Black Color not printing on Canon Pixma G1000 ink tank printer. (Solved)

Black Color not printing on Canon Pixma G1000 (Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Black Color not printing on Canon Pixma G1000 ink tank printer. (Solved)

Are you using canon G1000 or Canon G2000 ink tank printer in your home and office. I want to share my personal experience when first time I refill ink in my Canon G1000 printer than only color ink working. I tried only black and white printing but Black Color not printing on Canon Pixma G1000 printer.  If you are using Canon G1000, canon Pixma G2000 or canon Pixma 2002 multi-function ink tank print. To solve color print on canon pixma g1000 printer I have create this post to share my personal experience and solution with all. In this post you will see how to solve black ink not print on Canon G1000 and How to solve Color ink not printing on Canon G2000 print.

Don’t panic when your printer not print black ink, or only printing black ink print with your ink tank printer. In ink tank printer ink store in outside container and ink flow with ink pipe to cartridge head through nozzle. So after using 3-4 month you may face color print problem in your ink tank printer, but there is nothing wrong with your printer. After follow this post just solve your canon pixma color printing issue within 10 minute without visiting physical printer to service center.

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Steps to Solve Color Print Issue on Canon Pixma G Series Printer.

You can solve color issue in your all canon Pixma G series printer with in few minutes. I have created this post when my Canon G1000 printer only printing out color ink skip the black color printing. So I have just use the inbuilt maintenance steps given on canon software and my canon g1000 black ink printing issue solved.

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Step 1: – Go to control panel and open Device and printers.

why does my printer not print in color


Step 2: Right click on Canon G1000 or Your canon printer model number installed from list.

After right click Printer properties.


Step 3: now find the Maintenance tab from Canon G1000 series Printing Preferences. Follow the image below.

 canon pixma g2002 black not print

Step 4: In this steps we will perform cleaning, deep cleaning, nozzle check work.

To solve color print issue in canon printer we will do the cleaning steps as shown 1 to 5 number in below image.

canon pixma g3000 multi function printer only black ink printing

Now follow the all cleaning issue with step to step to solve printing issue in canon printer as given below.


Canon Pixma G1000 head and Nozzle Cleaning Process.

After go to maintenance you will get all the option related to printer head cleaning, nozzle check, system cleaning, roller cleaning,  bottom plate cleaning and print head alignment.

If your printer only printing color ink and skip black color print or only printing black ink now do the below steps one by one and test printing again.

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1: Cleaning the Print Heads

See the first button in maintenance menu “cleaning”.

Canon Pixma MG3670 Multi-function Wireless Printer only black in printing

Press this button and follow the pop-up notification you get. And wait until cleaning process finish.

2: Canon Pixma G series Deep Cleaning

After cleaning head now start the Deep cleaning head and wait to finish the process.

Canon Pixma All in one printer light printing




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3:  Canon Pixma Printer System Cleaning

Now 3rd steps is cleaning system to solve the color printing issue.

To start System cleaning press the system cleaning button as shown below.

PIXMA Printer Error Codes and Error Messages




After press system cleaning button select the

Ink group – All Colors BK, C, M, Y

Press the execute button

How to fix the most common problems in a Canon PIXMA

Please don’t start any other process during system cleaning or don’t use printer for printing until system cleaning process not finish.

To close this pop-up window press OK button and wait to finish process.

 epson printer color print issue

4: Canon G1000 Aligning the Print Head Position

Aligning print head after using 3-4 month continues printing required to maintenance purpose of proper working.

Press the “print head alignment” button

how to check ink status in canon pixam




5: Canon Pixma G series printing a Nozzle Check Pattern

In ink tank printer nozzle is the important task to flow the ink to print head so to solve color issue in printer nozzle checking must require.

Press the Nozzle check button to start process.

how to release paper jam in canon pixma prirnter




After finish the all the head aligning and cleaning function now try the print. Your all color problem should solve and missing color on printing print proper. Hope now solve the issue  canon printer not printing color correctly in your g series printer. This post support all the Canon G series printer which  accruing issue Black Color not printing on Canon Pixma G1000 or  print fade color.


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  1. My canon printer is not responding most of the time, it is more irritating one that makes my work so bulky and your blog really helps me to light my work and resolve myall the problem.

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  2. I need to clean black ink every time i use the printer. I use it once per week. I’m not satisfied with this printer because of this issue, unless it is ok.

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