best wifi router in india under 1000 Rs only

Planning to buy a new wifi router in India under 1000 Rs budget. you are land in the right place where you can get the best Wi-Fi router under 1000 Rs for all internet provider supports.

Best WiFi Router in India Under Rs 1000 for Home and Office

Wi-Fi routers or wireless routers both are the same because wireless networks called Wi-Fi when turned without wire connectivity to use the internet from mobile and PC. Initially, when Wi-Fi technology was discovered by IEEE it was very expensive and not reachable by every person. But with growing technology, it’s become faster and more cost-effective with reachable to every standard person. Best WiFi routers under 1000 can be many brand routers so get the complete list. find the different brands of long-range best routers under 1000. You can also get best dual band wifi router under 2000 to get speed up to 100mbps internet plan. In 2020 some of the brands reduced the price of the router to under 500 those are supported from 150Mbps to 300Mbps.

For a larger size house need a high TX power WiFi router that can cover the whole home area WiFi.You require the best Wi-Fi router for long-range for a large home to enjoy Video streaming and surfing in every place. this list will help you to choose the best wifi router for long-range in India for your home and office.

If you have an internet connection with high speed at your home and office then you should know the best Wi-Fi router for home and office with the price. This post specially gathered information about the best Wi-Fi router below 1000 rupees so you can compare and get the right Wi-Fi router with less money.

Choosing the best router depends on the Wi-Fi chipset of the router because router performance and stability depend on hardware. so always choose best hardware to ensure performance and stable connectivity for your Wi-Fi internet experience at home and office.

Below 1000 Rupees best Wi-Fi router 150Mbps and 300Mbps Speed

The sorting of the best router always depends on the best hardware and the best chipset router will be always the best performance and reliable Wi-Fi network. So get the top ten best Wi-Fi router under $15. Enjoy the list of top routers trending in the market under Rs. 1000.

1: TP-Link TL-WR740N 

TP-Link one of the trusted and best-buy wifi routers for home as well as office. TP-Link Wr740N is an 11n router with 1R1T MIMO technology supports up to 150mbps wireless speed. TP-link provides the best routers in India for home and office Its Atheros-based Wi-Fi chipset and proven stable and reliable connectivity for your home and office internet make Wi-Fi zone. This router can be configurable with the multi-wireless mode such as Wi-Fi repeater Wireless Bridge, Access Point, WISP mode. The reason for putting TP-Link in the first number is an easy configuration GUI web interface which is configured by any person with the step-by-step setup wizard. TL-WR740N market price is approximately 700-800 rupees.TL-WR740N wifi support a firewall feature to block website and apps to prevent kids from visiting unusual sites. You can upgrade OpenWRT firmware in the TP-link router to increase performance and features. TP-Link WR740 one of the popular and best routers in India chosen by internet service providers.

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Download the TL-WR740N Manual and Datasheet

2:  D-Link DIR600M-  

D-Link is yet another best Wi-Fi router names in Networking for homes and offices. One of the most popular router models for the home segment is dir600m by D-link networks. Dir600 has two versions with 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps Wi-Fi speeds. 150mbps comes with a single Omnidirectional antenna and costs approximately 750-850 rupees and 300mbps with two Omnidirectional antennas which is called 2T2R Mimo technology price approx 1100-1200 Rupees. DLink Dir615m configuration and configuration bit simple using the wizard for the non-technical person to make it configure easily by everyone. Including D-lin dir600m in the top 10 Wi-Fi routers is the popularity of this model and works perfectly with any ISP.


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3: Binatone WR1505N3 -Best WiFi Router Under 1000

Binatone Wr1505n3 is a 150mbps single Omni direction antenna with Atheros chipset at price of approximately 600-700 Rupees. WR1505 web GUI (Graphical user interface) interface same as tp-link router so it is also the same as the TP-Link TL-WR740N router easily configured by everyone. Binatone Wr3005 also a low-cost home Wi-Fi router with 300 Mbps in just 700-800 rupees with multi-mode AP, client router, WDS bridge, and Repeater mode.

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4:  Netgear JNR1010 150Mbps Wi-Fi Router –

After D-Link Dir600 M  Netgear JNR1010 is also the most popular Wi-Fi router for home purposes. Netgear JNR1010’s market price is approximately Rs 850-950 INR so its best router with the best range and fit with your budget. It is supported by IEEE 802.11b/g/n with 150Mbps wireless speed and 1 Omni direction antenna give your full network coverage to your home every corner. This Wi-Fi router also usable for office use where you can use multiple Wi-Fi Network names and guest SSID also to manage guest access with secure your networks. Physical 4Lan and 1 Wan ports available on  JNR1010 routers to connect your wired desktop with internet and Wi-Fi connection will always keep your mobile, tablet, and laptop active internet connection.

