TP-Link WR820N 3Port WiFi Router setup and Configuration

TP-Link WR820N 3Port WiFi Router Configuration First time

In several posts, we publish different model number configuration manual of TPLink network products. TPlink is a trusted brand for the SOHO network product range. We always effort to provide you with newly launched user manual from all popular brands names to help our readers. This post contains the configuration manual for TPLink TL-WR820N and Wr840N wifi router configuration first time for PPPoE and static IP.TL-WR820N is a small home router with 2 LAN port and 1WAN for small size homes. It is the best wifi router for 1 BHK size with 500-600 Sq-Ft homes. In every user guide, we strongly recommended changing the WiFi name, Password and Login password before using for home and office. TP-Link TL-WR820N Wireless router having two mimo Omni antenna for gives signal strength in every corner of the home.

TP-Link WR820N 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router Connection Diagram

To configuration, TPLink Wr820 requires a physical connection to access the web interface from Laptop. Connect WAN port to internet cable coming from ISP. Connect the cat6 cable from LAN port to Laptop /Desktop LAN port. Power on the device with a power adapter coming with a Wi-Fi router.

  • Connect Internet Cable to WAN port.
  • Connect LAN port to Laptop LAN Port.
  • Power ON the Wifi Router.

tp-link wr840n wifi router configuration step by step

TP-Link WR820N Default Settings

To access a WiFi router from Laptop you need factory settings that come with Wireless routers. You can get the default settings of your wi-fi router backside sticker.

TP-Link Default IP – and username /password: admin/admin

Configure Laptop IP Address: Make your Laptop or Desktop IP Address to DHCP or use the in static IP. 

See here how to configure LAN IP Address

 Login TPLink WR820N Wireless Router

Open internet explorer and type hit the enter key

 tp link wifi router connected but no internet


Press the Skip button to enter in advance settings.

You can also configure using the setup Wizard showing in the picture. This is for beginners.

 tp link wr820n 2 port wifi router configuration pppoe

TP-Link TL-WR820N 300Mbps WiFi Router WAN Settings

To configure WAN settings your required WAN IP or PPPoE user name details as per your internet type.


Go to “Advanced” option from the top menu.

WAN Settings

1: Connection Type: PPPoE / Static IP/ Dynamic IP (choose your internet type as provided by your Internet service providers)

Username: type the PPPoE username in the box (Contact ISP for details)

Password: type password given by ISP.

2: Save (press the button after fill settings)

 tp link wifi router forgot password

 Note: Please ask your internet service provider if you do not have WAN internet settings details.


TP-Link TLWR820N Default WiFI Name and Password Change

 Every Wireless router comes with a default WiFi name and unsecured wireless settings. Always change the wireless SSID and password before connect a new wifi router on the internet to avoid unauthorized access.

Go to Advanced option from Top menu and click Wireless option from the left side vertical menu.

Choose the Host Network.

 Host Network: Drag the button to enable the WiFi network as shown in the below image.

1: SSID-  Type Name for WiFi network.

2: Security- WPA/WPA2 –Personal (this security type recommended always)

Version- WPA2-PSK

Encryption- Auto

3- Password– type the WiFi password in this box ( this key will use to connect mobile and laptop to use wifi internet with this wireless router)

4: Channel– use 1,6,11 ( you can make Auto if only one wifi router using)

5: Mode– use 11bgn mixed.

tp link wifi router default wps pin

Press the Save button after all settings done.

Enable Guest WiFi in WR820N Wifi Router

 Enabling guest SSID is the best way to protect your host wifi network while sharing the main wifi password.WR820N having the guest network option to secure your wireless network and restrict guests to access your mobile and computer connected to the same wifi router.

Go To Advance – Wireless

Guest Network

1: SSID– type the WiFi name for guests in this box.

2: Password– type password for the guest network.

3: Access my local network- No (make this no to secure your main network)

4: Upstream– set the upload speed for guest wifi.

5- Downstream – set download speed for the guest network.

6-Set Guest Access Time- Yes (you can set time limit to an hour based and also schedule.

Close Guest network after – 1 hour (this is the time limit for guest wifi internet access.

tp-link wr841n / wr841nd 300mbps wifi router


Press the “Save” button after all settings.

LAN settings on TP-Link WR820N Wireless Router

Using more than one Wi-Fi router in the same network required to change the default ip address to avoid network conflict.

Go to Advanced- Network – LAN settings

 LAN IP Settings- Manual / Automatic.

IP Address-change the new IP address in this box.

Subnet Mask– type the subnet mask here

tp-link w8968 all in one 300mbps adsl2 + wifi router


Change TP-Link TL-WR820N Default Login Password

 Always change the default login password of any brand new Wireless router. Default login settings can easily get from the official website so keep protected with update all the settings.

Go to Advanced- System Tools – Change Login Password

Change Login Password

Old Password- type default password or old password if you update already

New Password- type a new password here

Confirm New Password- type new password again to confirm.

tp-link tl-wr841n 300mbps wifi router

Press the Save button and login again with the new password.

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