How to change Facebook chat Colour with simple steps

change Facebook chat colour and nicknames
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2017)

How to Change Facebook Chat  Colour and change Default Hand Emoji to different Emoji.

Facebook is the  easiest  way to talk around the world with family friend and your loved once. Its make your loved one always connected with you. You never feel alone if you are a Facebook user. For making it more interactive and special Facebook add many interesting feature to customise your chat profile picture friends list and many more thing to make them different from others. So in this post I am giving you step to step tutorials how you can change chat colour to differentiate according to you. Like if you talk to your love one then you can make colour pink, and if you talk to your friend then you can choose any other colour. Although its not a big job to change chat colour  and change Emoji in Facebook conversation, but many people do not know about this feature. So this post also will be helpful for beware about this feature who like to customise according to full post and see how to change Facebook chat colour and how to add emoji in Facebook chat. change Facebook chat colour and nicknames with in a minute.


How to Change Facebook Chat colour :

Changing Facebook chat colour means text you send to your friend to exchange your thoughts will be colourful according to your choice.see below to change Facebook chat colour and nicknames

  1. Login to Facebook: Go and login your Facebook account.

facebook chat colour change


  1. Go to your Message icon and click. you will get message list drop now click on see all In messenger  in bottom of message list .

how to change facebook chat color on pc


  1. Click on the Friend name you want change colour and change Emoji.

How to change facebook chat hand icon to other

How to Change Chat Colour in Facebook

For changing chat colour see the right side option menu after click friend name.

Click on change colour .

how to change your facebook chat color

Change Facebook chat colour and Nicknames.

After click Change Colour option from option menu you will gate a colour box list. Just click colour you want to set and your chat will be change with same colour.

how to change facebook chat colors to black

Colour Changed with new colour.

how to change facebook chat emoji


How To Change Facebook chat Emoji from default hand Emoji.

  1. Proceed then option 1,option 2 and option 3 to change chat emoji. After option 3 follow the given steps.
  2. Click the option Change Emoji and you will get a list of different type emoji  just pick and click on same

how to change facebook chat like hand to different

how to change friend Nicknames in facebook chat

How to Change Nick name of Friend in Facebook.

You can change your friend and your self nick name in Facebook. after changing your nick name  your chat will show your  friends nick name. its very simple steps to change nick name .

  1. Follow Option 1 to option 3 and once you have completed option 3 just follow given steps to change nick name in Facebook
  2. Click change nick name option from right side option menu list.

how to change nickname on facebook app

When you will click Edit Nicknames option from list you will get popup of  your friend name and your name just click the name you want to change Nicknames  and enjoy with new Nicknames.

how to edit nickname in faccebook





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