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5: I-Ball IB-WRB150N 150 Mbps Wi-Fi Router : 

IB-WRB150N is a 150M Wireless-N Broadband Router a product by I-Ball. It comes with a 4Physical Lan port and 1 Wan port with a 5dBi Omnidirectional antenna. Currently, the IB-WBR150N Wi-Fi router cost is approximately 750-850 INR. Its supports multi-SSID and multi-wireless modes such as Repeater, Access Point, Client Router, and WDS Bridge. One of the best routers for 5-10 Wi-Fi user carry proper connectivity and internet speed. If you are using the local internet connection from your local ISP then you can use this router for your internet connection because of its support PPPoE, Static, DHCP mode for wan. You can also go with Iball N300 Wifi router for internet plan of 50+Mbps  and a dual antenna to increase the wifi speed

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6:  Tenda TE-N3 Wireless-N150 Router

Tenda TE-N3 Wi-Fi router is 1T1R Mimo technology router with 150Mbps Wireless speed supported. It has total of 2 Port 1 Lan and 1Wan port. It’s a cost-effective Wi-Fi router for small areas and shops to get Wi-Fi with 5dBi Omni directional antenna. Tenda TE-N3 router price is approximately 400-500 INR and best fit for fewer users. supported AP, Repeater, WISP Wireless mode.

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 7: ASUS RT-N10E 150Mbps Wireless Routers

Asus one of the best-known brand by everyone because of various product category production.This router support 802.11b/g/n/i/e, 802.3u, IPv4. About hardware, it’s a 4Lan+WAN port for internet connectivity. Alongside its having 1 power push button and 1 WPS, 1 Rest button to make router manage always. Its have a single 5dBi Omnidirectional antenna so it provides you stable 150 Mbps wireless speed over Wi-Fi networks. With Lan port, you can get a maximum of 100Mbps speed because of the port limitation of Fast Ethernet. Overall per performance is excellent and the price is approximately 900-1000 INR.

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8: Netis WF2411, 150Mbps Wireless-N AP Router

Netis WF2411 Wi-Fi 11n router market price is approximately 700-800 INR and it varies on different online e-commerce sites. Its fully supports multi-mode like Access Point, WISP, Repeater, and WDS bridge mode. The router comes with a single 5dBi Omni directional antenna and a 4LAN+1WAN port. Netis router is also configurable with an easy network setup wizard for the non-technical person. Wi-Fi routers support up to 150 Mbps Wireless speed and 100Mbps LAN ports give you connectivity for the wired devices such as desktops, Network printers, and any other network device. Netis WF2411 router supports DHCP, Static, and PPPoE network mode for WAN configuration and get WPS and reset button to manage it.

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9: TP-Link TL-R820N

WL-WR820 latest hot selling best wifi router India in 2019 for internet speed up to 100mbps. it is the best router with 2LAN port and 1 WAN port supported all leading internet operators such as Excitel, ACT fiber net, Airtel, Hathway and many more. WR820N support 300Mbps WiFi speed and best for a small size home to cover 1-2 room. TP-Link WR820N wifi routers below 500 can grab during festive season sale on online e-commerce sites such as Flipkart, Amazon. If you are looking best router under 1000 for a 5-10 employ size office with guest wifi feature than WR820N is the best option for that. Just enable guest wifi network on TP-link WR820N router and keep protect WiFi from un-authorize access.

10: Tenda F3 300Mbps WiFi Router

Tenda yet another low-cost best router for home and office leading today. Tenda F3 best wireless router under 1000 Rupees for up to 50Mbps internet plan. It supports 3LAN and 1 WAN port and wireless router as well as can set up range extender mode. 3*5dBi external Omni antenna provides the best Wi-Fi range in-home and stability. Physical it supports 1 Reset button 1 WPS button to connect WiFi without password and a power button to turn off while not in use.

11. TP-Link TL-WR720N

TL-WR720 is the latest and most popular wifi router of 2020 in India and the first choice of Internet service providers. It has a 150Mbps wifi speed and 1WAN and 2 LAN port for a small home wifi internet. This wi-fi router is best for a small office cabin and 1bhk size home as well. One of the best WiFi routers under Rs 600 in India while an internet plan is under 50Mbps.

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