How to Delete Facebook Messages all at Once simple Method

how to delete facebook messages all at once

Do you wast your time to delete facebook chat history one by one instead of selecting all inbox messages on facebook and delete facebook conversation completely in the single click? get the free tools to know how to delete facebook messages all at once inbox and archived messages also.

How to Delete Facebook Messages all at Once

The Facebook leader of social network site today. Its most addicted social gathering and communication website. As Facebook popularity worldwide so, many developers work on Facebook to get some tricky tools to make it easy to use. Day by day Facebook adding lots of new features so it’s hard to get familiar with every feature and settings available on Facebook. So many people also post some user manual for different easy tricks like how to invite all Facebook friends once and many more things to help the Facebook user to understand it easily. enjoy the easy manual for Delete All Facebook Messages.

If you are also an addicted user of the Facebook social network and spend your more then 10 hours in Facebook to chat and share your things with your friends and family. but I am sure you feel irritated when you get too many anonymous messages from unknown users and you want to delete all once but you try to find select multiple messages for delete all in Facebook button. But now your exercise will end with this post because in this post you will get an easy guide for how to delete all Facebook messages once and how you can delete selected Facebook message with simple steps.

 There is any other way to make your facebook very handy and user-friendly with some excellent extensions and tools .you can also see how to see who unfriended you on Facebook, how to accept all Facebook friends request once. How to change your default imo and color in messages. Get to complete user friends guide facebook fast delete messages without selecting one by one.

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How to Delete All Facebook messages once in Mobile.

For deleting multiple messages once by selecting one by one or delete all messages once both methods will work on this method. This all possible because of Google Chrome extension developed by many anonymous developers. You can get this type of extension free from the Google Chrome store and can use without any charges.


  1. Add Facebook Messages Delete All Extension in Google Chrome

For adding the extension in your Google chrome browser visit Google Chrome Store and search for Messages Cleaner Extensions in the search box.


Click here to Download Message Cleaner Extension Directly Now.

how to delete all facebook messages on mobile

  1. Type Message cleaner and hit enter.
  2. Click Add to Chrome button to start to install an extension to your browser.


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Google Chrome will as Add Extension pop-up windows click Add Extensions button to allow installation.

delete all facebook messages at once firefox

Message Cleaner Installation complete Confirmation pop-up in right side browser.

delete all facebook messages at once script


You will see the blue brush icon in Google Chrome right side end of the URL browser.


Facebook Messages Conversation Delete All once.

With help of this tool, you can delete all conversation in one click. When you will click right side blue brush icon you will get an option for Delete All messages and Choose & Delete. For deleting all messages once click first option Delete All messages.

 delete facebook messages on all devices

After click Delete All messages you will see your conversation will start deleting and your inbox will show blank.

 how to delete all facebook messages in messenger


Facebook Messages Delete Multiple Selected in the Single click.

Sometimes we don’t want to delete all messages but we get many useless and spam messages and its hard to delete one by one all messages, so here you can use the Second method for delete selected messages from inbox.

how to delete all facebook messages at once on iphone

When you will click second option Choose & Delete from extension your Facebook conversation list will add a Checkbox in starting of conversation. Just select messages one by one multiple you want to delete from the list and clear your Facebook inbox from spam and anonymous conversation.


Select Messages and click Delete Selected Messages button from the top.

facebook delete multiple archived messages


Although it’s a free Extension for deleting multiple Facebook messages in one click but keep in mind this tools only work in Google Chrome. It will not add and work in any other web browser like internet explorer, Firefox Mozilla, and all other third-party browsers.  this post describing extension facebook fast delete messages extension but you can use another extension for same.


There are many ways to protect the Facebook message from unknown connection but if we still get unusual messages than we have also the way to permanently delete your messages and conversations quickly without wasting too much time. In the latest version of Google Chrome FB message delete extension inbuilt so no extension required to select all message at once in the inbox, archived and sent messages.

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