How to Turn Your Windows Laptop and PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

wifi hotspot windows 10 (Last Updated On: August 9, 2018)

How to Turn Your Windows Laptop and PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi most important for everyone today because it gives you freedom from sitting one place to use your internet connection. The initial stage of internet connection comes with the wired connection and use only with LAN port of PC and Laptop, but after discovering of Wi-Fi or Wireless network technology its more easy to the internet in every corner of home without bonding in a particular place. Wi-Fi becomes well known and most popular technology after discover of smartphone and android because in today Wi-Fi and internet user growing day by day in multiple growing speed. You can turn your PC/Laptop into a mobile hotspot for using internet from smartphone. In this post, I have covered a complete tutorial for Mobile hotspot in android as well as wifi hotspot windows 10 PC.

Smartphone gives you inbuilt feature to turn your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot router and it’s also called a portable hotspot Wi-Fi router with power back up because you can carry your mobile phone everywhere and there is no power required to use it for hotspot router. In this post, we are talking about “how to use any Laptop or Computer as a Wi-Fi router” so some simple steps can turn your Laptop into a Wi-Fi Mobile hotspot router and share your wired internet connection for mobile and tablet within the minute.

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See the configuration manual mobile hotspot as show given list.

  1. Mobile Hotspot Configuration on Windows 7.
  2. Enable & configure Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10
  3. Enable Mobile Hotspot in Android and iPhone

How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot in Laptop

If you are using a Laptop than every Laptop comes with a Wi-Fi interface. If you want to use your computer as a Wi-Fi router to share your wired internet connection for mobile you require a Wi-Fi card or USB WLAN dongle for use your PC as a Hotspot Router.

Configuration process will be same for PC and Laptop just follow the given steps to turn your Laptop into a hotspot Wi-Fi router.

For Turn Laptop into Wi-Fi Router, you should have given working hardware in your Computer and Laptop

  1.  In Laptop Working WLAN Adapter
  2. For Desktop PC you can use USB WLAN dongle or PCI WLAN Card.

If you have ready WLAN in Laptop and Computer now proceed to the installation of virtual router software.

Download Virtual Hotspot Software Free Now


Open Download folder and run setup file.

How can I use my laptop as a wifi router?

Click Next button to process installation

3 Ways to Create a Free Virtual Wifi Hotspot on Your Laptop

You can change installation location from folder option browse and choose folder you want to install.

Choose Everyone option if you want to use this software work on every user created in your Laptop or computer.

Choose Just me for only use on your current user

Click next

how to use laptop as hotspot ubuntu




Wait for installation process  finish

how to use laptop as a wifi hotspot windows 8.1

Click the Close button to Finish the installation process.

how to use laptop as tethering and portable hotspot

Now go to start menu and option Virtual Router Software and configuration for the Virtual router to make it secure and faster access.

  • Network Name (SSID) = Set your Wi-Fi Name here

This Name will show in Wi-Fi network to connect your virtual hotshot router from mobile and any Wi-Fi supported device.

  • Password = Set your Wi-Fi password here

Use the strong password for secure your Hotspot. Use Alfa numeric with the special character to make it stronger.

  • Shared Connection = Select your WLAN Ethernet

Choose the WLAN adapter in Laptop to make it shareable with the Virtual router which will share your wired internet connection from your Laptop or computer with Mobile and Tablet device

how to make a laptop wifi hotspot windows 7

Once you have done all the configuration you can start your Virtual router now.

Click Start Virtual Router

virtual router plus for windows 8.1 laptop

Peers Connected – in this option you can see the total number of Mobile, tablet or any Wi-Fi enabled device connected with your Virtual router.

Status will Change to “Stop Virtual Router if virtual router configured properly

How To Connect Virtual Wi-Fi Router ?

  • 1.Open Mobile or Laptop WiFi connection
  • 2.Scan Wi-Fi.
  • 3. you will get your virtual wifi Router ssid(name).
  • Connect and put password when popup for authentication
how to make your laptop a hotspot mac
how to Enable WiFi Hotspot in Laptop

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How to enable Mobile hotspot in Windows 10 without software.

If you are using windows 10 than you must know windows 10 provide you inbuilt feature to turn your laptop in hotspot enable hotspot in your windows 8.1 and windows 10 follow the simple steps and use your PC or laptop as WiFi router. now  enable windows 10 mobile hotspot without using third-party tools.

Go to Windows start menu and click setting icon

android phone hotspot

  1. Click Mobile hotspot
  2. Enable by drag button to right side
  3. Edit Hotspot Name and password

mobile hotspot app for android

Network name– use your Hotspot WIFI name here

Network password- type password for mobile hotspot in windows10


how to use laptop wifi as hotspot windows 7

windows 10 mobile hotspot not working

If your windows hotspot cat enable or not working than please make sure your Wireless Ethernet enable from switch and also from Network connection.

How to Enable Portable Hotspot in Smart Phone

As we already discusses about Virtual hotspot configuration in Laptop and PC in above steps. So now we will see how can enable a portable hotspot in any android or smart phone device.

Go to Mobile Settings

how to configure mobile hotspot on galaxy s4

Click on Portable hotspot or some android phone its inside More option

how to setup phone as mobile hotspot

Move button to enable Hotspot

how to configure mobile hotspot on galaxy s6

Configure your hotspot Wi-Fi password and Wi-Fi Name

Network SSID: Type your Wi-Fi name in this box

Password: choose WPA2PSK and type password for your Wi-Fi

how to set up mobile hotspot in windows 10

After Configuration portable hotspot only require enable disable for next time when you want to use your mobile hotspot.

set up hotspot t mobile

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