13 Reasons You Need an Excellent Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

13 Reasons You Need an Excellent Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020

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With a rapid growth seen in the world of digital marketing, the traditional marketing strategies have not seen any significant growth. Hence, business owners need to keep up with the trend to grow their business.

Digital Marketing is a need of the hour and, if you own a business, these 15 digital marketing strategies will give a boost to your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

When promoting a product or brand with the help of an electronic media, we call it Digital Marketing. It includes social media, search engines, emails, subscriptions, and advertisements. The basic concept of digital marketing is-

Create Content Strategy—> Publish Content — >Amplify Content— >A/B Test —> Repeat

The image below shows the Evolution of Digital Marketing over the years.

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Why Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • Gives you the Right Direction

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Many of the companies are clueless about their marketing strategies. They do not have a clear idea as to what should they campaign for online. And, if you don’t have goals, your start is never smooth.

A few of the business owners know that they need more customers, traffic, and increased sales but, what they miss is the strategy to reach their goals. Without pre-planned targets and forecasts, it is impossible to win customers over a digital platform.

Start your business by Learning, Planning, Doing, and Growing. A well-written strategy will allow you to discover your needs, customer’s needs, and give you better clarity so that you do not miss out crucial points.

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With increasing internet users every day, digital marketing gives you better exposure to attract consumers. A study shows that 82% of the consumers use websites and check reviews when making a purchase or booking a restaurant. Around 25% of consumers use social media and blogs to find new solutions, products, and brands.

From all these stats it is quite evident that if you do not use the right digital marketing strategy, you may lose potential consumers forever. It requires patience and planning to build trust with your customers over a digital platform. Once it is done, half of your goal is accomplished.

Digital campaigns are easy to track and, you can have regular insights into your business sales which is not possible otherwise. With all the online campaigns working you need to keep track of the digital marketing metrics. The metrics give you accurate data related to your sales, reach, conversions, and much more.

When you use social media platforms to engage with consumers, you might have noticed that Instagram, YouTube and Facebook show you the insights into your campaigns. It tells you the reach of your posts, engagements it made, and the number of people targeted. These insights let you know how effective your strategy is.


  • Your Brand Becomes Interactive

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The key to understand the demands of your customers is to engage with them. You need to be conversational with them. Polls, contests, and Questionnaires come handy while interacting.

People like info graphics and attractive images but, videos are the best to lure them. Cisco predicts that by 2019, around 80% of the Internet’s traffic will be video.

Client stories are also a way to grab their attention because consumers feel more connected to you when you feature anyone among them. Following a definite pattern for your images, videos, and blogs give your brand uniqueness. People tend to remember unique things rather than the traditional ones.

With digital marketing strategies, you can increase your engagements. Content, Blogs, Images, and Videos attract people and expand your reach as a business.

Digital marketing strategy gives you new ways to target your audience and build long-term customers. Through blog content, social media and search engines you can reach out those customers whom you missed earlier.

  • Influencer Engagement

Many of the influential figures are on the internet and promote themselves online. Digital marketing strategy allows you to engage with these personalities and gain their attention. If you plan right, they can feature you on their public platforms so that you can gain followers for your business. These influential people can help in spreading your brand awareness.

  • Time and Money Wastage through Duplication

It is unusually the case in larger companies where you see different parts of the marketing organisation purchasing different tools or using different digital agencies for performing similar online marketing tasks. This kind of behaviour presents you as ‘disintegrated’ and unclear.

  • Value for Money

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The traditional ways of marketing like banners, phone calls, visiting cards, and all other forms of print media are way expensive. But, when it comes to digital marketing, you don’t need a very high budget. Initially, it might cost you a few bucks, but it narrows down as you grow effectively.

An unclear strategy leads to wastage of money whereas a clear one will prevent a situation where insufficient resources are dedicated to planning and executing e-marketing.

  • Prevents Start-ups and existing rivals from gaining your market shares

If you do not use digital marketing platforms effectively, you are giving your opponents an opportunity to enter into your market share. The effect is that you will be losing continuously while your competitors will gain profits. A clear strategy eliminates such rivals.

  • You are not optimizing

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Companies with websites have web analytics but, many of the business owners fail to utilise them. Digital marketing strategy enables you to get the fundamentals precise so that you can continuously improve aspects such as site-user experience, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing.

  • You Can Choose Your Audience

The digital marketing strategy helps you to understand your customers much better. You can know their demands based on their behaviour and habits. Eventually, it helps you to target a specific audience. When it comes to purchasing something, every customer has different choices of their own. Once you understand their needs, you would be able to fulfil them more effectively.

  • Informs You About Your Online Market Share

With the right digital marketing strategy, you get to know your authority in the marketplace and your value in the market. If you are not marketing digitally, you are probably missing out customers. Being digital gives you a broader idea of customer’s needs, perception, and behaviour.

  • Gives You Diverse Channels

Digital Marketing involves multiple channels and, it gives you the privilege to market on all of them. When the channels are united, your strategy proves to be more effective. For example, you can use Facebook as well as Twitter to market yourself.

In conclusion, a digital marketing strategy is must because it is cheaper, versatile, and streamlined. The digital platforms are unbiased as they give you and the consumers an equal opportunity to grow. You can also look forward to a reputed digital marketing agency that follows the right strategy to help you grow your business.

We assume that by now you are convinced to take it slow and pre-planned so that your goals are achieved.


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