Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera Setup and Monitoring

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor Setup first time from Mobile

Motorola MBP33 Is wireless camera for monitoring you baby in home and from outside home. Baby monitor gives you always protected and safe your baby even you are busy with your work. You can use a Motorola baby monitor locally without an internet connection but monitoring from any other location requires internet connection.Motorola Baby Monitor Camera Setup can be done with Android and i phone easily.

Motorola MBP854CONNECT video monitor camera is a wireless camera for monitoring a baby in the home from anywhere. This Baby monitor Video camera is completely wireless camera to avoid any wire. This is an excellent product for mother who stays alone at home and they need to take care of baby as well as house daily works. With this video baby monitor, mothers can see their baby’s activities from each and every corner of the house with smartphones. Motorola Video baby monitor camera supported Android, I phone and Windows phones. You can monitor your baby local and globally with help of baby monitor device. You just required a Wi-Fi router for local monitoring but you need an internet connection if you want to monitor out from home. This post will help you to setup a Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby monitor with simple and interactive methods. This post will guide you Complete Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera Setup.


Requirement for Setup Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby monitor camera.

  1. Wi-Fi router
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Smart phone


Motorola MBP85CONNECT  Setup first time

Step-1: Account Create in Monitor Everywhere

To monitor your baby from always you have to create a account in monitor everywhere so you can access the camera from home and any other location

Create a Monitor Everywhere Account now


Motorola MBP36XL

Step 2: Motorola Baby Monitor Camera Setup In Android and I iPhones.

Go to Google Play store in android and Apps Store in I Phone Download Monitor Everywhere Apps and proceed to next step of Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera Setup.


Connected Baby Monitors Apps

Install Monitor Everywhere in IPhones to 

If you are using I Phone please go to app store and install the monitor everywhere application to complete the installation process.

Download  Monitor Everywhere for iPhone from here now

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Step 3: Switch on the Motorola Video baby monitor and Login with Monitor Everywhere Apps.

Connected your Baby Monitor with Power Adaptor and login Monitor Everywhere Apps in your Android phone and login the apps with the username and password you created in .


Audio Baby Monitors setup


Step 4: Configuration of Motorola Blink1 Video Baby Monitors Camera

Click (+)  icon on top left si

de and click next on next windows.

Motorola WiFi Video Baby Monitor Camera installation

Step 5: Scan and Detect Camera from Monitor Everywhere Apps

After click on next steps app will take a few seconds to find a nearby baby monitor camera, if you Motorola baby monitor Video camera properly on then with in 30 seconds application will detect the camera and select the camera.


Motorola Wi-Fi video Camera for baby monitor

Step 6: Connect the Camera to Wi-Fi Network

Once you will get the Wi-Fi network name list just find your Wi-Fi name and select it. Put the password of your Wi-Fi name to authorize to connect your network to the baby monitor camera.


motorola Blink1-S baby monitor configuration without internet


The device will take a few seconds to connect Wi-Fi network. If everything is configured properly then in the next window you get the camera rename option.

Motorola WiFi Enabled Video Camera Monitor - BLINK1 setup

 Motorola Baby Monitor Camera Setup Finish

Step7: View Motorola Baby Monitor camera.

After Successfully setup the device you will get camera details with a green View Button Click and View camera.

How to Pan tilt Zoom Motorola Baby monitor camera.

Once you get video from the baby monitor camera you can operate the camera with pan tilt and zoom. See the four arrow icon use move left and right arrow for moving left and right. Use up and down arrows for pan and tilt camera.

You can also see the temperature in the video window as shown in the below picture.


Motorola Baby monitor camera reset to default

How To Factory Reset Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera

Factory reset of Motorola is required in case you forgot the setting of Motorola and change wi-fi router in home. Factory reset is simple and easy with the given steps of Motorola any baby monitor camera.

reset Motorola baby monitor camera with button

  1. Switch the ON/OFF switch to ON.
  2. Press and hold the RESET button on the underside of the camera for 5 seconds,until you hear a beep sound.
  3. Release the RESET button and wait for the camera to complete the internal reset procedure.
  4. after about 60 seconds you will hear tow short beeps and the green LED start blinking.

This is the basic Motorola Baby Monitor Camera Setup first time. If you face any error or trouble during the installation baby monitor please comment.

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