How to configure Syrotech GEPON OLT and EMS Software installation

EMS software installaton

EPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal) Configuration and EMS Installation Step By Step

OLT stand for Optical line termination used in fiber network. EMS Is remote management system for OLT, ONU monitoring and managing from remote. Today network switch to fiber from Cat6 cable network. As the fiber data follow capacity is multiple than cat6 cable capacity and distance also increase 20 time more than normal cat6 and cat5 cable.OLT and ONU both are product used in fiber network to  increase the speed and distance capacity delivery to client end. This post describes you how to install EMS and manage OLT and ONU installed at client end from single point. To start EMS installation and testing EMS  with OLT and ONU you should have complete product and accessories with you.


EPON OLT configuration and ONU configuration from EMS required accessories.


  2. ONU/ONT

  3. PON Module (as supported your OLT)

  4. Fiber patch cord as supported by PON module.


EMS (Equipment Management System) installation in Windows

Before installation of EMS software required some supported support for database management as given below. Mysql server will install and configured first to manage user and database management.

  1. MySQL server

  2. EMS software


1:- Mysql server- Open the CD comes with your EPON OLT and run first MYsql server.see the installation process given below.

RUN mysql.exe file and press Next button to precede installation.

Configure DBC EPON OLT with ONU


In this step choose Typical and click Next button for further steps.

gpon olt configuration commands


Click Install button to next step

Basic configuration for 4-PON port OLT Port

Check Skip Sign-UP and click next because we do not required MySQL login here.


GEPON OLT OT-2000S CLI User Manual

Wizard Completed –

Configure the MYSQL Server now- selected this option and clikc finish. After finishing MySQL server configuration wizard will start.

 Huawei Smartax Ma5600t Gpon Olt configuration


MySQL Server Configuration

First step just click next to further configuration option.

How to configure Huawei ONT in Huawei OLT

Choose Detailed Configuration option and press next button as shown below image.

 Airpro EPON OLT-4-PON Router configuration

Select Developer Machine option and press Next button.

Choose Multifunctional  Database option and press Next button

  how to configure gpon olt


“Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP” – choose option and click next

 zyxel OLT configuration manual



Choose “Manual Selected Default Character Set/Collation” option, and specify “Character Set” as “utf8”  click Next button


Choose “Install As Windows Service” option and“Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH” option, click Next:

8 Port Olt Syrotech configuration manual

Modify Security Setting – in this option you have to set password for login EMS software.

Set New Root Password- type password here  (This password will use to login EMS software to access database server)

Confirm password– retype password to confirm.

how to change OLT username and password

Press Execute button.

Gpon 8 Port Olt command line configuration

If all option executed successfully than you can finish wizard to go EMS software installation.

How to Configuring a GPON ONT

IF you are getting Error on start service

“Cannot Create Windows Service for MySQL. Error:0”

Please Uninstall Mysql server and do the modification on second steps where we choose below option.


ME4600 ONT RGW Installation and Configuration Guide

Insteed of using Typical choose the Custom option and change the MySQL5.0 to Mysql 5.5 on last of path.

Now follow the same steps shown above.


EMS Software installation   and configuration

After successful installation of  MySQL server now start EMS software comes with CDs inside OLT. Run the setup wizard of EMS “EMS_V2.3.7_160315_I116.exe”

Tara OLT configuration manual in GUI

EMS software installation wizard will take 10-30 second to finish. Its depend on computer configuration and speed.

Start EMS server.

Run EMS server first if you are running EMS server and client in same PC. See the EMS server icon in desktop or program menu to start EMS server.

gpon olt configuration commands

See this icon to start EMS server.


Login EMS Software Now.

To login EMS software click EMS client icon from desktop you will get login windows to access EMS software and database

EMS software login from remote computer.

Username- admin

Password- you have set during MySQL server configuration.

Click  OK to login

Syrotech OLT defualt IP address

EMS Software login from remote computer.

If you are using EMS client login from anther computer than you have to set poll server IP address to advanced option as given below

how to factory reset dbc OLT

Once EMS software login successfully you will get startup windows with world map view.

Now you have to add  GEPON OLT to start configuration and detection ONU device from network.

how to connect multiple ont in same PON

EMS Software Network diagram

You can add multiple OLT devices to single EMS software and ONU device will auto detected from OLT and start adding a network map diagram as shown given MAP.

 multipl ONT configuration from single EMS software

How to add OLT device and configuration of ONU device in EMS software see the video tutorial given below.


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