What Channel is ABC on DirecTV?

What Number Channel is ABC on DirecTV?

If you reading this article seems you are using a DirecTV subscription and want to know what channel is abc on DirecTV channel number and whether it need to pay additional charges or if it’s included in the Directv plan. You can watch all the movies and shows on ABC on DirecTV but ABC on DirecTV channel number might be different for each state Directv.

ABC  means American Broadcasting Company is a major TV network originating in 1943. There are many popular shows and movies on ABC that everyone loves. So if you want to know What channel number is Abc on DirecTV for your location if is it included with the Directv bundle or need to separately subscribe then you need to read the complete article to know how to watch the ABC channel on DirecTV.

ABC channel streaming is also available for smart TV such as Hulu or others you need to install the DirecTV app to use ABC on DirecTV. Follow the below steps to find ABC on DirecTV using your remote as well as find the What channel is ABC on DirecTV as per your locations.

How to find What Channel is ABC on DirecTV Using Remote?

If you are using Directv cable TV using the setup box and you are not sure What channel is ABC on DirecTV then here are a few simple steps to find ABC on DirecTV.

  • Turn on your TV and Directv receiver and wait for 1 minute.
  • Now use the remote and press the guide button.
  • Now navigate to the channel option using the Arrow button on the remote.
  • You will see ABC’s name on the channel list through the channel guide.
  • See the channel number showing on the “ABC” channel.
  • Also, you can use the search box option to directly search the “ABC” channel and see the channel number showing on DirectV.

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How to Stream ABC Live on DirecTV?

Live streaming of ABC on DirecTV gives you on-demand shows and movies as per your choice. Many people like streaming ABC channel on Directv possible with DirecTV Apps and it’s compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

To enjoy ABV streaming on DirecTV you just need to install ABC apps login with your Directv subscription and enjoy on-demand shows and movies.

Is ABC channel available on all DirecTV packages?

ABC channel on Directv packages depends on the availability of your location and plans. Most of the Directv packages are included with ABC channels.

What are the top popular shows on the ABC channel?

Although there are many popular shows and movies available on ABC channel and ints included in your DirecTV packages. There the most viewed shows is Shark Tank, Rookie

Is ABC live sports events on DirecTV?

You can watch ABC live sports events on DirectTV as well as ABC streaming Live using Directv apps.

List of ABC  Channel numbers for different locations on DirecTV

Here is the complete list of ABC channel numbers on DirecTV based on different locations so you can just find ABC channel numbers as per your location.

City and State ABC Channel on DirecTV
Albuquerque, NM 7
Atlanta, GA 2
Austin, TX 24
Bakersfield, CA 23
Baltimore, MD 2
Bronx, NY 7
Brooklyn, NY 7
Buffalo, NY 7
Charlotte, NC 9
Chicago, IL 7
Cincinnati, OH 9
Cleveland, OH 5
Colorado Springs, CO 13
Columbus, OH 6
Dallas, TX 8
Denver, CO 7
Detroit, MI 7
El Paso, TX 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL 10
Ft. Worth, TX 8
Fresno, CA 30
Houston, TX 13
Indianapolis, IN 6
Jacksonville, FL 25
Las Vegas, NV 13
Los Angeles, CA 7
Louisville, KY 11
Memphis, TN 24
Miami, FL 10
Milwaukee, WI 12
Minneapolis, MN 5
New York, NY 7
Oklahoma City, OK 5
Orlando, FL 9
Philadelphia, PA 6
Phoenix, AZ 15
Pittsburgh, PA 4
Portland, OR 2
Sacramento, CA 10
St. Louis, MO 30
St. Paul, MN 5
Salt Lake City, UT 4
San Antonio, TX 12
San Diego, CA 10
San Francisco, CA 7
San Jose, CA 7
Seattle, WA 4
Tampa, FL 28
Tucson, AZ 9
Washington, DC 7

How to Fix if ABC  channel not working on DirecTV?

If you can’t watch the ABC on DirecTV while it’s showing in your packages then you can restart your receiver or scan for channels again. If still experiencing issues with the ABC channel on DirecTV just contact DirecTV customer support.

Hope this Article help you to know what channel is ABC on DirectV if you not find ABc in your TV channel guide and want to confirm if its comes with your TV package or not.

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