How to Change Facebook Background Image Font Style, Size and Color

facebook background image color change (Last Updated On: October 14, 2017)

Its Surprise tricks for Facebook addicted user who spend more then 10 hour in Facebook every day. I guess you feel bore when see same design font style and color in your Facebook profile because Facebook doesn’t give any option for change your Facebook default theme to different style themes. But behind everything there is work a way to customize according to our choice called tricks. So you wont believe if I will say you can change you Facebook background image, background color, Facebook Font style, Size and Color, change your Facebook top menu bar color and style. Yes it’s true you can design your own style Facebook theme with free Google chrome single word if we say you can customize your Facebook theme as per your choice style and design.just facebook background image color change is like cup of tea.


How To Change Facebook Default Theme to Different Style and Color

As discussed above its easy and simple tricks to customize your Facebook default blue color theme with a interactive different design and text style theme. Here I would to clear this change only possible in Google Chrome browser with help of free Facebook Theme changer Extension. Change Facebook theme in Mobile will not reflect because its change only supported in Google Chrome browser. If you are a Desktop or Laptop user and use Facebook mostly in Laptop and desktop than you can make your Facebook account different from others with Changing Facebook default Blue color Theme, Add some interesting image to Facebook background, Change Font Style and Size to attract you friends. For doing all this Changes to Facebook no Software knowledge required just any basic computer knowledge person can Customize Facebook Profile easily.


In earlier post we already discuss about Twitter theme change. So if you also use Twitter you can also see How to change Twitter Default theme here

Install Facebook Theme Changer Extension.

Install extension from Google Chrome is 100% free. Follow the instruction given below to add extension in Google Chrome browser.

Open Google Chrome and Visit Google Chrome Store. In left side search box type Better Facebook.

change facebook background color without tools

You can directly add Extension from here

Better Facebook

Now  Click Add to Chrome button in last.

can i change facebook theme


After click ADD TO CHROME button you will get a pop-up for confirmation of adding extension to your browser. Confirm by click Add extension button in pop-up.

facebook theme changer app

After Installation finish you will see a Blue Color Capital B added in your URL bar right side.

 facebook theme change software

Before Changing your Facebook I would like to tell feature of this extension, what you can do with your Facecbook with help of this extension.

What you can Change in Your Facebook Default Theme.

As already disclose changing Facebook default theme only possible with Google Chrome extension. But not only change Background, Color and Font style you can do many other change with help of this extension. See what you can change with your Facebook given below.

  1. Facebook Background Image Change
  2. Background Color Change
  3. Header bar Color change
  4. Post Text Color Change
  5. Facebook clickable Link Color Changes
  6. Cursor Change for Facebook
  7. Font Styler
  8. Ad blocker
  9. Notification sentry
  10. Photo Pop
  11. Media Panel
  12. Sticky pad
  13. Rounder
  14. News Feed expander

Almost 14 Changes you can do with your Facecbook with just help of one free tool. Here I would to go one by one change according to feature table so you can learn and understand each and every option easily.


  1. Facebook Background Image Change :

Adding any picture is bit simple with this extension. You can add any format type image in your background with different position style.

For Changing Background image first login your Facebook and click on URL bar Big Blue Icon you will get option menu with all settings. Drag side bar and find option “set this photo in background”.

facebook theme changer and timeline customization

Click Choose File to browse you saved image in computer which you want to set in Facebook profile background image

Set position of image you want to use with option given below.

Use this method to fill up the background

  1. Fill the whole space
  2. Fit inside
  3. Repeat as needed
  4. Center without repeating


Select option from list and set the image as per your choice.


2 . Background Color Change :

This Option will change color of background from default white color to your choice color. Find the option for change the background color to this color in tool.

facebook theme changer for mobile

  1. If you want to set transparent background post for Facebook you can use this option
  2. Selected Color – Set color of background color by clicking this option.
  3. Change colors with this option.


3. Header bar Color change:

Header means top menu bar where setting option and your name show in Facebook.

change theme in facebook messenger

Find the option in tools for chaning this header color.


Change the Header Bar to This color: use this option to change header bar color.

how to change facebook theme using stylish

4 . Post Text Color Change:

facebook page designers for business

This option will change post text color for your Facebook.

Use the “change the text to this color” option to change text color for your Facebook account.

facebook business page design templates

5. Facebook clickable Link Color Changes:

Facebook clickable link means any text which can click and its linking to anther page or any website.

facebook background image changer

Find the option “Change “all clickable link to this color” to change links color in Facebook.

 facebook ad blocker android


  1. Cursor Change for Facebook

Cursor means mouse icon which we use to operate the computer. We can also change cursor style in Facebook account. This change only effected when you use Facebook account. If you switch Facebook to any other website file than you will see default cursor type only.

  1. Cursor Changer : Drag button to right side and enable Cursor Changer
  2. Replace the normal mouse cursor with this picture: if you want to use any image for mouse cursor than use choose File button to upload image.
  3. You can use some pre-added  cursor type in tools in given below list.

facebook add on adblock for firefox

7. Font Styler

For changing font style and size you have to enable Font Styler option in extension.

  1. Enable Font Styler
  2. Set the Text to this style: choose font style from different font type list.
  3. Set the text to this size: set the font size increase and decrease from drag button.

ad blocker facebook messenger


8. Ad blocker:

With Facebook Ad blocker you can block any pop-up ad show by Facebook for promoting any company page and products.


Ad Blocker : Move the button to right will Enable the Ad blocker for your Facebook.

This ad blocker will block ads and stories showing in news feed promoting any brand and product for business purpose in Facebook.

facebook theme changer for windows 7



9. Notification sentry

This option will manage the notification of Facebook according to us.

Block Facebook notification in desktop



  1. Notification Sentry : Move the button to right and Enable the Notification Sentry.
  2. Choose notification sound tone for new notification: choose music style for Facebook Notification from list.
  3. Show a Desktop Notification: if you want to see Facebook notification in desktop whenever you are not using Facebook  enable this option.
  4. Notification Reminder: This option will let you remind if you didn’t check your notification as per set time from list.



  1. Photo Pop

Photo Pop option will let you expend image on full screen when you click image. For hide image again click on image.

how to change background color

11. Media Panel:

Media panel feature will allow see any video in outside windows of news feed so you can easily browse your Facebook without stop any videos.

You can choose video screen location from the option how you would like to play video.

how to download facebook live video


Show Videos in this location:  within the screen, tab and popup

12.  Sticky pad:

Sticky pad will add a tab in left side of your Facebook where you can add your favorite friend and post to get easily access.

how to change facebook messenger color


13.  Rounder

Rounder option you can use to change some object corner to make round.

facebook post background texture

Default Object

how can i change my facebook profile color and background

After use Rounder

facebook notifications time wrong

14 News Feed Expander:

New feed Extender will increase the size of new feed windows so you can read more.

Just Move button to right side and news feed expander will enable you can see your post width size will expand more.

how to make designs on facebook with keyboard symbols


I Hope this complete Facebook customization will helpful for you to make a interesting  Facebook page from a default page style. You can also find more Facebook tricks in For upcoming new tricks you can subscribe website to get update whenever we publish new post.

You can also watch Video here for Facebook Theme change


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