How to Factory reset , Lock and Track Location of your Lost Android phone (2018)

track and erase lost phone (Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)

How to Factory reset and Lock your Lost Android phone?

Smart phone a small box with full worlds. Smart phone a most addicted and important device for everyone today. Its very difficult to pass a day without smart phone because smart phone gives you virtual world tour every minute. Think what you feel if you have lost your Android phone. Feel everything store in phone  like your photos, document, email id logins, social network account and many more just gone a unknown person hands. In this situation you only think about a miracle and you could get back your lost android phone. But actually Google makes it possible to track your lost phone location. Not only tracking phone you can factory reset, Lock your phone from your computers with internet. you have read full article to know track and erase lost phone.

Yes its true to know how to reset and lock your lost android phone from internet to protect your data from wrong hands. If you try to search many time how to lock your lost phone remotely from internet and may be you want to a way to reset your lost phone from internet  than now your searching will end with this post.

Before sharing about trace and lock lost phone process I would like to give complete feature about Google Apps name “Find My device”.

This apps can useful for who forget there android phone in home and several time fighting to get your phone location in side home. With this aps you can ring your phone from internet without calling the number from another mobile. Find my device apps gives you a real time location of your mobile phone. You can Lock your phone remotely and erase all data from internet.

How to use Find My Apps to Erase Data from internet ?

TO erase and lock your data from internet you have to install android apps “Find My Device” This apps allow you’re to location your mobile phone location and you can ring phone, Lock and factory reset in case you have lost your phone.

Download Find My Device App Now


After Download install apps in your Android phone and login with your Gmail accounts.

Note – find my Device apps must be installed your Android phone for future tracking and remote lock and factory reset when it’s lost.

Login Find my device Apps from your Android  phone

User the Email address you are login for Gmail.

Suggested clip · 68 seconds Find Your Lost Android Phone Without Installing An App


You can also use any other Email id by click on “SIGN IN AS GUEST”

Type password for your Gmail account to authorize Find my device access your details.

Ways to Find a Stolen Android Phone 


After Login Apps will show your current location  in map and also in details text.

  1. Model Number of Your Android Phone with Location.

  2. Battery status in percentage.

  3. Wi-Fi Name in case connected to any Wi-Fi internet.

  4. Play Sound- this option you can ring your phone

  5. Enable lock & Erase- This option will help you to lock and erase your phone in case its lost

lost phone reset whatsapp


Enable Lock & Erase option will allow you remotely lock and factory reset your lost Android phone to keep your data safe from wrong hands.

Erase Option is Enabled Now

how to reset a lost samsung phone


Play Sound- if you forgot your phone in any room and you don’t know where is it just use the Play sound option from your laptop your phone start ringing.

apple lock lost phone


Phone will ring up to 35 second if you not stop ringing your phone before 35 second. To stop ringing press stop button as shown below image.

  how to bypass lost iphone icloud lock



Now Assume your Phone lost and you worry about your stored data and picture and video in your phone. See below step to know “ how to lock and Factory Default your lost android phone from Laptop and Desktop”.

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To Erase and Lock your phone login the Gmail Find My device control panel.

You need to login Find my device account from Desktop or laptop.

Directly go to below Link to login your Account.

Click to login Find my Device


Use your same Gmail account you have used for login in your lost Android phone Find my device Apps.

After login your will get a Map location of your lost phone.

Here you will get option to lock and Erase your Lost phone to keep your data safe from suspicious activity.

  • Details of your smart phone model and Wi-Fi with battery status
  • Location Of your Lost phone
  • Play Sound- Press this option if you want to ring your phone.
  • Lock – This option will Lock your phone Remotly.
  • Erase– Press this option to completely erase your lost phone remotely.

erase lost android phone


DisclaimerAs “Find my device” apps work on internet and it’s also get status of location and other information from internet. So to lock and erase your phone remotely your lost android phone must have active internet connection to work these all commands remotely.



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