Mikortik CCR  Series Hotspot Configuration  with Winbox (2018)

mikrotik hotspot

Mikortik CCR  Series Hotspot Configuration  with Winbox (2018)

Mikrotik one of the most popular and cost effective solution for wire and wireless networking. Popularity of Mikrotik wireless product is a award winning router OS behind it. Operating system is the soul of any hardware and its diside how product will perform. There are some most popular product are Mikrotik Sxt lite, Basebox, CCR (cloud core router). Mikrotik Hotspot solution is the one of the best captive portal authentication hotspot portal for all type of industry. In this post I am going to describe a easy Mikrotik Hotspot Configuration step by step with configuring from login to deploy.

If you are looking hotspot solution for  small Internet service provider, a hospitality , café shop, outdoor area, collage campus and many other area than Mikrotik CCR series are best.  Mikrotik hotspot configuration are easy supported with GUI and command line both. Open forum give 24/7 technical support make Mikrotik more demanding. Enjoy the best hotspot router configuration for hotel any area.


Mikrotik Hotspot Configuration Steps.

Doing any configuration with steps will make easy troubleshooting on any issue comes in configuration? I always try to give you configuration manual which is managed and under stable by everyone.

 Mikrotik CCR Configuration Manual Content

  1. Login Mikrotik Router with Winbox
  2. WAN configuration with internet IP
  3. LAN configuraton for Local network
  4. DHCP server configuration
  5. Mikrotik Hotspot Setup and configuration
  6. Enabling Multi session user in Mikrotik hotspot user profile

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Mikrotik DISC Lite5 Setup and Configuration Manuals

1:- Mikoritk CCR Login with Winbox

If you are reading this post first time and know about Mikrotik first time  than you must think what is Winbox ? Winbox is software which give you access of router OS installed in Mikrotik hardware.

Download Windbox here now


Now connect your Mikrotik CCR Lan Port Laptop/Desktop LAn port and open Winbox.

1 – Click on neighbors and refresh to detect your CCR router and select your Mikrotik on list.

2- Default mikrotik no password set ( use if you have set password)

3- click connect button

mikrotik hotspot configuration in RB450


You can login through IP also Mikrotik Default IP is

After connect button you will enter in Mikrotik router board settings.


2:- Mikrotik Hotspot WAN configuration with internet IP

After login first step is configuration of Mikrotik WAN port for internet connection coming from your service providers. So ready your internet IP and see the WAN configuration with winbox.

  1. Go to left Side menu IP—Addresses
  2. Click + plus button to add WAN IP ( if already IP added to WAN you can also edit and change it)

Add your internet IP address provide by your ISP

3- Choose the Ethernet 1 for WAN connection.

4 – Click Apply and Ok to save

mikrotik hotspot bandwidth management


Mikrotik CCR default Gateway configuration with terminal

After WAN configuration Gateway must be added to work internet. In Mikrotik router you didn’t get Gateway option with IP address so you have to add in another option.

You can add Gateway from Option menu as well as command line.

See the how to add Gateway ip in Mikrotik with terminal.

Open New terminal from menu list.

Ant type the commands.

Mikrotik Gateway Add command =

[admin@Mikrotik]> ip router add gateway= (use your internet gateway here)

what is mikrotik hotspot


3:- Mikrotik Hotspot LAN configuration for Private IP

Although LAN ip preconfigured with mikrotik default IP series. But if you wish to change default series IP to any other than follow the steps to change Mikortik router OS LAN configuration.

Go to Same IP- Address

Click on + plus button to add or edit to change edit default IP

Address – use the LAN IP here and click Apply button

Interface: – choose ether2-master-local (this port will use to distribute internet locally.

Apply and OK button

mikrotik hotspot page logout ip


4:- Mikrotik Router board DHCP server configuration

In Mikrotik by default DHCP server is enabled but you can change and add new IP series of your choice to create DHCP server.

  1. IP –DHCP server
  2. Network- Press + Plus button to add network which want to create DHCP server.
  3. Add the IP address start of DHCP server and choose gateway.

mikrotik hotspot and pppoe configuratio

Click Apply ok button to save settings

5:- Mikrotik Hotspot Setup and configuration

Finally after all initial configuration we are on the steps where we can setup mikrotik hotspot router configuration.

To Mikrotik hotspot configuration see the steps.

  1. IP
  2. Hotspot
  3. Hotspot Setup
  4. Choose the Ether 2 master ( you can also change the port as per your wish if you want to run hotspot in any other port)

mikrotik hotspot bandwidth limit


Click Next button to further configuration

In this step your local LAN IP will be chosen click next button.

mikrotik hotspot captive portal


Choose the IP start and End IP pool used by Hostpot

mikrotik hotspot error 400

Click Nest button

mikrotik hotspot facebook like button

IP Address of SMTP server- is your are using any SMTP server you can configure here else click next

mikrotik hotspot https certificate

Add DNS server given by your ISP or you can use Global DNS –,

mikrotik hotspot iphone problem


Now Add the user for hotspot login.

Name of local HotSpot user- use username here

Password for the User- type password for user.


mikrotik hotspot address pool

Click next and finish the setup in next steps.


Now if you will try to browsing internet you will get Mikrotik Hotspot page.

Type Google.com or any site, you should get mikrotik login page as given below for authentication process.

mikrotik responsive hotspot login page



6:- Enabling Multi session user in Mikrotik hotspot user profile

This is the common issue when you login one use and want to use same user multi time. You may get error “no more session allowed”

The solution of this error is enabling multi session in user settings which allow you to login multi PC same time.

See how to enable multi session in mikrotik hotspot user now.

Go to Hotspot option

Click user profile.

Give then name of profile Like AC with 3 user session

Shared user – add the number of session you want to use with single hotspot user.

You can create multi profile with different session limit.

Click Apply Ok to save

Mikrotik CCR router Hotspot Mac binding

Now Go to Add user

Create new user and select the profile you have created for multi session

Choose the your choice profile and click apply ok

 mikrotik hotspot active users


Hope you enjoy the Basic Configuration Manual for Mikrotik CCR hotspot configuration step by step. If you face any problem to create mikrotik, hotspot in any router board than comments with error  we will give you solution asap.


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