How to Increase internet speed Up to 10x [Tricks]

how to increase wifi speed

Did you get only a 30% internet speed of your Plan on WiFi while using it on mobile? But when using wired getting 100% internet speed. Don’t worry there are some misconfiguration and steps to reduce the WiFi speed of your high internet plan. I have explored some wifi x10 wifi booster Best Way to … Read more

How to increase mobile signal up to 90% in Basement and Home

how to increase airtel signal inside house

Are you facing low signal or call drop problems since 4G networks come due to poor signal? you can improve your mobile quality and signal strength by up to 90% for your home and office. read the full post to know the solution about How to increase mobile signals for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. … Read more

Best WiFi Range Extender to Boost Wi-Fi signal

The 15 Best Wireless Range Extenders to Boost WiFi signal

Don’t compromise internet speed due to poor wireless connectivity at home and office. Just have a look to this list of the best WiFi range extender with price and specification. Enjoy the seamless internet and roaming in the small and larger house as well as the office. Best WiFi Range Extender to Boost Wi-Fi Range Do … Read more

How to use Airtel 4G hotspot Router as a Range Extender (WiFi Repeater)

hotspot 4g router as range extender

How to use Airtel 4G hotspot Router as a Range Extender 95 % of people think a 4G hotspot router only useful until we are using a sim card and internet plan. If you are not subscribed to any airtel wifi pack than the 4G router is dumped. Actually, it’s not true a 4G hotspot … Read more