I-Ball Baton 150Mbps WiFi Router Setup and Configuration(with Picture)

iball baton 150mbps wireless n router configuration (Last Updated On: November 16, 2018)

I-Ball Baton 150mbps Wireless N Router Configuration.

I Ball  is Electronics Company which is provide Networking product Wireless router, USB dongle, VDSL router, Ceiling mount AP, GSM router, Networking Cables etc. Buying first time I-ball router then this post useful for you because  in this post, I am giving you complete guide of I-ball baton series router Configuration and setup with simple steps. enjoy the latest post of Iball baton 150mbps wireless n router configuration with fingertips.

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Pr-Requirement for Configuration of WiFi router

  1. WiFi router
  2. Ethernet Cable
  3. Power Socket
  4. Laptop/Desktop with LAN Port

Wi-Fi Router Connection Diagram

Please follow the Connection Connect LAN Port to Laptop/PC  and WAN port Internet Cable coming from your Internet provider.

How to connect Iball router to ISP cable


Login to Router for iball baton 150mbps wireless n router configuration

before login to Router Please refer to IP configuration Visit  step 3


I-ball  Baton Default IP  –

IBall default username – admin

I-Ball password-      admin

Open Browser Internet Explorer, Mozilla , or chrome open I-Ball default

I ball baton WRB150Mbps configuration

IBall WiFi Router Operation Mode Settings

Operating mode sound how we want to operate router mode. Like AP mode, client mode, Repeater mode,

Change Operation Mode to Wireless Router: Wireless Broadband Router and Click Save

I ball Router Change Operation Mode in WiFi router

LAN Settings: Network –> LAN

I ball Default IP address is, you can change Lan IP Address if your ISP has given you same series WAN IP Address or you wish to change it as per your choice IP series.

I ball Baton WiFi router IP address Change


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WAN Settings: Network –> WAN

In wan settings we have to configure IP address or PPPoE Username and Password provided by Internet service provider. if you don’t know your WAN IP Address or PPPoE username password then you can Contact your ISP to get IP details from them.

WAN Connection Type: Choose your Connection type Exp: Dynamic IP for Auto IP configuration, Static IP- user manual IP Address given by ISP, PPPoE – use username and password given by ISP…etc


I ball PCB PPPoE mode Configuration


After Fill-up all Setting click Save button.

Wireless Configuration I-Ball Baton Router

Wireless –> Wireless Settings

SSID– Choose your WiFi Name you Wish to use.

SSID2: you can use up to 3 Virtual SSID to use guest Access with your I-Ball Baton Router.

Region – Choose your country to Ensure Legalization use of WiFi router as per Telecom Regulatory.

Channel: Choose Channel from 1 to 11 Number because currently  Laptop and Mobile WiFi support only 1 to 11 Number Channel which is the legal use

I ball GSP router Configuration

After All Settings Click Save.

Wireless Security Setting on I-Ball Baton WiFi router.

WEP: Full form is Wired Equivalent Privacy 

use Minimum 10 Digit Number for the password.

WPA/ WPA2: Second Number Security Support Radius Server Authentication is not for home use its use for Company and industrial use for large network type.

I ball Baton WRX150 Super channel upgrade

 WPA-PSK/WPA2 PSK Personal

Recommended using this Security type to make your WiFi more Secured.

use minimum 10 digit alphanumeric to set the strong password.

I ball Router Wireless Security Configuration

Hope you enjoyed our latest post IBall baton 150mbps wireless n router configuration.


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