Ring Cameras Not Connecting To Wifi – SOLVED

How to Fix Ring Cameras Not Connecting To Wifi Internet?

Is your Ring camera offline and not sure a problem with the internet or the camera itself. Not to worry because this article going to help you to fix the Ring cameras not connecting to WIFi or the Ring camera not working whatever problem is behind it. There are two parts to the Ring camera problem, first is you want setup the Ring camera the first time but not connecting to wifi and the second is Ring camera is configured but after some time ring camera is offline.

There are many reasons the Ring camera not connecting to WIFI or ring camera offline after some time. Camera connection depends on the camera as well as WIFI and internet quality. The problem can be with the Internet down, the WiFi range not reaching to camera or WIFI router problem, the Camera power Issue or the camera not properly connected to the Internet. To fix all kinds of issues while setup the Ring camera and it’s not connecting to the internet need to follow troubleshooting step by step.

Ring Camera Not Connecting To Wifi During Setup

ring cameras not connecting to wifi

Ring Cameras Not Connecting To Wifi during setup or Ring cameras disconnected after setup can be the same reason that disturbing Ring camera connection between WIFI and camera.

Things that you should check while facing connection problems between your ring camera and the internet. Follow the steps on how to fix the Ring camera not connecting to wifi internet without a lot of pain an struggle.

Check Internet Working on WiFi

Ring camera not connecting to the internet the first thing you should ensure that your internet connection working. Just check the internet on your phone first before connecting to the Ring doorbell or ring camera to avoid any failed connection.

After confirming that your internet working properly go to the next steps of troubleshooting.

Check WIFI Signal properly to Ring Camera / Replace the Ring Camera Location

If the Ring cameras offline suddenly or keeps online and offline frequently that might issue with a WIFI weak signal or an internet problem.

Make sure you have installed a Ring camera where it can get a proper Wi-Fi signal and stable connectivity. You can use a WIFI range extender device to fix signal-related problems if you trying to install a Ring camera far from your internet router.

You can replace the Ring camera location if you are unable to get wifi signal at the location currently installed.

Check the Power Adapter and socket for the Ring camera

Make sure the power adapter of the Ring camera, as well as the power provided to the Camera, working properly and there is no power fluctuation that Ring camera goes offline and online again and again.

Better to use a power back for the Ring camera so it can be stable with power and if power fails keep it powered ON until power backup is working and it does not require attempting wifi again and again.

Restart the WIFI Router and Ring the camera

If your Ring camera is already configured but the Ring camera is unable to join the network after some time then you can restart your Internet router if any issue with the Internet router that can fix and the Ring camera can try to connect again.

Also, while restarting Router at the same time restart your Ring camera so it can attempt to join the network again and can show online after rebooting the internet router or camera.


Update Router Firmware

If your Ring cloud camera is unable to join your WIFI network or its keeps disconnecting then you can update your router firmware with the latest update.

You need to log in to your router to update online or download the firmware version as per your router model and save the file to drive and manually upgrade your router and then try connecting the Ring camera again with the WIFI router.

Reset the Ring Camera and setup again

Factory reset the Ring camera and make sure you are using the proper wifi password to get connected.

Use the reset button to factory restore the configuration and setup it up from Ring App again.

To make the Ring camera factory reset press the Setup button for 20 seconds and Ring the camera all configurations will erase and restore to default settings.

Update Ring Camera phone App

Update your Ring camera app with the latest version as per your phone for the Android play store and iPhone app store. After the update, you connect your Ring camera to App if first time set up.

Check the Ring camera firmware update for the latest release. Update your Ring camera and setup again with the WIFI network.

Upgrade the WIFI Router to the latest Long Range wifi Router

If your ring camera is connected but frequently faces connection and disconnection and suddenly it comes online and after some time ring camera is offline again then you need a long-range wifi device that can provide a proper stronger signal Ring camera.

Replace Ring Camera or Contact Ring Support

If the wifi signal and internet connection working properly but still facing the ring camera offline then either Replace the camera with a new camera or contact Ring contact support to get a replacement or online support from the Ring support center.


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