How to turn off auto-playing videos on Twitter (with Picture)

turn off auto-playing videos on Twitter
(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

How to Disable Twitter Video Auto Play Off/On with 3 Steps.

“Turn Off Auto-Playing Videos on Twitter”

Twitter also a leader in social network platform which delivered more than 100 Million massages per day. Since twitter launched there are many feature up gradation done day by day to provide better quality of social network platform to use. With up gradation user gets many new feature and fast speed to connect every time with your loved ones.

In this post we also talking about a feature which called Video auto play when scrolling page. Twitter provide you by default any video posted and shared by your followers will auto play when you scrolling your twitter page to see new posts. But Twitter Video Auto Play becomes very expensive when we have Data plan limited and Video auto play consume most of data packet for unusual video. If you are new in Twitter and do not very aware about twitter settings that you are on right place now because in this video you will get complete guide of How to Disable and Enable Twitter Video Auto Play on Mobile and Computer.

Twitter Video Auto Play off and On Settings.

For Making Disable and Enable Twitter Video Auto Play settings you must be Login to your Twitter Accounts. Click below to Login Twitter Account and follow the Steps given below to make Twitter Video Auto Play on and Off.

Login Twitter Now Click Here

Tips: to make your online social network and other accounts never click remember me option in computer and mobile device you do not own. Save password can be unhide from browser setting and can be hack your account to use un authorize access.

Twitter Video Auto Play Off Settings.

Doing Twitter video autoplay very simple task if we know about Twitter account settings. But it’s become very difficult to off Video Auto Play when we are not much aware of Account settings. After reading this post you will feel it’s very easy to make any settings in Twitter account.

See the Profile Picture In the left side of Twitter Account click on Picture and you will get a settings menu downside.

Click Settings and privacy option from Twitter Drop Down setting menu.

stop twitter video autoplay pc

You can also disable video autoplay from twitter mobile application. You get twitter mobile application for all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows.

How to turn off auto-play video on Twitter.

After click on Settings and Privacy you will get left side full Twitter Account settings list.

Find the Option in bottom Accessibility and click on the option.

turn off video autoplay twitter android

Disable Video Tweets Auto Play off and off.

One you will Click the Accessibility Option from left side menu you will get option to  Disable Video Tweets.

Un-check the Box Video auto play and click  Save changes.

After doing this Settings your Twitter Video Tweets Auto Play will off and you can play only video you like in your wall post. It will save your approximately 40% data every months avoiding auto play video in twitters.

Once you disable auto play of video in your twitter news feed than  you have to click every video to play it. Disabling auto play video also will disable for mobile apps so click the video you want to play every time. Save money and your internet data with disabling auto play videos.

How to turn off autoplay vidoes on Twitter in Android

How to enable Night mode in Twitter Account.

 How to turn on Twitter Night mode on desktop, iOS, and Android


Although we are talking about video auto play on to save battery and data. Twitter also launched a best feature called “night mode”. Night mode is nothing but turn your profile into dark colour mode to use in night and browse your twitter in less display light.

Enable Twitter Night mode.

To enable night mode feature in twitter account simple. Twitter night mode auto detect the day and night light in official twitter apps and turn accordingly day or night. But if you want to enable night mode in your computer for web browser follow the steps given below.

Go to Profile picture before Tweet option to explore settings.

Find the setting Night mode in last option from setting menu

Once you will click on Night Mode option you profile turn into dark color and it will save your data and battery both when you use in night.

1: Setting Menu

2: Night mode

twitter night mode in windows phone


How to Disable Night Mode in twitter.

Night mode one of the best option in twitter to save battery in night. You can disable night mode in day as per your choice.

To disable night mode in twitter follow the steps given below see the picture.

1: click on profile picture to explorer setting menu

2: click night mode


Profile colour will turn into normal mode and you can do it also from mobile and web browser.

twitter night mode not working

Save your mobile battery and reduce the side effect for eyes continue using mobile with night mode. In night mode light will not attract your eye more in night.


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