How to block Mobile user in Ubee Modem

block wifi user in ubee router

An easy way to protect your wifi is to enable mac address filter list in Ubee Modem Block User those do not belong to your family. Ubee Modem Block User to Connect WiFi Ubee modem uses to deliver internet connection at the last mile. Ubee cable modem supported by a lot of leading internet service … Read more

Block Website and WiFi user in Arris Modem?

block Facebook in Arris Modem

How to Block User and Websites in Arris modem Router? Arris cable modem and Wireless modem installed in various internet and voice service providers such as Comcast Xfinity, TWC, Cox, Spectrum and many more. You may subscriber to cable internet providers and Arris modem router installed with your connection. In an earlier post, we have … Read more

How to block a Website and Apps on basic WiFi Router

How to block a Website on ADSL WiFi Router

How to block Website and Apps on basic WiFi Router There are many bad websites available which are not used for home and completely time-wasting in office working hour. Everyone required to control surfing activity at home and office to protect their children and working time in the office. Anyhow to control your kids internet … Read more