How To Configure Load Balancing on TP-Link TL-R480T+ (with Picture)

TP Link TL-R480T+ Load Balance Router Configuration for Fail-over

TP-Link TL-R480T Load balance router configuration used the multi internet connection to avoid downtime due to internet disconnection. Before learning how to configure TP-Link load balancer router see about hardware specification required for fail-over and load balancing management. Load balance and fail-over feature only work with 2  or more WAN port in the router. With WAN port 2 internet line can be use failover and load balancing but if you looking for load balancing more than 2 internet connection than your required more than 2 WAN port in your load balance router. See the TP-Link TL-R480T Plus hardware specification to understand how many internet connections can be used as fail-over and load blanching with TP-Link network load balancer router. Also read enable captive portal login page on TP-Link load balance router.

TPLink Load Balance Router Hardware Specification.

TP Link balance router which can be used for more than 2 internet connection bandwidth speed balance and TPlink dual wan fail-over setup.

Load Balance Broadband RouterTL-R480T+

TL-R480T Plus Load balance router has a hardware port.

TP-LINK TL-R470T+ Load Balance Router Setup

Interface 1 Fixed Ethernet WAN Port
1 Fixed Ethernet LAN Port
3 Changeable Ethernet WAN/LAN Ports
Network Media 10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (Max 100m)
100BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable (Max 100m)
Button Reset Button
Power Supply Internal Universal Power Supply
AC100-240V~50/60Hz input
Flash 8MB
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 11.6*7.1*1.7in. (294*180*44mm)
13-inch Standard Rack-Mount Width, 1U Height

1 Fixed Ethernet WAN Port
1 Fixed Ethernet LAN Port
3 Changeable Ethernet WAN/LAN Ports – WAN/LAN port means you can use that port as a WAN or a LAN as per your requirements.

1 Console port available for configuration of the router.

TP Link TL-R480T+ Load Balance Router Login first time

To login, TP-Link router connect LAN port to your Laptop/Computer LAN port and use static IP address same series of TP-Link broadband router default IP address.

TP-Link TL-R480T Plus default IP Address –

Default username / Password – admin/NA (need to set on the first login)

Exp- use in your Laptop/PC LAN port to make the access TP-Link Load balancer router web page.

Open the Web browser and type and hit the enter key

tp link tl r470t load balance broadband router configuration

Now use the default username and set the new password to login router.

1:- username – admin

 Password- type new password

Confirm password- confirm the new password to avoid mistake on the password.

2:- Press confirm button to save the setting.

TL-ER5120 Gigabit Load Balance Broadband Router configuration

Now login TP-Link Load balance router with username and password you set in last steps. Click login to enter in router settings.

what is a load balance broadband router

TP Link TL-R480T+ Load Balance Router WAN Configuration for Failover

TP-Link TL-r480 broadband router more than 1 WAN configuration required to use load balance and failover feature. To using load balancing configure at least 2 WAN port to make fail over the router.  Keep ready both internet connections IP address or PPPoE username and password to start wan configuration.

To start WAN configuration first need to set the total number of WAN port we want to configure

Configuring the Number of WAN Ports

Go to Network- WAN-WAN Mode

Choose the number you want to configure for WAN. Suppose you have 2 internet connections than choose 2 number to use WAN port. After selecting WAN port you will get the option to configure WAN setting for 2 ports as WAN.

load balance broadband router tl-r480t+ price in pakistan

TP-Link TL-R480T Configuring the WAN Connection

To configuration wan

Connect both internet connection to WAN1 and WAN2 port.


Choose the WAN number you want to configure. Choose your internet type such as, dynamic, Static, PPPoE, L2TP to configure wan properly.

Here I am using Static IP address for first WAN configuration.

Connection type- Static IP (choose your internet type from the list)

IP Address– user IP Address given from your ISP (internet service provider)

Subnet Mask- same given by ISP

Default gateway– same given by ISP

Upstream Bandwidth – choose the WAN internet connection Upload speed

Downstream Bandwidth – choose the WAN internet connection download speed

Primary DNS – use is given by ISP

Secondary DNS – you can use global DNS –,

VLAN– If want to use VLAN  you can configure VLAN otherwise leave this option as it is.

Click save to apply settings.


tp-link tl-er5120 gigabit load balance broadband cable router


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TP-Link TL-R480T Plus Configuration WAN 2 for Load Balance

To configure the second WAN choose the Network-WAN and WAN number you want to be configured.

I am using second WAN type PPPoE connection type.

Connection Type- PPPoE

Username – ask your isp if you do not have details

Password- same contact ISP

Connection Mode- Connect automatically

Service name- use this if provided by your isp

Do another setting like the above steps.

Click save to apply the setting.

edimax advanced load balance broadband router 2*wan+4*lan

TP-Link TL-R480T Plus LAN and DHCP Server Configuration

After WAN configuration required to configure LAN and DHCP server. As the default IP using in the same network can be conflict IP Address so recommended always change the default IP address before connecting to live network.

Go to Network- LAN

Here you will get Default IP detail where you can change IP address according to the network.

IP Address– change LAN IP here

Subnet Mask – change subnet mask as per IP series.

Management VLAN– use management VLAN if you using VLAN in the network.

Click the Save button to apply settings.

how to configure load balance broadband router

TP-Link TL-R480T Load balance router configuration DHCP Server

To using a large network DHCP server must be enabled to auto IP configuration on users PC and mobile.

To enable DHCP server Network > LAN > DHCP Server

Starting IP Address:- use the IP start to use in the network

Ending IP Address – use last IP address use in the network.

Lease time – increase lease time

Status– enable (this option should be checked)

Click the Save button to apply changes.

tp-link load balance broadband router configuration

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TP-Link TL-R480T + Load Balancing Configurations

After WAN and LAN configuration you can start load balancing configuration. Load Balancing there are three-part which can be used.

  • Configure the load balancing

  • Setup the link back up

  • Configure the online detection


Load Balancing Configuration

To load balance configuration

Transmission> Load Balancing > Basic Settings

Enable Load Balancing –  Check this option to enable the load balance feature in TP-Link TL-R480T

How to set up Load Balance to aggregate several WAN links

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TP-Link Load Balance Router Configuring the Link Backup

Now configure Link backup option to use failover when the main internet connection goes down.

Primary WAN– select the WAN port you want to use for the main internet connection.

Backup WAN – select a second internet connection to use as the backup when the primary internet connection goes down.

Mode – Timing – means you can select any time when you want to use backup internet connection.

Failover – if you want to use the second internet line as a failover than use mode failover. When the primary line will down backup wan will activate.

Status – Enable (keep this box checked to enable)

 Edimax Load Balancing Router User's Guide -

Configuring the Online Detection TL-R480T

You can set an online detection feature on TP-Link TL-R480t load balancer router to monitor port is online or offline.

To enable go to Transmission> Load Balancing > Online Detection

Port – choose the port you want to enable online detection

Mode – Auto- auto-detection, Manual- if you want to check the manual, Always Online – if you want to keep always port online mode.

adsl load balancing router

Click OK button to apply settings.

This is the basic configuration for Load balance and failover in the TP-Link load balance router. For any query, you can comments or mail directly from the contacting us button.

Download TP-Link TL-R480T Load balance router Latest firmware and configuration Manual  in PDF

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