12 Best Free Video Converter for Windows, Mac OS, Android and I Phones

12 Best Video Converter for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Smart Phones

Video a trending word and most useful feature since smart phone comes. Yes doesn’t matter where we just have the power of capture every movement with finger tips. More than millions of videos recorded and share every day in multiple social platform. Today smart phone dual camera increase video utilization more than click a still picture. Most of the people don’t know there are many video format are available as per hardware and platform supported. Exp- old feature phone only support 3GP and MP4 format,  and smart phone also support only some video format but  because a smart phone get the many third party video converter which is convert video to any format we want it. In this post I have sort listed some best free video converter software as well as free online video converter with all supported format.

Yes In this post I will discuss about most popular and universal video converter for Windows, Android, I Phone and Linux platform. Every one using different devices so I always try to bring a mix post which can be useful for all platform available today. Many time when we download any video from internet its play in Computer, but when try to play in TV than we get error “unsupported format”. This is the requirement of video converter which convert any video from any format and make useful for you wherever you want to play it.

Why Video converter Require?

There are some popular video format are, Mp4, AVI, MPEG, Flash video (FLV), MOV, WMV, 3GP, VOB, and many more.  So it’s not possible by any player or hardware to support all the format because every format are developed with growing technology day by day. So to play any older video format we get lots of third-party codec converter which make our video playable as supported by our hardware. This is the reason why and when we required a video converter.

Best Free Video Converter for Android, I Phone and Windows Operating systems

Best Video convert means which support most of the format and we don’t require multiple video converter for multiple format and its should keep the video quality after convert to another format. This type of video converter called best video converter.


12  best Free & Paid Video converter List below.

  1. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate
  2. Total Video Converter.
  3. Leawo Video Converter
  4. Format Factory.
  5. AVS Media Converter.
  6. Freemake Video Converter
  7. HandBrake | Best Open Source Video Converter
  8. Movavi Video Converter
  9. Convertilla
  10. HD Video Converter Factory
  11. Online Converter
  12. Koyote Free Video Converter.



1:- AimerSoft Video converter –

best video converter for instagram
Image Credit- Aimersoft Video Converter


Doesn’t matter which format you are looking to convert because if you are using AirmerSoft video converter then you have to power of convert any video format with more than 250 output format. This video converter gives you converted video with in 3 minutes and support 70 input and 250 output format as mentioned by official Airmersoft site. Airmersoft video converter ultimate support windows and Mac OS with all the major video formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, FLV..etc.

Aimersoft video converter comes with two versions 1 is Airmersoft video converter and 2 is Airmersoft video converter ultimate.

As of now Airmersoft video convert can get free for demo version testing purposes from the official website.

Supported OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 El Capitan

Get AirmerSoft Video converter and AirmerSoft Video converter Ultimate

Free Download Now for Windows and Mac OS x.


2:- Total Video Converter. | Free Video Converter for Mac.

wondershare video converter free
Image Credit- Total Video Converter


If you are looking for best video converter for Mac OS and not finding suitable converter with supported multiple video format. Than now this is the answer for your searching “Total Video Converter”. A best video converter for Mac operating system which provide you almost all major video convert with HD quality conversion. Best things about total video converter is you can first type it and buy it later. Just free download free version of Total Video converter and test it once satisfied just go and download it.

Download Total Video Converter Free now  for Mac OS


Download Total Video Converter Free now for Windows


3:- Leawo Video Converter

best video converter full version free download
Image Credit- Leawo Video Converter


Leawo Video converter one another best video converter which support all major and various video format which play by all mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, I Pad, I Phone and Windows operating system. installing multiple video converter not solution to convert any video instead of using multiple just chose the best video converter which support all video format and also save your phone and computer storage. Leawo video converter is solution for Windows operating system all in one format. It’s fully compatible with windows 10 and windows 8.1 operating systems.  You can get all the feature and tech specficiation about Leawo Video converter from official website.

Download Leawo Video Converter Free For Windows Now

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4:- Format Factory

best video converter full hd
Image Credit- Format factory Video Converter


As the name sound “Format Factory” and it’s also mean it, because format factory give you best video conversion with all major supported format. With convert a video format it’s also give you addition feature like water mark in video, rip video and rip audio. You can get free version of format factory from official website.  Just do more with video converter not only work for conversion when you can also repair damage videos, increase and reduce size and much more.

