Epson L405 Wi-Fi Printer with Ink Tank print from Smart Phones

How to Print From Android and I Phone to Epson L405 Wi-Fi Printer

Everyone knows technology growing fast and we are living life with fingertips only. When we can do all the things just with one finger and a smartphone then why print only from wired and old technology. Yes, Epson L405 Wi-Fi printer with ink tank gives you freedom of printing from every corner of the home and feel free from changing regular cartridges after few prints. After buying Wi-Fi printer first question is how to set up and print from Epson L405 Wi-Fi printer. The answer is here for Epson L405 print from smartphone quick user manual.

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Before start a guide about how to print from the mobile phone with Epson Wi-Fi print, I would like to discuss the basic advantages and use of a Wi-Fi printer with ink tank technology. The first difference is you never worry about dry your regular cartridge if you don’t use 2-3 months. Ink tank technology gives you freedom of taking print in limit because of cartridge end quickly.  As the Epson L405 is a Wi-Fi printer with an ink tank doesn’t mean it’s don’t have USB connection to connect with the desktop. With USB connection Wi-Fi advance connection type so you cannot bond on a single place to use the printer.


Epson L405 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer Setup First time

First time Epson L405 unboxing carefully so avoid any damage due to wrong unboxing. After taking out from the box follow the steps given to properly setup Epson l405 all in one printer.

1: Remove all the tape used for packing purposes before installation of Epson L405.

2: Fill the ink in the ink tank. Match the ink color with the tank bottle color. After filling ink do not forget to close bottle cap.

3: connect the printer to a USB cable and the power cable comes with Epson L405 box accessories.

4: use CD for software and driver installation of Epson printer to print from computer and laptop.

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Epson L405 Wi-Fi Printer Ink installation first time

When you start software installation you will get the step to step instruction. The first time you have to do also ink movement calibration with steps.

Press 10 Second red button on the control panel of the Epson L405 Wi-Fi printer.

These steps take up to 20 minutes to finish the process red light will off once the process finishes and you can start software installation. Before finish this process you may get a printer busy error on the Epson L405 Wi-Fi printer.

how to connect mobile to epson printer

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Epson L405 Wi-Fi Printer USB connection setup

Epson L405 printer gives you two types of connectivity options.

1: USB cable (wired) connection

2: Wireless Connection 


 1: USB Cable connection – Connect USB cable and power cable to the printer. Install software and driver CD comes with box.  After completion of setup, you will get successfully installed and Test print page

Get Epson L405 Wifi Printer Manual In PDF now

Epson L405 Wi-Fi Printer Wi-Fi connection from the smartphone.

As the post title is Epson L405 Wi-Fi printer print from android and I Phones so we will describe step to step process for it. To print from Wi-Fi Epson L405 support direct connect wireless and Wi-Fi direct methods.

Connect Epson L405 All in one printer with Wi-Fi direct methods.

How to enable Wi-Fi direct in Epson L405 ink tank printer

To enable Wi-Fi direct press the Wi-Fi button + LAN button together for 10 sec to broadcast SSID. See the image below to follow

After enabling Wi-Fi to direct you will get Wi-Fi name “Direct-0030430” like this. But before connecting Epson L405 printer download the I Print apps to printing from android and I Phones.

 epson l405 printer wifi setup

Download iPrint for Android

Download iPrint for I Phones


After installing iprint apps connect the “Direct-0303030” SSID and open iPrint apps to select the printer.

Epson L405 ink tank Wi-Fi printer default Wi-Fi password for connecting from mobile

To print the default password of your Epson printer follow the steps.

Print the network status sheet with press the LAN button for up to 10 seconds. See how to print the network status sheet on Epson ink tank Wi-Fi printer.

epson l405 printer manual

You will get a network status sheet with printer hardware and Wireless configuration details. See the sample network status sheet below to find your Wi-Fi direct password to connect from mobile.

epson iprint mobile app

SSID- DIRECT-27304198

Password-23253354 (this is the password for connecting EPSON L405 from a mobile) please this is an example sheet only print your printer network status sheet to get your Wi-Fi password to connect from Android and I phones.

Once you got you Epson L405 or any other model number Wi-Fi password as following the above steps now connect the mobile phone and open iprint apps to start a print from mobile phones.

How to Select Wi-Fi printer in iPrint Apps in Android and I Phone?

After successfully connected your Epson printer with your I phone and Android smartphone, not open iPrint and see the option to choose the printer.


See the settings gear (icon) click and you will get printer selection settings.

I'm having issues printing wirelessly

Click the select button you will get your “Direct-3828302” printer name-

Choose and click done button to start printing.

Epson L405 Wi-Fi ink Tank printer Print from Android and iPhone device

Now go to the main page of apps and choose the document type you want to print.

Select the document or picture and click the print button.

If you want to change the size you will get size option to change.

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