What is OLT, GPON, ONU in Optical Fiber Network

GEPON OLT Configuration for Fiber Network

GEPON OLT Configuration for Fiber Network

OLT, GPON,EPON ,ONU,ONT all are equipment used in optical fiber network to provide maximum and highest data transmission speed with minimize of network costing. OLT Device used at start point of centralize office node and onu used at last end point to termination of line. Between OLT and ONU fiber ,Splitter and other passive network device are used to distribute fiber network.GEPON OLT Configuration for Fiber Network very easy to understand if you follow proper network diagram.


OLT (Optical Line Termination )

OLT also called Optical Line Terminal. OLT is a end point of passive optical network (PON).

Huawei MA5608T configuration

OLT Main Function is converting electrical signal using by service provider equipment and Fiber optical signal use by passive optical network (PON), its co-ordinate Multiplexing between end user device ONU (Optical Network unit ) or ONT (Optical Network Terminals ).


OLT installed Service provider end and client equipment use ONU or ONT for end point service providing. In simple word its start with OLT and End with ONU o ONT at Costumer end.

Fiber Network Solution with OLT and ONU
Huawei MA5608T – Mini OLT (Optical Line Terminal)


PON full form is Passive Optical Network, it’s used for point to multipoint network with fiber optical to reduce the costing of fiber network.

Standard of PON :



1. GPON (Gigabit PON) :

GPON is a new generation broadband (BPON)over Passive network access. GPON provide high bandwith speed up to 2.5Gbit/s. The protocols used by GPON are ATM, GEM, and Ethernet.

2. EPON (Ethernet PON):

full form of EPON is Ethernet Passive optical network.EPON is an IEEE standard, used Ethernet to sending data packet. EPON and GEPON is a FAST Ethernet over fiber network up to 1.25 Gbit/s Download and upload data stream.


ONU full form is Optical network unit and ONT Full form is optical network unit. Passive Optical Network Consist of a centralize office node called OLT (optical Line Terminal) and End point Costumer Site used Equipment called ONU and ONT. Between OLT and ONU there is Fiber and splitter used to distribute fiber network.

ONU and ONT configuration with Huawei MA5608T OLT


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