What Channel Is Peacock On DIRECTV?

What Channel Is Peacock On DIRECTV?

Today On-demand content apps are in high demand and Peacock TV is the best solution for it streams your choice of shows, and movies without paying anything. Direct TV and Peocock both are American-based one-demand streaming Channel services but if you have Direct TV then you must think “What channel is Peacock network on DIRECTV”.

DIRECTV is an American multichannel video programming distributor based in California and Peocock is a live-streaming App and on-demand Entertainment service. If you use a regular TV service that gives you some fix subscribed channels but sometimes it is kind of boring things when you want to see something that you wish.

Direct TV is a satellite-based TV service so if you looking to add Peacock TV to your existing Direct Tv then it’s quite possible in two ways.  The first way is to subscribe to Peacock TV service in your existing Direct TV plan where there a small charge will be added to your existing plan per month and you can enjoy Peacock TV on your Direct TV network.

The second way is Peacock is a complete App that is supported by Android-based TV and a streaming device such as Roku, Firestick, and others. Follow the complete guide to know what channel number is peacock on DIRECTV without upgrading the Direct TV plan.

How to add Peacock Channel on DIRECTV?

Poecock network is a new but fast-growing live streaming service from America and is currently freely accessed in a few countries such as Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

If you are unable to find the Peacock channel on DIRECTV and you want to use the Peacock network on your existing DIRECTV subscribed plan then you can follow the guide to add the Peacock channel on DIRECTV as followed below steps.

Steps to get Peacock TV on DIRECTV Package

You can simply add on Peacock network to your DIRECTV package within a few steps and enjoy Peacock streaming along with DIRECTV channels.

  • Login to your DIRECTV account
  • Go to the Manage My TV package option after login to your DIRECTV account.
  • Select TV
  • Now select Add ON Peacock TV and Accept term and condition disclosure.
  • Now go back and search the Peacock TV app and installed it.
  • Once Peacock TV is successfully installed on your DIRECTV then you can see the Peacock APP icon.
  • Open Peacock App and enjoy the movie, show, and your favorite web series along with your DIRECTV channels.

This way is adding peacock on the DIRECTV channel that you already subscribed to the DIRECTV package. If you have a DIRECTV stream subscriber then follow the next steps to add the NBC Peacock channel on DIRECTV stream service.

What channel is Peacock on DIRECTV Stream?

Adding the Peacock Channel app on the DIRECTV Stream service is also simple.

  • Login to your DIRECTV Stream Account from your mobile or Laptop.
  • Go to Manage My TV package to add Peacock.
  • Go to the Premium Network option and select Peocock TV.
  • After selecting you can enjoy the Peacock network on your DIRECTV stream.

How to use Peacock on Old TV if Not supported?

You probably want to add the Peacock channel to your existing  TV but unfortunately, your TV is older and its not supported by Peacock’s latest App to give you live streams best on-demand shows and movies.

The alternate way to use Peacock App in a non-compatible TV is using a stream stick and device such as an Amazon fire stick, Roku Stick, and Android TV box as well as other third-party Android compatible stream devices offered by different brands.

Check Peacock compatibility on Amazon Firestick and Roku Stick Now.


Difference Between Peacock Vs Peacock Premium Vs Peacock Plug plan

Peacock offered three different tier plans that have different features as per the plan.

How Can You Upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus?

Peacock Free plan, Premium, and Peacock Plus Plan. Get the difference between all free and paid plans.

Peacock  Free Plan- Peacock Simple plan is free of charge and currently available in some countries. If you use a free plan then you will get more than 40000+ hours of Hit movies, shows, and other media content. Along with the free plan also include Add included while watching movies and shows because it’s free so ads give revenue to the company. Up to 50+ channels you can enjoy with the Peacock plan.

Peacock Premium Plan with Add- Peacock Premium plan includes all feature that comes with the free plan.

The price of the Peacock premium monthly plan is $4.99 which gives you more than 60000+ hours to access your favorite movie, shows and web series along with all sports live and Events and next-day access to current NBC hits. It is a paid plan with limited ads so while watching any movie and show you will also get some Ads in-betweens.

Peacock Plus Add Free Plan

Peacock Plus includes all premium features with the addition of more extra options without any Ads for just $9.99 per month cost. It’s a fully add-free plan so you will never have to wait for ads interruptions while watching your favorite movie or show. Peacock Plug adds a free plan gives you the feature to download your favorite movie and shows that you can even access while you are offline or moving or traveling where you don’t have internet access.


Final Words

The final words are only that you must know what channel is peacock tv on DirecTV and how you can add Peacock Network on your Directv if it is not already added. Also if you facing any issues while subscribing to Peacock on your DIRECTV existing package then you can simply contact DIRECTV customer care either using Call or Email to get any extra support for your service.

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