How To Enable Whatsapp Video Calling Option Simple Steps (2018)

WhatsApp Video Calling Enable (Last Updated On: September 3, 2018)

How to Enable Whatsapp Video Calling in Android and I Phone

WhatsApp Messenger busiest and most popular social messenger peer to peer connection application which is used for personal as well as business promotion use. Initially when It’s launched that time only text message supported.  Its day by day increasing popularity and it comes with many new features such as sending and receive images audio file, video, and document. Today Whatsapp used by every personal and commercial both using for sending and receiving any type of file quickly with edited and adding text to image directly on sending option. Whatsapp finally added Video calling feature to all supported application such as Android I Phone and Windows users.

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Leading Social Messenger Application Whatsapp recently launched video calling feature in Whatsapp without any cost. Whatsapp already provides 100% free mobile application for messaging and voice calling but now you can also use video calling with Whatsapp feature. For activate video calling feature you required Whatsapp latest update from Google play store to Whatsapp Video Calling Enable automatically.

With Video calling feature now you can delete any sent message within the certain time before delivering it to the receiver. This feature will give you time to correct your mistake in case any messages send by mistake or wrong users. To get this feature you need update your WhatsApp application for Android user from Play Store and  I Phone user from App store. This post shows you step by step how you can add Video calling feature in your old WhatsApp application.

  1. Go to “Google Play Store”

 Android user

Click here to download directly from Google Play Store Now

I Phone user

Click here to download directly from App Store Now

For manually follow given Steps.

  1. Search “Whatsapp”
  2. Click on “Update “Button

whatsapp Video Call Enable


After Update Done Open Whatsapp

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4. Click on “Call Icon “ Option.

How to Enable Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

For Video Calling Whatsapp Both Sides Should be Updated Whatsapp Application. if you are getting the error in WhatsApp ” Couldn’t Place Call Couldn’t Place Call. need to Update WhatsApp to receive video calls.

whatsapp video call to skype

Inform your friend to update WhatsApp after that you can voice call to your friend

Once both sides WhatsApp Video Calling Enable you can start video calling.


How to Delete Whatsapp Sent and Delivered Messages also from another side

If you send many time message by mistake or send to the wrong person by mistake and you have to say sorry or apologize for the wrong message. You will be get rid of this problem with WhatsApp new feature which will let you delete the message from both sides even if message delivered to the receiver. It is 100% true and lives that you have a way to correct your mistake in Whatsapp of sending the message by mistake to delete sent message from both sides even if user not read that message you can delete it.

whatsapp video call on pc

You have to update your Whatsapp messenger with latest update to get this feature working on your phone. If you have already update your Whatsapp than you will get three delete options when you will tab any message for delete.


  1. Delete For Me

    – This option will only delete the message from your WhatsApp but it will keep in the receiver you have sent the message by mistake or you want to delete.

  2. Cancel – Cancel will skip the delete message from both sides so you message deletion process will be canceled.
  3. Delete For Everyone – Delete For every one means the message will be deleted from both sides. Suppose your send message by mistaken to you any friends than delete for everyone option will delete the message from your WhatsApp as well as your friend’s WhatsApp. This message you have to delete before your friends read to avoid explanation for the message has been sent by mistake. To delete from both side also internet should work on to delete it from receiver WhatsApp also.

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