how to fix internet connection problems and WiFi Problems

10 Most common Wi-Fi and internet problems

How to fix internet connection and Wi-Fi problems comes most common in homes and offices. Facing lot of internet problems in your connection simply follows the steps to know how to fix internet problems and enjoy smoother internet. Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix them yourself The Internet is one of the most important things … Read more

How to Increase internet speed Up to 10x [Tricks]

how to increase wifi speed

Did you get only a 30% internet speed of your Plan on WiFi while using it on mobile? But when using wired getting 100% internet speed. Don’t worry there are some misconfiguration and steps to reduce the WiFi speed of your high internet plan. I have explored some wifi x10 wifi booster Best Way to … Read more

How to Add Multiple SSID in Single Access Point [Multiple WiFi Name]

Add Multiple SSID in Single Access Point

Adding an extra WiFi name without adding an extra wifi router possible by creating a virtual SSID in the same Router. Use Multiple SSID in Single Access Point up to 4 different wifi names using a single wifi access point with simple steps. see here to How to Add Multiple SSID in Single Access Point … Read more

How to Connect Any Wi-Fi without Password from Mobile?

Are you forget your wifi password or you may want to connect any free wifi connection without a password to other wifi in your mobile? check the simple steps to connect any wifi without using the password and get connected quickly. read more to learn How to Connect WiFi Without Passwords from mobile and desktop. … Read more

How to Do Wireless Point to Point and Hotspot Site Survey

how to perform wifi site survey

In a Wireless network first step is How to Perform a Wireless Site Survey to test the feasibility of point-to-point and point to multipoint connectivity. conducting a wireless site survey using different tools make it easy to get proper test report to execute the wireless connectivity. To understand simple steps on How to do a … Read more