facebook FriendBlock Withou Unfriend them?

How to Block Messages on Facebook from Non-Friends?

Facebook is the top social networking site for social communication. It reduces the distance between people so doesn’t matter where we are sitting we just required the internet to send our messages and updates worldwide because of social media site. Every time connected with our family, friend, and loved ones. Providing a medium of connectivity with people’s Facebook and other social networking site has a black spot where many people use fake profiles and miss use of our data and pictures from Facebook.read complete article to know steps to facebook friend block without unfriend them.

For using a safe virtual relationship we must be aware of the good features of social networking sites, which provide as some safety from fraud people. This post will describe to you how you can block and unfriend any friends, how you can unblock any friend if your mind changes, and how you can block messages from bad people. How you can Block event invitations, Block apps, Block app invites, Block Pages, and read the full post to know Facebook friends without unfriending them.

How to use the Blocking Option in Facebook to control of your profile safety from fraud people

Facebook has provided the “Blocking” feature option to control unwanted invitation messages and wrong people to bother you without your permission.many options to Facebook friend block without unfriend them. blocking option includes the privacy setting for your Facebook account.

Blocking option in Facebook.

Go to  left top-down arrow in the top bar menu

Click on settings from the Settings menu

facebook Blocking option

  1. Blocking: click blocking option from the left side menu

unblock friend in facebook without unfriend

Inside blocking you will get an option, block friends unblock friends, unfriend, block invitations, app invite block, and event invite block. blocking friend in the Facebook account will also block for the Facebook Messenger.

How to Restricted Facebook Posts from specific friends without blocking them-(2 Method)


The restricted feature let you provide the power of not broadcasting your post on the list those we want to restrict. We can show without blocking friend we can hide our post from them, just add friends to restrict option of whom we don’t want to show our post. Restricted friends only can see the public post. restriction option you can also consider like Facebook friend block without unfriending them

  1. The directly Restricted friend from the profile:

For this method just visit friends profile click the Friend button from the top of profile and click the restricted option from down menu list.

facebook friend restriction for post

2: Add Multiple friends directly to the Restricted list

Edit list to add friends in the restricted list

how do i know if i'm restricted on facebook

  1. Choose the friend from left side option –

Search friend name to add in the restrict list and click Finish from the bottom.

 how to block someone on facebook without them knowing

Remove friend from Facebook’s restricted list just click on friend name.

How to Block friend on Facebook: (2 methods)

Here is the second method of facebook friend block without unfriend them. Blocking friends on Facebook means that friends cannot see your posts on your timeline, tag you, invite you to events or groups, start a conversation with you, or add you as a friend. To share with them your Facebook posts and activity you need to unblock the user and add them as a friend again able to see like a normal user.

  1. Click on the friend profile whom we want to block
  2. Click the (…) horizontally dot next to the message option.

Facebook friend block from profile

  1. Choose block option from down list and confirm next confirmation,

how to see block friends in facebook

Go to Settings  –> blocking and find option Block user to add your friend to block list.

How do you totally block someone on Facebook?

How to Unblock friend on Facebook

Once you have blocked any friends in Facebook and you want to unblock them if your mind changes then follow the option given below. After unblocking user can visit your profile and can send you a friend request again.

Go to Settings–> Blocking à find the options to block user

Click the unblock button in front of the user you want to unblock.

 how to download facebook archive if i block someone on facebook will they see old messages

How to block any friend from sending messages. (2 Method)

If you are bothering an unknown person message in your profile but you don’t want to block them. So you can block massaging from them to avoid unwanted messages. If you block messages and video calls they cannot send you a message and video call.

1. Block messages from chat windows.

Click friends to chat and go to chat windows right top settings gear icon. Click block messages from the settings menu.

block messages facebook without unfriending

Method – 2: Block manually from Blocking settings options.

Go to settings –> blocking

Find option in block messages and add friends to block messages and video calls.

facebook block chat messages

Click Block message option to confirmation of blocking.

how to block facebook messages on iphone

For unblocking friends click the unblock option from the block list

Facebook Blocking list option

1. How to block app invites from the friend in Facebook

  1. How to Block Event invitations from friends on Facebook
  2. Block Apps in Facebook to get information about your profile.
  3. How to Block Facebook page simple steps.

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