Binatone WR1505N3 router parental control configuration (with picture)

Binatone WR1505 n3 Parental Control Configuration

Parental control means restriction of any website which not use full for children or we can say parents can decide schedule for access of any website as per week days and time to avoid of miss use of internet activity by the children. Visiting unusual website can waste of time and money, its distract children from study so parental control is the best option to restricted and schedule access of internet at home.  For parental control no need to invest more money for home. Every small home indoor Wi-Fi router support parental control feature. By reading this you can understand and learn how you can parental control configuration on your home Wi-Fi router with simple steps.after Binatone wr1505 n3 Parental control configuration you can configure any brand Wi-Fi router.

Parental Control Configuration on  Wi-Fi Router.

Router Must be Configuration in standard Router mode- See : how to configure in router mode

binatone wifi router operation mode settings

This Tutorial Support Given Brand and Model No Configuration.

Binatone  : WR1505N3, WR1500N, WR3005,WR3000N,WR1500N3

TP-Link : TL-WR701,TL-WR841ND,TL-WR1043ND,TL-WR743ND v1, WR743NDv2 ,….all TP-Link  WiFi Models

I-Ball :  iBall 300M WRB300N MIMO Wireless-N Router,iBall iB-WRB150N 150M Wireless N Broadband Router,iBall Speed 300 Mbps Router – iB-WRB300N

Binatone wr1505 N3 Parental control configuration.

Binatone Wi-Fi Router Default Settings

Default IP     :

Default username : admin

Default password  : admin


Router Connection : Router Lan port Should Connected Laptop and WAN port should connected to the internet cable coming from your internet service providers.

Refer to connection Diagram : Router Connection  

  1. Open Internet Browser and  login with given default settings or if you have changed router settings you can login with your settings.

Go to Parental Settings from Left side menu

binatone WR1505 N3 Parental control

  1. Enable parental settings : Parental Control Settings

Binatone WR1505 N3 Parental control for website block

MAC Address of Parental PC: put your PC/Laptop or Mobile Device Mac address to access by pass parental control settings.

Parental Control – for parental control we have to create Rules for website Allowed and disallow Schedule to limit the internet Access As per Schedule Rule.

Click Add New..  and fill up website name and mac address of your child PC/Laptop/Mobile.

Website Block Configuration in Binatone WR1505N3

Website Add to parental control in binatone router


Website Block Access Schedule Rule Configuration.

Click Schedule  and fill the option as per you want to create rule for your child internet access.

Schedule Description : give name you want to.

Day: choose Website Access Days

Time : Set Time to Access Website  24Hour

Start time : custom  Time to start website access

Stop Time :  custom  Time to Stop website access

create website block rules in binatone router

Click Save !

Enjoy now without any worry about your children internet access .


See Video for Parental Control: binatone wr1505 n3 Parental control configuration


Binatone DT850W 4 Port ADSL+Router  Firmware for BSNL 


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