How to Configure DMZ in OpenWrt

DMZ configuration in openwrt

DMZ configuration in OpenWrt Wi-Fi Routers DMZ feature mostly required to access private IP addresses from the public network using the DMZ option. You can access your NVR and DVR from any location using the internet for live view. What is DMZ Before using DMZ or port forwarding configuration you should know “what is DMZ … Read more

OpenWrt(LUCI) Repeater (Client+AP) Configuration

OpenWrt Repeater Mode Configuration

OpenWrt Repeater Mode Configuration The first Question is why OpenWrt Repeater Mode Configuration required and why use repeater mode? the simple answer is to repeat Your existing WiFi signal to the dark area to get the strong signal in every corner. There are many ways to configure OpenWrt Powered devices in Repeater mode. Another word … Read more

OpenWrt Lede Point to Point configuration in bridge mode

openwrt lede point to point

OpenWrt Lede Point to Point configuration in bridge mode OpenWrt lede is the latest release of firmware for various OEM hardware. You can get your router-supported Lede version from the official OpenWRT hardware table. I have already posted different mode configurations for OpenWRT such as repeater mode, wisp mode, client bridge mode. In this post, … Read more

How to Configure OpenWRT Wifi Router WISP

OpenWrt Client Router Setup

OpenWrt WISP Repeater Mode Setup  OpenWrt is an open-source firmware developed for various brand routers. You can get rid of your router manufacturer firmware by upgrading OpenWrt firmware on it. OpenWrt firmware developed by a large team with many performance experiments to get the best result and make supercharge any brand routers. see the full … Read more