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How to Share printer in local Network with 3 Methods

Sharing any resources in networks makes easy to utilize by multiple user. Sharing a printer in local network is a common and most used task in every small and large office. Buying a dedicated printer for every user is costly job and its true we use a single printer in all over network with share feature. Doesn’t matter you are using Windows, Linux or Mac operating system when you think to share your one printer for multiple computer. Every printer can be share and used in network for printing remotely from any computer if they are using same this post you will get solution of common issue “printer not found on network”  with any brand can see 3 method to share your printer in network and avoid all network error during sharing a printer with wired and wireless network.

To sharing a printer to other pc required a network and it can be wireless network or wired network. If you have more than 2 user in office and having only one printer and do not know how to share one printer with multiple PC than you are on right place now. In this post you are going to learn basic and important steps to utilize your single printer with multiple Computers.


How to Share Printer in Network with Wireless Network.

No need to buy multiple printers when you have one printer. To sharing printer your computer should connect in same network doesn’t matter it’s in wired network or wireless network. If you are using wireless network in your office than make sure all PC connected to same Wi-Fi network to access printer for remote printing.

1: For Laptop connect through Wi-Fi

2: For Computer connect with Lan cable from same WiFi router Lan port.


How to enable Share printer setting in Windows.

Only computer connected in same network will not share your printer until you enable sharing for same printer. If your office or home computer already connected in network than you should enable share option in printer properties. Sharing option will enable from PC/Laptop printer connected locally with USB cable. Follow the below steps to see how to activate sharing printer in windows and Mac OS.

1: In windows PC go to Control panel from start menu.

2: Open “Devices and Printers” option

Search Results My Computer Won't Detect Network Printers


Devices and Printers – inside devices and printer you can see all printer installed in computer and shared from network. Not you can only share printer physically connected to same computer. You cannot share printer connected to any other PC in network. Now you have to go to printer properties to enable share option to start sharing in network.

 Network printers do not show up in Network


Right click on printer you want to share in network.

Click on printer properties.

Connected printers not showing in 'Devices and Printers'

Now to sharing option with given steps.

1: click on Sharing

2: Share this printer – check box for enable share option you can change share name for same printer.

3: Click Apply and Ok button to confirm settings

shared printer not showing up windows 10


After click ok printer icon will show shared icon with printer name.

How to Add shared printer in Network PC

After sharing printer next step is adding shared printer in network computer remotely. There are three way to adding a shared printer in network and any method can be used in case facing issue with windows  wizard to adding printer from network.

Method -1

Add share printer from Windows Add Printer Wizard option

This option is available in windows Devices and printers for adding local and network printer.

Go to Control panel- Devices and printers

Click Add a printer option from top menu

Windows 10 networked printers not showing in Devices and Printers

Wait for 5-10 second computer will search all printers shared in network. Once you will get your printer name in list select printer and click next button as shown in below picture.

Note: if you get error printer not found on network than please use method 2 and method 3 to add your printer in wi-fi and wired network to by pass issue.

Wired Printer not showing up on Wireless Network

You will get next windows with “You’ve successfully added HP LaserJet on server” same you will get with your pc name and printer name. click next window to confirm adding printer.


printer does not show on network map

In next steps you will get the Print a test page option to confirm printer added correctly. If you wish to test printer click button and finish the wizard.

 network printer not showing in excel 2007

After finishing this wizard you can check printer name in your computer device and printers windows. You can set as default printer with right click and set as default printer option from menu list.


Method 2:

This method connect printer with IP Address assign to network computer. Every router provides a unique IP Address to every computer and Laptop using internet. So another way to connect shared printer access via IP Address. See the complete method how to add network printer with IP Address.

1: First see the IP Address of Computer where Printer physically connected with USB cable.

To Check IP Address open RUN and Type “ncpa.cpl” and it enter.

You will get all network adapter installed in PC/Laptop

1 : Now double click on Network adapter connected to internet

2: Click on details button to get IP Address information

How to Access Your Desktop PC from Your Laptop with Remote

IPv4 : note this IP (  Address and go to computer and laptop you want to connect shared printer from network.

how to share scanner from network

From Network computer go to run and access computer with same IP address we taken in above steps.

1: Open Run command and type “\\” ( use your IP Address here which you got from details.

Windows cannot find driver for network printer or network adapter

After hit Enter you will get all shared folder and printer details from IP Address you access.

1: Now find the printer you want to connect from shared list.

PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Connection Setup Guide

Select Printer and Right click mouse and click Connect option from menu.

how to connect printer from network

Windows will take few second to connect remote printer once this popup windows hid you can check printer in Devices and Printers for shared printer added.

Unable to connect to a shared printer


Method 3

Third method use computer name for accessing shared folder and printer from any computer connected to same network.

1: go Run and use  “\\computername”

Can't Share A Printer in Windows 10

One you will hit enter you will get all shared printer and folder details as shown in method 2.

To connect printer follow the method 2 after access shared folder and printer.


Network Printer connected but not print from other Computer in Network

Network Printer Command sent but not printing this issue you may also face most of time in network. When you test print you get test print sent to printer but didn’t recive print from network printer. This is the common problem on network printer. Not to worry you will get permanent solution for this type problems. To solv network printer printing issue follow the steps below.


Go to 1 :- Control Panel – Network and sharing center

2:- Click Advance Sharing settings

 Printer connected but won't print

Turn off password protected sharing.

Save change and now print.

my hp printer is not printing from network

This is also solution if you looking “how to turn off password for network share” or how to disable password option for folder share on network . “Can’t turn off password protected sharing windows 10”



If you get any type of error during all methods you can comments so we can provide your solution for same.


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