UBNT UniFi Controller Software Setup and Configuration First Time

UniFi Controller Setup and Configuration

UBNT Unifi Controller Software Installation and Setup.

Unifi controller is a UBNT Proprietary software controller for Wireless Device configuration and managing for centralize point. This Unifi Software controller free available in UBNT official site. If you using UAP Series already or you are planning to buy UAP device then you required this controller software which allow you to configure and manage Unifi AP for single point, this software also provide feature such firmware up gradation, cloud access, real time user statics monitoring, real time data monitoring, currently Unifi 5.4.16 version available for Windows Mac, Debain,Ubuntu,Lunux ,Android, and IOS. UniFi Controller Setup and Configuration Manual you can also download from UBNT Website.

If you are stuck with no technical knowledge about UBNT product configuration statrt-up then after reading this post you will become a expert of UBNT product. This post will guide you step to step how to install and setup unifi controller software 5.4.16 for windows, mac,linux and androids platform.

UniFi Software Controller 5.4.16 Free Download.

As I already mention Unifi Controllers is free of cost available in UBNT official website. This Unifi Software controller only work with UBNt product so do not was your time to try with any third party Wireless products.
Click Link Below to Free Download UniFI 5.4.16 Now
1 UniFi 5.4.16 Controller for Mac
2 UniFi 5.4.16 Controller for Windows
3 UniFi 5.4.16 Controller for Debian/Ubuntu Linux
4 UniFi EDU for iOS
5 UniFi EDU for Android

unifi controller v5 user guide

UniFi 5.4.16 Installation in Windows Step to Step

After Downloading UniFi 5.4.16 from UBNT website double click on software to start installation.

Click Install button to start process.

unifi controller startup failed

Wait to finish Process until you get Finish option.

unifi controller default password

Click Finish Option  After Finish this option Unifi Controller software will install in your PC /laptop.

unifi controller does not launch browser

UniFi Controller Setup and Configuration

UniFi 5.4.16 Controller Software Start-up and Configure First Time.

After installation open Unifi software windows will ask you to allow network access permission click “Allow access” button to process controller software for proper open. If you click Cancle then windows firewall will block your unifi controller software.

how to reset unifi controller password
UniFi Controller Setup and Configuration

Click Launch a Browser to Manage the Network in UniFi Controller 5.4.16

how to install unifi controller on ubuntu

UniFi Controller 5.4.16  Your Connection is Not Secure error (Solved)

If you get uses an invalid security certificate error (SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER) in your web browser when launching UniFi controller software then you have to add confirm Exception in browser setting


  1. click on Advanced button
  2. Click Add Exception button

unifi controller install ssl certificate

You will get pop-up windows for Security confirm Exception Click Confirm Security Exception button in bottom .

unifi controller update

UniFi Controller Access Setup Wizard and Configuration.

On first time installation you have to configure controller software with given setup wizard.

UniFi Controller software Country and Time Zone Setting.

Select your country and time zone from given list and click Next button in bottom

unifi controller forgot password

UniFi Controller Software Device Detect Status

If you UniFi Devices Connected during your UniFi controller setup wizard then controller will detect your AP, if you plan to connect device later then click Next

unifi controller guest portal

UniFi Software Controller Wireless Configuration

You can  skip this option if you want to configure later .

Type your Network Name in SSID box and password in security box.

Enable Guest Access: if you want to add option id for Guest Access then click on Enable Guest Access and put SSID name for your guest network and click Next

unifi controller hotspot

UniFi Controller Access Username and Password settings

You must configure Administrator user name and password to secure your controller software from an-authorize access. Follow option given below to set UniFi Controller software username and password configuration.

Admin Name: This will be user name for login UniFi controller Software

Admin Email: This Email will use for password recovery if you forgot password.

Password: UniFi Controller Login Password.

Confirm Password: Confirm UniFi Login password.

Click Next after Fill-up all details

unifi controller how to adopt

If all details correct as per your configuration after verify click finish

unifi controller install on linux

UniFi 5.4.16 Cloud  Login Credential:

Please enter your UBNT.com Account Credentials

If you do not want to configure UniFi Cloud Access you can Skip this option and Proceed to UniFi Controller Login

unifi controller default password

UniFi Controller Setup and Configuration |UniFi Controller Software Login First Time:

Enter Username and password you have configured in UniFi Access Wizard and Click Sign-in button

does unifi controller need to be running

UniFi Controller Software Dashboard Status :

In Unifi Dashboard you will get all the information about connected APs, Actwhat port does unifi controller useive APs, Dead APs, and Packet real time statics monitoring. Connect client on each APs, Download and Upload statics.you can export reports from settings menu. Or you can wait for our next post How to Export UniFi Controller Settings and Report.


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