How to install WordPress on Windows Localhost using Xampp.

wordpress and xampp installation

How to install WordPress on Windows Localhost using Xampp.

WordPress very popular and open source CMS solution for publishing your website. WordPress based on PHP and MySQL can be run locally with local host and globally both. If you are looking for create you wn website or blog but you are not software developer than you can go with wordpress. To publish a blog and website no software development skill required for WordPress. If you are an non-it  and do not have much knowledge about htmlHTML, CSS, and another development language than use WordPress for publish you blog.

To understand and learn WordPress you do not required any domain to start you blog locally. Use wordpress on windows pc with local host and learn and ready your blog before making it publicly live. WordPress website can be complete locally first and upload it to live server and host once you think its can be live now.

WordPress and Xampp installation on Windows PC/Laptop

As the post title is “How to install WordPress using XAMPP server” than its most important to know why XAMPP server required before installing wordpres. WordPress based on MySQL and PHP so to run php required apache and MySQL server installation first. Xampp is a free open source developer solution which includes apache, MySQL, Filezilla, Mercury and Tomcat. Before installation of WordPress see how to install xampp server successfully without any error on MySQL and Apache starting.

How to install XAMPP Server on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

With installation of Xampp server is required because wordpress support MySQL and Apache to run it on windows. With installation of Xampp server will automatically install MySQL and Apache server on install Xampp server first you need to download it from official xampp server which is 100% free and opensource.

Download Xampp Server v3.2.2 Now

XAMPP installation on Win 8.1 with UAC Warning

Once you have downloaded XAMPP server run the file and follow installation instruction.

Run the setup file you have downloaded.

Bitnami logo will show for 1-2 second and setup windows will start as given picture.

Click Next button to start installation of Xampp server.

How To Install XAMPP On Windows

As the Xampp server include the many components so in next step you will get all component selection windows to installation.

Xampp server required Apache and MySQL server so you can uncheck other components  from Server list. Once you done click Next button to go to next steps.

Could not start the MySQL service

In next window you will get option to choose and change the installation location.

You can keep the location as default chosen but if you want to change just select other location to installation of XAMPP server.

Click Next button to start installation process.

How to Create a Local WordPress Site Using XAMPP

XAMPP server will start installation of all selected component as per choose last steps.

Wait for installation finish.

http //localhost/wordpress/wp-admin

XAMPP Server starts first time.

After finishing XAMPP server installation first need to start Apache and MySQL server.

Open XAMPP control panel  and click start but button on Apache and MySQL server.

Click Apache Start button

Click MySQL Start button

Install WordPress In Localhost

Apache Starting Status and MySQL running status

If Apache and MySQL server start successfully than you will see the status with port number as shown below image.

Apache and MySQL enable status will highlight and will show Stop button where you press Start button on disable status.

deactivate uac with msconfig windows 10 xampp

Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!

If you are facing problem with apache running on your XAMPP server due to port already used by another application. You can also get theAttempting to start Apache app” error and Apache will not start if that port is already used by other application.

To solve Apache Running Error with Xampp follow the below steps.

Right click on Config button in front of Apache.

Click  Apache (httpd-ssl.conf).

Starting MySQL as a Windows Service

Change the port number on Apache config file as shown below.

Listen 4430

Change this port number to 4432 or another which is free on your computer.

Save the file and start Apache again.

apache - http://localhost:8080/ Access Error: 404

Apache will start once free port will configured on config file as shown above steps.

MySQL Start error “Attempting to start MySQL app.”

If you are trying to start MySQL server on windows system and every time getting “Attempting to start MySQL app.” But not starting MySQL server. See the solution for error “Attempting to start MySQL app.”

Open XAMPP Control Panel

Right Click Config button and click my.ini

 localhost/phpmyadmin is giving 404 error and http

My.ini file will open on notepad. Find the port setting and change the port number to a free port number.

Port  –  change this port number  and save the file.lishing a database connection wordpress localhost

Start MySQL again now it should start successfully  


WordPress 4.9.4 installation on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Once you have finish Apache and MySQL installation and start successfully than you can start WordPress installation for local host.

Download WordPress latest version from official WordPress website first.

Download WordPress Now

Wamp server local host not working

Create Database on PHPmyAdmin

After download wordpress you have to create a database on phpmyadmin to use wordpress file.

Open XAMPP and click admin button to open phpmyadmin control panel.

how to create database on phpmyadmin

I am sing 8089 port number for apache so my location is


if you are facing problem to open phpmyadmin folder page please try port number with localhost as show above url.

Create Data base folder.

Click Databases –

Create database – use the database name in this folder.

Press create button.

How to remove phpMyAdmin Access denied Error #1045

Move WordPress file to XAMPP folder

Once you have created database name now copy wordpress zip folder and pest it to xampp folder.



Extract zip folder now.

 Wordpress Local host installation Wizard.

Now open browser and type WordPress path to start installation.


You will get WordPress language page to choose according to your location.

wordpress installation error database connection

Choose language and click continue

Type Database folder name you have created on phpmyadmin

Username – type database username


Click submit button

 PhpMyAdmin not working on localhost

If you facing any error during wordpress installation on localhost in windows computer.You can comments to get solution for your problem. We will try to provide better solution asap.



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