Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Windows  you should know

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Windows  you should know

Keyboard very important computer device. In other words, we can say without a keyboard not possible to operate any computer or mobile. the keyboard is the primary input device to operate your computer. Many people don’t know the power of the keyboard with each key. It’s true keyboard every keys has also a combination shortcut command to make work faster than manual. In this post we try to explorer popular keyboard shortcut keys to make your work faster than normal style. you can also download the keyboard all shortcut keys list in PDF and directly print to keep save with you always.

Most of the shortcut key combination with Alt, Shift, and Ctrl keys. So know the power of your keyboard keys in windows. The keyboard shortcut symbol is the same for all windows like windows XP, Windows 7 Windows 8, and Windows 10. Only in every windows, you may get additional shortcut keyboard keys to make a faster experience than routine use. You searching for a keyboard shortcut for windows or a keyboard shortcut for MAC then alongside a desktop keyboard, I will also explore Function (Fn) keys in Laptop keyboards.

Keyboard Shortcut Key for Windows and MAC OS.

keyboard all shortcut keys list

You can keep in mind the shortcut key of the keyboard by using it any time. Shortcut keys make quicker work on any software. Every software has shortcut keys to make faster work on it. So enjoy the power of your normal keyboard hidden part of shortcut keys.

Keyboard All Shortcut Keys List

  1. Windows Key  =   to start Menu
  2. Windows Key +L = Lock the Windows
  3. Ctrl + C = Copy ( to use Copy any text and Picture )
  4. Ctrl + V = Past (to Past copied item)
  5. Ctrl+P= to print command (Open print windows to start print any document and picture)
  6. Alt+F = open file menu in op en program
  7. Alt+E = Edit option in open program
  8. Alt+Tab = to switch open programs
  9. F1 = Help menu
  10. F2 = Rename any selected file and folder
  11. F5 = Refresh programs in windows.
  12. Ctrl+N = create new page in program
  13. Ctrl+O =Open file in program
  14. Ctrl+A = Select all
  15. Ctrl+B = to make text bold
  16. Ctrl+I = to make text style italics
  17. Ctrl+U = make text underline
  18. Ctrl+F = open find windows to search any file or world
  19. Ctrl+S = to save file
  20. Ctrl+X = cut selected item
  21. Shift+Del = permanent delete any file and folder (Shift + Delete command will not delete your file or folder into recyclin in)
  22. Home = to go to the start of the program
  23. End = to jump last of page or program
  24. PgDn= to down page or program
  25. PgUp= to up page and program
  26. Alt+F4= to close open program
  27. Ctrl+Shift+Esc= open Task manager
  28. Windows key+D = show Desktop
  29. Alt+Ctr+Arrow = rotate desktop
  30. Windows Key+R = open Run command
  31. Windows Key+ E= Open File Explorer

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Microsoft Keyboard Fn (function) Key shortcut

Fn (function key mostly available in laptop keyboard which make addition operation with function Laptop keyboard also multimedia key available which work with function keys. Multimedia keys give you a shortcut and fast way to change, play, forward, and pause your movie and music. See the Fn key shortcut keys to understand how you can control everything faster than routine style.

In some laptop keyboards these keys work without Fn. To check its work with Fn key or without seeing the color of Fn key and same shortcut keys you want to use. If the Function key and shortcut keys color the same then they work with combinations. This is the also solution for how to check Fn key combination keys on laptop keyboard.

Fn+ Flight = aero plane mode

Fn+ Speaker – = volume reduce

FN=+Speaker+ = Volume increase

Fn+ WiFi signal = Off Wi-Fi

Fn+ Monitor = to transfer the Display in VGA port when monitor connected

Fn+ Sun icon – = to reduce screen rightness

Fn+ Sun + = to increase screen brightness

See Full Microsoft Keyboard shortcut keys list here

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