, you get many tools like VNC, Remote Desktop, etc. but when you think about the unknown computer from the random client for remote support you have to use faster safer, and reliable tools to ensure your security. If you are tired of searching best alternative for TeamViewer for remote support then you will get the best remote support tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

1: Teamviewer V12 :

Teamviewer is a popular remote support tool for personal and commercial. You can use single-user licenses with non-commercial use for the limited remote session. So when you look for free remote support tools for your remote support work then you should have team viewer alternate remote support tools to use multi-remote sessions same time. If you are looking for profitable business remote tools then you can buy a commercial paid version of Team Viewer for the multi-user and single-user pack.

Best Feature of TeamViewer is Remote Control, File Transfer and Chat support inbuilt.

Team-Viewer 12
Team-Viewer V.14 For Remote Support

The latest version of Teamviewer with four commercial plans.

  • Business.
  • Premium.
  • Corporate.
  • Enterprise.

Download Team Viewer Full Version Now

2: Ammy Admin v3.6

Ammy Admin is the best alternative Software of Teamviewer for Remote desktop sharing tools for Remote support with live desktop controlling feature. Ammy admin non-commercial version is also free and available commercial plan with the extra feature. Ammy admin Teamviewer alternative is free 100% and works with all platforms.

Ammy remote support gives you a connection throw also IP address so you can utilize this function for local file sharing and remote support if you are the system administrator. Ammy admin is now more secure than the previous version it’s secured with a password.

Ammy Admin
Ammy Admin 3.5 for Remote Support Alternate Software

Best Feature of Ammy Admin is Remote Control, File Transfer, and Chat support.

Platform: Windows   Download Ammy Admin 3 Free Now

3: Iperius Remote Software

Iperius Remote is a free Remote Desktop Software multiplatform compatible with MacOS, iOS and Android. Fast and simple that helps you to provide remote support, remote access, and working from home.

Iperius Remote Pro licenses give you top-of-the-class performance with ultra-fast delta file transfer and administrative area for authorizations and detailed statistics, as well as the possibility to install Iperius on unlimited devices and unlimited users.

Iperius Remote

Simple and portable, Iperius Remote allows you to open a remote desktop connection to any computer. Just download a simple executable file and all features are immediately available.

Iperius Remote’s unattended access is ideal for keeping a list of the computers of your customers and connecting to them in order to carry out assistance at any time.

Thanks to multiple connect on, Iperius Remote allows you to support customers simultaneously in separate windows. You can even have multiple operators access the same remote system.

Iperius Remote is the perfect solution for working from home, its unattended remote access features allow all computers in a company to be always online with maximum security and ease of management.

Discover the free version of Iperius Remote, and if you need advanced features, switch to professional versions and access numerous other features to improve work quality significantly.

4: Supremo

Supremo is another good alternative to Teamviewer for remote desktop and access control for technical support. Supremo is also not required and installation for use just open and run for support. random password generation makes it a more secure connection every time to avoid unauthorized access.

It is available now for Android and iOS platforms so you can also take remote support work from your tablet pc also on the way. SupRemo remote support gives you the power of meeting with your employee from anywhere even you are out of city or country. So you can download a free version of Supremo to check the feature how it’s made it easy for your everything.

 Team viewer Best Alternative Software
Supremo Remote Support Software

The latest version of Supremo is with Annual Quarterly and renewal plan.

  • Free – Non-Commercial
  • Business
  • Solo

Best Feature of Ammy Admin is Remote Control, File Transfer and Chat support inbuilt.

Platform: Windows, Android, iOS


 Download Supremo Free Now

5: Mikogo

Mikogo comes with many good features like the remote control for supporting direct HTML access for Meeting with desktop and mobile support, Mikogo also has Voice and video Conferencing, a Session Scheduler, Session Recording, a Multi-User Whiteboard, Application Selection and multi-monitor, a Profile Manager, File Transfer and chat feature.

Mikogo is one of the best remote tools for video and voice conferencing which gives high-quality video and voice communication. You can enjoy a single user with a single session free of cost to internet use but if you are looking for more users and multi-session then you can choose a paid plan according to the number of users. Mikogo schedule feature never let your miss your important meeting and conferences.


The latest version of Mikogo is Version 5.2 with a Three plans.

  •  Free – Non-Commercial
  •  Professional
  •  Enterprise

Best Feature of Mikogo is Voice & Video Conferencing, Session Scheduler, and Session Recording.

Platform :

windows | Mac | Ios | Android

LThe latestversion of Mikogo is Version 5.2 with Three plan.

  • Free – Non-Commercial
  • Professional
  •  Enterprise

Best Feature of Mikogo is Voice and video Conferencing, Session Scheduler, and Session Recording.

Platform:  windows | Mac | Ios | Android

6 : AnyDesk

If you are looking for a lightweight remote support tool for Teamviewer alternate then you can go with AnyDesk. It will never slow down your computer when you are doing multi remote sessions so it will make faster service for you. Faster service gives you more client trust and goodwill so you can test AnyDesk free version for testing purposes.

AnyDesk Remote Software

The latest version of AnyDesk is Version 2.3.5 with Four plans.

  • AnyDeskFree
  • AnyDeskLite
  • AnyDeskProfessional Ideal for Business Use
  • AnyDeskEnterprise

Platform: Windows 7 Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

 Download AnyDesk 2.3.5 Free Now


7: ShowMyPC-

Remote Support - Unlimited Usage & Free for Businesses

 Showmypc is also a good alternative to Teamviewer for remote support and desktop sharing. It’s a paid remote support software with various plans as per supported user and session features. You can get a trial copy of the software for the 30day time limit.

Show my pc Paid Plan

  1. Premium
  2. Professional
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise

8: AnyViewer

AnyViewer is a remote desktop software for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices to provide a
comprehensive, fast, efficient, and secure solution.
It provides instant remote support. Users can use shortcuts of some practical operations such as
lock, restart, task manager to help customers, and friends to solve any IT problems immediately.
The remote control is protected by ECC encryption, but AnyViewer also supports block the
mouse and keyboard of the controller from the recipient side to protect data security. the
unattended control of the computer is simple, and the user clicks Power Management to lock,
restart or shut down the computer from phone during the remote session.
All the features appealed are available in the free version of AnyViewer. Even if you need to pay
to use some advanced features, it only costs $42.96 a year.
Platform :
Windows | IOS | Android
The latest version of AnyViewer 4.1.0 provide THREE plan:
Professional ($42.96 every year)
Business ($199.00 every year)
Download AnyViewer

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