Download Format Factory Free Now


5:- AVS Media Converter.

opensource Ultimate Video Converter download
Image Credit- AVS Video Converter


AVS media converter also provide you multiple media tools to convert video, Mp4 and other tools such as video editor and much more. You can use AVS media converter to converter any video format with lossless quality. AVS Video converter support format supported by most of device. AVS media converter also support all major CCTV camera video recording format to convert it with popular format which can play on any device.

AVS Media converter support Windows Operating system.

Download Free AVS Media Converter Now


6:- Freemake Video Converter

How to convert videos for Instagram for free
Image Credit- FreeMake Video Converter


 One another best option to convert any video format to any format is Freemake video converter. If you love to download video from various website and keep store with you but face problem when you can’t play it with you favorite gadgets than just use the Freemake video converter and make it working with any type media player gadget’s. Freemake video converter official website claim more than 500 Video format supported by it and you can download and test it now.

 Download Freemake Video Converter

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7:- Handbrake | Best Free HD Video Converter

Best Instagram Video Converter
Image Credit : HandBrake

I guess if you are reading this post than you have spent couple of hours to find a completely free and open source video converter which work on you windows PC. Now you are reached to your destination where you will get best free video converter details to convert any video format to play it with different devices.  Handbrake one of the best opensource video converter which fully supported windows 7 and windows 10 with 64 bit also. Free is always better but when it’s give your more feature with no cost than its better.


Download Free Handbrake open Source Vide Converter Now


8:- Movavi Video Converter

open source video converter mp4 to wmv
Image Credit- Movavi Video Converter

Movavi a video converter which is best for windows , Mac OS, Android and I Phone platform. Just get the all video format with single video converter doesn’t matter you are using Windows PC, Mac book, Android smart phone or I Phone. Movavi video converter provide you best converted video quality for short video clip as well as full movie size videos. Get you free copy of Movavi Video converter now and experience it with yourself. Movavi gives you solution if you searching the best video converter app for android and I OS.


Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows

 Movavi Video Converter for Mac OS


Get Movavi Video Converter for Android

Download Movavi Video Converter for IPhone

9:- Convertilla | Video Converter for Windows

avs video converter open source alternative
Image Credit : Convertilla Video converter


Looking for a light weight video converter for windows operating system. Go with convertilla video convert. Convertilla video converter all popular video format such as MP4, FLV, MKV, MPG, AVI, MOV, WMV, M4V, 3GP, MP3, WEBM, OPUS, AAC, FLAC, APE, . you can download free convertilla video converter from official website. Convert your video with HD 720p and full hd 1024p with any size of videos.

Download convertilla free now for your Windows operating system 32bit & 64bits


10:- HD Video Converter Factory

converter de video open source
image Credit : HD Video Converter Factory


I hope your tried many video to convert your movie or personal even video to make a smaller size, but not satisfied with quality of video after convert it. The solution for smaller size without losing video quality of video HD video converter factory. HD video Converter Factory is the best suitable answer for which is the best HD video converter for windows. Just convert your YouTube Facebook and any other social networks posted video with HD video converter and enjoy the best quality of videos.

Download your free copy of HD Video converter Factory now and enjoy the video without losing quality.


Download HD Video Converter Factory Now

11:- Online Converter | Online Video Converter

open source video converter linux
image Credit : Online Video Converter


Online converter always best when we don’t want to download and install any software in our computer. Using online converter also best option when we don’t have a higher configuration machine to install any heavy video converter in it. Online Converter one of the best multipurpose converter for video as well as many other things. Using a online converted also get rid of about supporting hardware as well as software configuration. Just need an internet connection upload video and convert it as desired your format.

Online converter is the answer of all question like, which is the best video converter for WindowsWhich is the best video converter for Mac? .Which is the best video converter for Android and I OS. Simply online converter don’t required any software installation so it can use from any platform.

Convert your video now with online converter.

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12 :- Koyote Free Video Converter 3.2

top open source video converter
image Credit : Koyote Free Video Converter


Ending the post with best free video converter for windows is koyote video converter. Koyote video converter support many popular format which is used in windows, Android, Mac , I phone and many various major brands.   Test first and experience the why koyote free video converter is best for your windows 7, window 8.1 and window 10 operating system. You may get many paid best video converter for your professional work but when you can get free with best video converter and quality then just try it and save your money as well as time.


Download Koyote Free Video Converter 3.2