Protect Network and Wireless Devices from Lighting and Thundering

Protect Network and Wireless Devices from Lighting and Thundering (Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

Do you lose many device and appliance every year due to thundering and unsecured earthing wiring? just use the best method to Protect Network and Wireless Devices from Lighting and Thundering and keep your network and house equipment always running in any season.

How to Protect Network and Wireless Devices from Lighting and Thundering

Thundering and lighting is an international problem of electronic devices. Rainy season is the biggest enemy time for electronic and network device burn due to thundering and lightning. I have created this post especially for internet service providers (ISP) who lose many wireless and indoor network device due to lighting and thundering.  It Is not possible to stop thundering and lighting on the device but we have many solutions to prevent from thundering and lighting issue.

Mostly corporate level telecom industry do the protection from lighting and thundering during installation but small and SME size ISP ignore it. Small size ISP thought to invest in earthing and lightning protection doesn’t have any required and it doesn’t give income. But it is true using proper earthing and lighting protection save your business during the thundering and rainy season and prevent losing your customer due to your network devices burnt.

Impact of lighting and thundering not only limit to the official product it also affects home alliance such as TV, Fridge, AC, and other electronic Products. So for home electronic appliance also required to proper earthling to prevent lightning damages. Always use whole house surge protector and earthling provision during construction of the house.

Requirement Type of earthing and lightning protection for Electronic appliances.

There are many electronic product and appliance used in home and office. So how to protect different product with thundering effect damage and burning issue.

1: Indoor Network devices

2: Outdoor Network Devices

3: Home Appliance Surge Protection


1: Indoor Network devices Effect of Lightening and thundering

An indoor network device includes the Switch, Router, Server, PC, Printer, Xerox machine, and any other equipment used inside the house. If you are the network admin or an internet service providers than you must beware about product burning losses during rainy season due to heavy lighting. Most of the people thought why we invest in earth wire because it doesn’t give us any return income. So during heavy lighting, we lose the complete network device due to passing light from outside and flow on the wire to the device.  There are many ways to save your network equipment from lighting and thundering and safe you in all-weather without worry about any type of lighting.

How to use Network device Earthing and lightning protection

There are many ways to protect network devices from lighting. I have created some point which can help you to protect your entire indoor network device during lighting and thundering issue.

1:  Use the EHT and Lighting Protected Device only:

Always use the Network device having inbuilt EHT protection circuit. If you are already having many network devices which don’t have any EHT (Extra high tension) than you can use Ethernet Surge Protector (ETH-SP)  before direct connect to device wire coming from outside. Whenever any thundering and lighting comes in the device it will go through EHT protection and will not damage and burn the hardware.

 lightning and thunder + protection

2: Always use Earthing in office electric line.

3: use the separate earthing for your Server room network devices and Servers. Never mix the home Earthing and Network earthing in same wire.

4: use power system protection from lightning with battery backup surge protector to ensure your power backup system not effect with any surge.

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2: Lightning surge effect on Outdoor Wireless device.

Most damage and burnt product due to thundering and lighting drop on your mounting tower. If you are a small and medium-size Internet provider and face every year lighting issue than this post can help you to out from the thundering issue.

But you can prevent thundering and lighting issue on your device with basic steps and can protect your all outdoor devices. I have given some basic requirement.

Protect Outdoor Wireless and Wired Equipment from Surge.

There are many surge protection device available which save your equipment during the rainy season and heavy lighting and thundering.


1: Always use the Earthing for Tower top to ensure lighting not go through the tower to your equipment.

best lightning arrester for outdoor device

2: Always use the best surge protector for device to protect and overvoltage protection circuit to ensure any out lighting not damage your outdoor devices.

lightning protection for buildings

3: Do not mount device very close to each other. Give at least 1-2 meter distance before mounting the second device. Installing a close device may pass the lightning and can damage your device during lightening.

inline surge protector


3: Home Appliance Surge Protection

In every house, there are many important and regular electronics appliance used which is 24/7 connect to electric. So it is big damage in case surge comes to home appliances. To protect home devices first step always do the whole house earth and lighting protection wiring. As the in-home everywhere electric equipment connected so use the overvoltage protection also to ensure regular connected device cannot damage due to surge pass through it. Try to use multiple earthing to protect over voltage protection devices on entire house and it goes through the ground with earthing.

1: Use earthling for all electrical line in the house.

residential lightning protection system

2: unplug the electronic device during thundering and lighting.


End of the day network and work always should be run to provide positive service and avoid losing clients day by day. so don’t depend on the season just use the best security devices and prevent it to effect any season. so electronic device always effected in lighting and thundering make sure you have Protect Network and Wireless Devices from Lighting and Thundering and save your lots of money which lose due to bad weather.

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