How To Reset Fire Stick Without Remote Control

Factory Reset Fire Stick Without Remote and With Remote

Looking Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote seems you facing a problem with your firestick or are unable to operate the firestick menu using the remote. Amazon firestick is a smart way to turn your normal TV into a smart TV but a lot of time it’s got freezing, a black screen or menu not working required to reset fire sticker without a remote or with a remote if your remote is working. Fire stick works with an HDMI port and it’s a small smart sticker that does not have any physical interface to connect with a PC  or Laptop. There are many ways to make a fire stick reset with remote or without remote as well.

You can use the factory reset fire sticker if your fire stick remote not responding, the Black screen on tv or settings menu not working, or frequently restarting or rebooting the fire stick. The easiest way to reset firestick using remote or from the settings menu but if your fire sticks remote not working you can use another way like reset firestick from apps using android or iPhone mobile apps. Get ready with your firestick and follow the steps to reset fire stick without remote or with remote.

How to Reset Firestick with Remote?

Making factory reset firestick using remote is two methods. One is to use navigation and reset firestick from the settings menu or directly use keys in remote to factory default amazon firestick.

Steps to Making Fire stick reset from Settings.

  • Take the remote in your hand and click the home button.
  • Navigate to settings gear and press the center key to enter. (If you are using an older firmware version then see top right corner settings options.)
  • Navigate using remote and go to the My fire TV option
  • Under My fire TV go to the “Reset to factory defaults” option and press the OK button.
  • factory reset firestick
  • You will prompt the final option for Reset and confirm you are resetting amazon firestick to factory mode so sign-in information will be cleared.
  • Wait a few seconds until fire stick restoring to default mode and you have to set up it again with your Amazon log-in information.

This method is to reset the fire TV using remote navigation and you need a working remote to reset fire stick.

Now if your amazon firestick screen is black or freezing frequently then try factory default firestick using only remote buttons.

Factory Reset Firestick With Remote Keys Only

If you are unable to navigate settings on the screen so you can use the remote key to factory reset.

Follow steps to reset fire tv using remote keys.

  • Turn on fire stick and wait a few seconds until it turns on properly.
  • Take remote in hand and press back button+ Select right-side navigation key from the circle for 10 seconds.
  • factory reset firestick without pin
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  • You will get a Reset pop-up on the TV screen, just press the reset button and the fire stick will restore into factory settings mode.

Make sure Fire stick or TV power cut off not happen. If the power goes off you have to repeat steps again from starting.

If your fire sticks remote not working and want to make reset your fire TV stick then you can use Mobile apps to make it reset.

How to Factory Reset Fire stick using Mobile Apps?

If your remote not working and you wish to reset your Amazon fire stick to restore default just use mobile apps.  Follow the steps to reset firestick using apps.

  • Connect your phone to the same wifi as the fire stick connected.
  • First of all, you have to download Mobile Apps either Android or iOS as per your mobile phone platforms.
  • For android apps visit the Play store and for iOS visit the App Store and download Amazon fire stick Apps.
  • Download and after installing fire stick apps, tap the fire stick app icon and open it.
  • You will prompt a four-digit pin on your TV screen to connect with a fire stick through apps.
  • Enter 4 digit pin to access fire stick settings and navigate the settings menu.
  • Now go to Settings > System > Reset to Factory Reset.
  • You will ask for final confirmation to reset the fire stick press the reset button and the fire stick will be restored into default mode.

This is another way to reset the Amazon fire stick if your remote not working but still you want a factory reset your fire stick without the remote. Other than if you wish to reset using a remote you can just borrow someone’s remote and pair it with your Firestick and try resetting.


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